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History repeating?

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MilgramsLittleHelper Thu 28-Mar-13 20:26:03

Hi all,

My wife and I are newly weds and are expecting our first baby in July. Dw has always been involved in the family stables (not a business), but has always maintained that the only reason she ever got involved was so she could spend some time with her mum and dad else she'd never have seen them (I really am not joking). She gets very upset and depressed when reflecting and often wishes she could have had "more out of life" as virtually everything her family ever did was "horsecentric". My main worry is that because of the close proximity of her parents any babysitting would again take place at the stables(I work full time and my wife intends returning quickly due to financial reasons plus my inlaws live about 50 mile away and are frail). I know we're very lucky to have my in laws so close to help out, but I'd hate history to repeat. I'd like to move away and start anew. What do others think?

MilgramsLittleHelper Thu 28-Mar-13 20:27:57

plus my inlaws live about 50 mile away

Sorry I ment my parents, not inlaws

LemonDrizzled Thu 28-Mar-13 20:40:09

Congratulations on your impending arrival.

You don't have to use GPs for childminding. You could do what the rest of us do and use a childminder or a nursery. If your DW wants to make family life better for you and the baby she can. The baby would be the reason for her winding down her involvement in the stables. How would you both like life to be?

MilgramsLittleHelper Thu 28-Mar-13 21:30:57

Thank you Lemon, very excited here.

I think the idea about winding down is a very valid arguement, thanks again.

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