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Legal separation or divorce

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catkin14 Mon 01-Apr-13 10:34:22

I left H of 27 years 3 weeks ago - story in other posts...but i had been planning it for around 6 months.

I have had legal advice and also see a Relate counsellor, after many years of being criticised I tend to over think everything incase i have made a mistake..

Anyway, both solicitor and counsellor are telling me i should file for divorce immediately, solicitor because dates have to be given on the unreasonable behaviour reasons and they only have a certain amount of time before they become too old to use?

My DS of 14 is very cut up about the whole thing, and 27 years is a very long time.
Divorce seems very final, and in my over thinking frame of mind just wonder if its the right thing...

So, if you have split from H what did you do? What are pitfalls of LS?

Lueji Mon 01-Apr-13 11:00:59

What are pitfalls of LS?

That you are still married. smile

Maybe you should ask in the Legal board for better advice, if you haven't.

catkin14 Mon 01-Apr-13 12:55:26

Ok thanks, good idea : )

MyChildDoesntNeedSleep Mon 01-Apr-13 18:20:28

I don't think there's such a thing as 'legal separation'. I had a Separation Agreement drawn up then waited the two years before divorcing my ex, but legally I was/am still married.

Why not go for two year's separation, as that's the whole point of the two year you the chance to work out if you're doing the right thing. No point rushing into such a massive decision as this.

I can't see any pitfalls to the two year separation route, unless one of you was desperate to get married again.

MyChildDoesntNeedSleep Mon 01-Apr-13 18:21:45

Oh, and of course the solicitors are advising you to do it quickly...they want your money after all.

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