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Please tell me to get a grip

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Actinglikealovestruckteen Mon 01-Apr-13 01:50:16

Ive name changed for this as I feel like a total fool, and need a good talking to.

I recently split up with my OH after being together for 16 years. We have 4 kids. Things had been shit for ages but it took me a long time (and thanks to mn too) to make the break, and I'm delighted I did.

Anyway, I was quite happy, me and the kids, full time job, part time student, so I'm pretty busy. Then I meet a guy. He's totally wrong for me, he's far,far younger, lives at home, no kids and goes out with mates all the time . We have gone out a few times and ended up back at mine for 'coffee'. The sex was pretty good and he stayed over and we ended up in bed for most of th next day too.

Despite telling him we are just friends etc I can't bloody stop thinking about him. I spend half the day checking my phone ( he does text me everyday) and worse, the rest of my time daydreaming. I'm like a fucking teenager.

Please tell me to get a grip. I know he won't turn out to be the one, I think i just want to be liked .

Fairylea Mon 01-Apr-13 14:51:50

Sounds so much like me I have to say ! smile

You're a hot sexy woman. You must be tohave pulled a fit younger man. Remember that. And forget him. Or at least widen your circles. Met lots and lots of people. Go online dating. Have fun.

I have a happy ending... I joined plenty of fish and despite lots of weirdos I met my now dh. We were both so nervous when we started dating it took us 8 dates to even kiss!! We'd both been hurt before.

We are now happily married and we have ds 10 months and dd as well (mine from previous) who is now 10 years old.

Don't ever settle for being second best or feel you haven't got a lot to give. You have and you are just discovering yourself.

Funny enough my dh is the same age as my shag buddy (!) So maybe I do well with younger men! But dh is a totally different kettle of fish smile

It's fun being ditzy and in the rush of lust. The comedown hurts like fuck though.

piratecat Mon 01-Apr-13 14:57:51

maybe you both need to talk? and establish WHAT it is you have.

25 and 35 isn't a huge difference, depends on what he really is looking for. maybe you are the one he wants, he just didn't know till he met you? He's still out with his mates, well he hasn't any ties children wise, i would be out with my mates and i am 44, but also a single mum who doesn't get the opportunity!

you need to talk.

izzyizin Tue 02-Apr-13 03:55:06

<stores placard for recycling on another thread>

35 and 25? Anything could happen but remember that, as very few young men who don't have any experience of family life outside of that provided by their dps are up to the task of taking on a ready made family, you're best advised to keep your heart up your sleeve while enjoying a surfeit of coffee to go whenever you've got time to slurp it up consume it grin

Leverette wins a smile for almost nailing it in the 'guess the respective ages' competition. And I win one too for getting his age spot on smile

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