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Dating thread no 49

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JulietteMontague Mon 01-Apr-13 15:17:54

All daters welcome here.

mercury7 Sun 07-Apr-13 12:25:01

I just dont believe anyone who says I look more than 2 or 3 years younger, I'm pretty sure I look exactly like someone of my age who has lived my life

I think you need to have spend serious $$ on cosmetic work to look much younger than you are, even then it's not just about the money, there's all the risks of things going wrong, or ending up just not looking 'natural' hmm

ike1 Sun 07-Apr-13 12:24:48

Just checked lisa two green tea bags in fridge now...yeah heared about the ol Prep H treatment Jule...leaves a residue ..probs supposed to wash it off first ...duh!

JulietteMontague Sun 07-Apr-13 12:16:46

Ike wondering if using pile cream works or if there is a reason not to do it

Scrazy Sun 07-Apr-13 12:09:18

Oh god no, I wasn't wanting to play guess my age, it's tedious but they were mid 30's one fancied me I reckon and the other DD and I think he was hoping she was older and they had a chance. Ha, ha, no chance!

JulietteMontague Sun 07-Apr-13 12:08:22

Thanks for the comments people, most of those were okc, 2 were POF (a first) and only Blond was gsm. I sincerely hope OD will find me someone to be with, I'm not going to fall over him in the street. I'm not looking to pass the time, flirt, get compliments, ego stroked from random men. I would like to meet someone I have a connection with, and tbh now in the meantime if sex presented itself on legs I would go for that at the moment.

Snape do not disappear, you're my example of how it can happen as you do deserve it with bells on. I'd like a Nameless-a-like.

Kin I've not yet kissed a gsm man, for all the reasons you outline grin
There are very few messages on gsm, maybe one a week. I just got a new, first message this mornng. He wants me to reply asap but tells me "My day is going to be such a busy one since i will be doing laundry and then later clean the garage." Shoot me now.

If anyone happy to check out my profile, please pm me.

KinNora Sun 07-Apr-13 12:05:42

I think so, Ike, mainly it's the cold thing, but I'd have to check to see if any of the ingredients in tea bags have an actual chemical effect.

ike1 Sun 07-Apr-13 12:03:42

Kin thanks love two slices of cucumber here...will they work? I am glad it wasnt too bad Merc just read your other post love...but I fully understand about the cringing...

mercury7 Sun 07-Apr-13 12:03:04

I'd never ever ask anyone to guess my age, it just seems to much like fishing for compliments, and if it's anyone who wants to get on your good side they are only going to flatter you, surely?

mercury7 Sun 07-Apr-13 12:00:34

Scrazy, thankssmile
no nothing horrible, just things where I look back and CRINGE and think, why oh why oh WHY, did I go along with that blush

but no, nothing 'bad' which left me feeling traumatised.
Although there was one bloke who, looking back I think I had a lucky escape, and times when I put myself in situations where I'd have been vulnerable had the other person bad intentions

KinNora Sun 07-Apr-13 12:00:12

Ike - put a couple of used tea bags in the fridge for half an hour, then lie down with them over your eyes - it works.

Google Lisa Eldridge's video on covering them up, the woman's a genius.

You will look gorgeous - go for it.

Winefiend Sun 07-Apr-13 11:59:37

Scrazy ooh I love a game of 'guess my age' when I'm out - I'm averaging at 24 at the mo grin mental age 14

Ike and Oww I am excited on your behalf! Loo updates ESSENTIAL.

I may have stayed up till 3am last night exchanging messsages and photos of my dog with the young un. I was a bit pissed as well so I was slightly less guarded than I would normally be blush

Scrazy Sun 07-Apr-13 11:55:14

Mercury, hope nothing horrible has happened that you cannot post about it. I guess you are similar to me and don't like to over share. I leave things out too.

OWW and Ike, very hopeful for both of you and your dates.

Snape, I agree that nameless sounds like a gem and long may it continue but it is just luck and not down to OD as a concept. Just like meeting someone in RL, you might just meet someone in the supermarket/at a walking club and click but that doesn't mean everyone is going to meet someone in the supermarket/walking club blah blah.

ike1 Sun 07-Apr-13 11:52:10

Ha ha Kin 'knowing' about your love is enough dont worry! Flip I dunno I am all in a tizz..I think Im gonna go for clog boots skinnies and the old school blazer...lots of eyeliner..its either that or some leather and a sparkly mohair jumper ...havent really moved on from 88 which is when he will probs remember be from...

Kin ...I need emergecy eyebag advice though...

