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can't sleep won't sleep 4

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SummerDad Mon 15-Apr-13 22:10:38

Here we are dear fellas grin

starsandunicorns Tue 16-Apr-13 07:02:38

Morning all

Just saw the new ikea advert there have gnomes wonder which one is sd

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 16-Apr-13 07:29:58

Eh....wha...wher....who....where am I?

Littlekitty slept through smile but why is she so erratic? confused

jynier I'm so sorry! you should have poked me like I said or got Mrs to do it with her big kitty-poking-stick grin

I actually did have awful snoring problems when I was pregnant with littlekitty. You lot are having a ball with this already aren't you?!wink

Mrs and jynier thank you for telling me about your december birthday experiences, that's really helpful. smile smile I was already thinking of the unbirthday idea too. I think its a good idea.

dad how can you have forgotten mini and her bumpy loveliness? Shamefulangry


MINI MINI MINI thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 16-Apr-13 07:35:41

Morning stars, do you think dad has one of those Ikea names too like adelblad stra or something?

Welcome Sal. Where are you based? please say New York although I know the time diff doesn't add upgrin

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 16-Apr-13 07:43:44


starsandunicorns Tue 16-Apr-13 07:49:02

Oh kitty i bet he does gladyou had sleep kitty you have the A team for the next 9 months here grin bagys being mudock he was my fav smile have a good day all of you.

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 16-Apr-13 07:52:35

He was mine too! Tee hee. I hated Face, I didn't get the point of him!

Thanks A team grin

Minimammoth Tue 16-Apr-13 08:29:03

I am not doing very well at getting going this morning. I am sorry you are unable to settle jynier you have such an appreciation of the beauties of nature, would it help to bring them forward and think of them as you go to sleep, to set a pleasant vibe. I had an app that talked you into relaxation and played natural sounds, that helped, I thought.

Minimammoth Tue 16-Apr-13 08:33:10

Oooo. kitty that woke me up. Thanks.

SummerDad Tue 16-Apr-13 09:27:32

Hey Mini sorry mate for not including you on the list of appreciation, I don't seem to do anything properly these days thanks to the fuzziness you are such a darling part of the night cult, not possible to exclude you grin just woke up now and my throat seems to hurt have to get another dose of the pain killer I hope this only kills the pain hehehe

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 16-Apr-13 09:30:20

Are you on the ice cream too dad?

Minimammoth Tue 16-Apr-13 09:52:38

Thanks Dad. I would def. go for the ice cream jelly cure. Gargle with red sage?

SummerDad Tue 16-Apr-13 09:54:49

Kitty no ice cream at all, this apparently slows down the recovery as advised by my fabulous consultant. I know it is a bit against the tradition of tonsillectomy grin

SummerDad Tue 16-Apr-13 09:58:49

hehehe mini may be times have changed, my consultant advised me to keep eating normally just avoiding stuff which might sting i.e spices and citrus juices and to be honest, with a nice steady stream of Codeine I have been fine so far hehehe. It was a bit disappointing to know after the surgery that I need to avoid ice cream though grin

Minimammoth Tue 16-Apr-13 11:17:30

Ah well. You will have to stick to rules set by fab. consultant. Just visualise the ice cream. It's less fattening.

themidwife Tue 16-Apr-13 11:20:18

Oh bugger that Dad - the least you can hope for after a tonsillectomy is some bloody ice cream!! worth prolonged recovery in my book grin

SummerDad Tue 16-Apr-13 12:06:46

mini and midwife all I can visualise right now is that I am surrounded by some fab ladies and rest disappears in the haze ... lol

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 16-Apr-13 12:32:14

Prolonged recovery leading prolonged ice cream eating?

I'm sorry, I'm failing to see the problem grin

dad stop visualising ice creamy hills wink.

<norty dad>

SummerDad Tue 16-Apr-13 13:12:26


themidwife Tue 16-Apr-13 15:24:38


themidwife Tue 16-Apr-13 15:26:13

I wonder what MrsDad would make if her husband's harem of mixed mummies & grannies? smile

themidwife Tue 16-Apr-13 15:26:37

Of iPhone not if - FFS drives me nuts!!

starsandunicorns Tue 16-Apr-13 15:53:53

Ice creamy hills hehe
just told dp that as hes walking out the door for work.

Hes put his order in for saturday night !!!!!


themidwife Tue 16-Apr-13 16:26:44

Tee hee Stars - I'm sure any man would be delighted with ice creamy hills!! wink

themidwife Tue 16-Apr-13 16:27:11

Someone send cafe a link - I can't on my phone!!

Minimammoth Tue 16-Apr-13 18:32:29

Have attempted to send cafe a link. But am a bit rubbish.
Have slept all afternoon. Am a bit concerned re Boston. I am going to be there in June.

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