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Some views please...

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vodkacranberry Sun 07-Apr-13 19:34:47

I met up with an old boyfriend who is currently going through a messy divorce (I'm not responsible and was not involved in any way. We had a lovely few weeks together and had a quite intense time which was great as there was still a lot of physical chemistry and we still made each other laugh. On the first night we met he said that I had come along at the wrong time and that it would have been better if we had met in 6 months as there was major shit going on in his life and he was trying to deal with it all. I don't think we both realised how we were attracted to each other and as time went on I think we both realised we still have feelings for each other.

After a few weeks I realised that he needed space and me being around was confusing him more than he already needed and I thought it would be better if I gave him space. I texted him to say that because there was so much going on in his life it was better if we stayed friends and that I hoped he sorted himself out and found some karma. He replied saying that he needed to sort himself out and that although he wanted to see me there was too much shit in his life and that he would contact me when things were clearer. So I've not heard from him for a few months and don't want to text in case I come across as a stalker but do you think he will genuinely call when he is in a better place.

I really like this guy and feel a bit in limbo and can't stop thinking about it which is driving me nuts - sorry if this is long and hope this makes sense as this is my first post - thank you grin

VBisme Sun 07-Apr-13 19:47:31

I think you're right to have backed away, messy divorces only get messier when other parties (completely innocently) get involved.

Does he have children, if so I'd be very careful about getting involved with a man who has a children with an ex that he doesn't have a decent relationship with.

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