KinNora Sun 07-Apr-13 11:45:53

Ike -

( I do love you but don't necessarily want to stimulate your libido. Just sayin' x )

Juliette what an utter bag o' shite (mind you, I'm not exactly sold on the efficacy of GSM as it is). I imagine that lot would only have been crashingly disappointing -sloppy-gobbed kissers with the social skills of Roy Chubby Brown and the sexual technique of Frank Spencer, not fit to buy you a cheese butty, let alone anything else.

OWW - I'm all excited for you, c'mon Cakey, be great.
Have heard from Software this morning, he's a sweetie.

mercury7 Sun 07-Apr-13 11:35:16

Pom sometimes I find OD is a complete irritating pain in the arse and I'm relived to take down my profile and just not engage with people via dating sites for months at a time.

I have got better over time at just not taking any of it seriously...then again a very small number of people have stirred up a very large amount of heartache.

Overall I think I've learned alot, but there are some things that have happened that I will never talk about blush

Snapespeare Sun 07-Apr-13 11:32:56

Promise, hand on heart I will never ever ever be one of those smug couple-y annoyances who breezes onto threads be-wailing online dating to bleat on about 'yes-but-I-met-my-OH-online-so-it-obviously-works-there-must-be-something-wrong-with-you' I know from bitter experience it's a lot of flakey-disappearers and perverts. [nods] nameless is a fluke. There are flukes out there, it just takes a huge amount of frog-kissing and perseverance. Besides, it could all still go tits up. But it better not, because I deserve this.

Scrazy Sun 07-Apr-13 11:26:12

Urgh, just got up as I was out last night on the town. Managed to drag ourselves home by 1.30 so not too bad.

Re age of men, the recent ex was the oldest man I've had, late 50's, but good looking, successful, charming and treats you like a queen, but underneath, he knows he was a rare one and women are just there as playthings.

We met a few men last night who were in their mid 30's and wanted to play guess our ages. One guessed 9 years younger for me (yes I know they guess down) and the other 12 years younger, they seemed genuinely surprised when my friend revealed my age. So that was nice.

I'd been chatting for a while to the one I met yesterday but nothing heavy just short emails and texts. We are going out again at some point.

OWW, 51 isn't necessarily over the hill. It depends on the 51 year old wink.

Will catch up later, not had time to read the thread, it moves on so quickly.

Pomegranatenoir Sun 07-Apr-13 11:23:29

I shouldn't take it all out on OD. Don't think my depressive state has much to do with it to be honest. It is all the other rubbish stuff going on. I will retire for a bit. I was looking for a fun distraction but maybe I just need to face up to things for a while.

mercury7 Sun 07-Apr-13 11:23:17

OD gives you a random sample of people, and if you took a random sample of people 'off the street' very very few of them will seem like potential love interests

Some may present themselves online in ways that suggested you'd get along with them, but in real life you'd know instantly that the overwhelming majority were just not people that you could 'click' with

TigsytheTiger Sun 07-Apr-13 11:16:55

and you OWW loo update too with Cakey smile

Flipper924 Sun 07-Apr-13 11:13:38

And I don't even have the under 5s to talk to.

Ooh, Ike, where are you meeting him, what are you wearing? I neeeeddd to know.

ike1 Sun 07-Apr-13 11:12:49

Possibly getting married on a first date is the sort of thing I might have done when 21 but not now ... dont think... oh dear....I dont normally get all stupid like this ...bah ...let this be a lesson to all about breaking the OD rules.

Flipper924 Sun 07-Apr-13 11:10:45

Agree with Mercury. I wouldn't put all your hopes of finding Mr Right in OD. It could happen, and it does (looks at Snape, envy), but is best seen, I think, as just one way of meeting or talking to new people.

It's a great place to practise flirting and chatting to men, and to practise spotting weirdos, without putting yourself at too much risk.

Especially if your social life otherwise consists of speaking to under 5s and your parents.

TigsytheTiger Sun 07-Apr-13 11:10:35

oh xpost Ike hurrah for the date, remember first rule of thread i just made that up, loo update if possible please smile

OhWesternWind Sun 07-Apr-13 11:10:25

Oooh it's all on for tonight!! Getting all excited - there's the possibility that this could be good. I want it to be good, he is keen too, so you never know!

Ike I don't need to buy another blooming hat, do I?

Juliette that is rotten. Boo hiss to GSM. I think so many of them are just out there for a little bit of ego-stroking.

Tigsy enjoy your pash sesh you lucky thing!

Nora the crash carp thing does make me laugh. Anything from Software today? Hope he just faded away now and you don't have to have an awkward conversation.

Pom - crap feeling. Come off the sites for a while, maybe, or if you're like me and feel better if you're actually doing something, try again tonight fortified by a glass of wine ... Sometimes some surprising ones just pop up out of nowhere!

Stella it all sounds like a made-up excuse, very fishy especially if things otherwise are going well ...

Engineer has reappeared and messaged but haven't read it yet, so he might still be a back-up.

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