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Having a baby with BF but not living together - workable?

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SorryMyLollipop Sat 30-Mar-13 09:32:54

I have just discovered that I am accidentally 5 weeks pregnant. Been with BF for 18 months but don't live together, he lives 25 miles away and has a DD from a previous relationship who lives with her DM but very close to him and he sees her a lot.

I have 2 DD already. We have previously discussed living together in the future and agreed that, although it would be nice, its quite impractical at the moment with our existing DD's schools and our jobs etc so its on the back burner. Also, although it can be a struggle being a single parent with no family local etc, I do enjoy my independence and my own space.

Then this.

If this pregnancy is viable and a baby comes along, should this be a big enough reason to live together/uproot DD's sooner rather than later?

Has anyone got any experience of being in a relationship with someone and parenting together but living separately? Is that workable?

I am a bit terrified of parenting 3 single handedly but also scared of giving up my independence.

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