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my body

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bluetea Sat 06-Apr-13 11:20:50

I asked my partner if I would look better thinner, he said yes. That hurt. Really hurt.

I am a size 16 and have a 9 month old baby. He is gym mad. He wants me to be gym mad too. I know that he finds my post baby body less attractive than before I fell pregnant. I was a size 12 before.

Is he a dick? Should he love my body? Or does he have the right to think and feel the way that he does?

ThePinkOcelot Sat 06-Apr-13 20:07:12

You did ask Blue. By the looks of it, you are not happy with the way you look at the moment. If you are anything like me, you just grab the handiest thing to eat with a 9 month old. Why not set yourself small goals, like a 1/2 stone at a time?
I'm currently doing Rosemary Conley online, though tonight I have just eaten 2 slices of pizza of some chips! Not included in the diet! Anyway, I have tried WW and much prefer RC.
I don't think your DH was a dick. He just gave you an honest answer. I'm a size 12, but normally a 10 and have just over a stone to lose, but I wouldn't ask my DH that question. I know he much prefers me without this muffin top!

towicymru Sat 06-Apr-13 22:32:44

Might be a silly suggestion, but does your bra fit right? Following a thread on here, I measured myself and it turns out I am a 32G not 34DD. The result of a properly fitting bra is that my figure is much improved and I have a waist! I'm still a stone heavier than when I had DS2 (who will be 5 in a couple of weeks so extra weight is clearly going nowhere). If I asked DH if I'm fatter than before he old say yes. If I ask him if her prefers it he would say 'you have boobs'! (I barely filled a B cup Pre kids!!)

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