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So I tried to arrange a "date" with my dad

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StickEmWithThePointyEnd Wed 24-Apr-13 22:10:21

Not as wierd as it sounds. By date I mean like a bonding trip. Following on from this thread I finally plucked up the courage to ask him if he would like to go somewhere and spend the day together, just me and him.

First reply I got was asking if I had the right number, so I jokingly said I hoped so otherwise it could look odd if I'd sent what looks like a "date" request to a random contact! The reply I received was "When you're next in the area I'd love to."

This does not strike me as him wanting to do this. He lives at the other end of the country and the next time I will be in his area is in August.

I was hoping we could maybe meet halfway for a day sometime sooner but don't want to ask now as it doesn't seem to me that he is that keen.

Fucking hell this is harder than actually dating. And now I feel like an idiot.

kittybiscuits Wed 24-Apr-13 22:39:13

Hiya stick, I agree that is a pretty poor response from your Dad. Please don't allow yourself to feel like an idiot. You made a brave step - it's a weak response from him and you deserve more. If it were me, I might respond with 'If you want to arrange to meet half way, let me know'. It shines a light on his reply, and makes it clear the ball is in his court.

GilmoursPillow Thu 25-Apr-13 06:07:27

Was this a text conversation? If so, pick up the phone and ask again, then you'll REALLY know how he feels.
I don't see it as he can't be bothered (I'd love to), but probably is aware of the distance and is tentative.

StickEmWithThePointyEnd Thu 25-Apr-13 06:46:25

Yes it was by text, I was too scared to ask in a conversation! I think part of the problem is I don't know him well enough to understand his normal level of enthusiasm to measure this against!

I'm feeling very "abandoned" at the moment. Bloody stupid of me I know.

GilmoursPillow Thu 25-Apr-13 07:04:05

You're feeling pretty down about it so you've got nothing to lose, right?

You've broken the ice, it won't be a bolt from the blue so I reckon a call is worth a shot.

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