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Why are so many people up at this hour? Thread 3

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BlueyDragon Mon 25-Mar-13 02:22:31

Kitty killed it. Come on over!

Alambil Mon 25-Mar-13 02:23:23

no idea...

starsandunicorns Mon 25-Mar-13 02:25:00

Waves to Bluey grin
Should be sleeping but first day placement nerves are keeping me awake sigh hows you

starsandunicorns Mon 25-Mar-13 02:30:15

Quickly runs around with a duster a hoover frebreeze puffs cushions and gets the cups sausers glasses and the biscut and cake tins on the table to make new thread all nice peers out of thread making the net curtains twitch for the vistors to arrive smile

BlueyDragon Mon 25-Mar-13 02:37:58

Thanks for the thoughts, everyone. Sorry I haven't been in, actually got some sleep the last couple of nights, which is just as well as DS has been yo-yoing out of bed. Think he's got another cold, oh joy. I do have some sympathy for him, honest, in fact he told me to go back to bed when I was giving him cuddles to try and get him settled smile.

Kitty, you're right, last chemo is this Thursday. I had my gastro-eyes on The Hand and Flowers in Marlow, and DH and I were hoping to stay there but there's a note on the website saying they only have availability for weekdays. In December. So it's back to the Michelin Guide drawing board. I hope your LO is better btw.

MrsShrek, your poor DH and his "phased return". I'm taking notes for when I go back, hopefully in May. My lot have managed to annoy me this week as my sick pay has stopped and the daffy insurance scheme that's supposed to kick in is still processing the paperwork, and HR can't tell me when it will be done. I wouldn't mind if it was my delay, but I asked them for the paperwork well before Christmas and it took them 2 months to send it. Still, otherwise they've been pretty good thus far so I'm not going to moan. I've joined a gym instead so I can get moving again, in the warm and not this bloody cold weather! Have you seen these t shirts btw? Made me smile anyway.

Sorry, mammoth post. I'm taking my hills back to the locker grin.

BlueyDragon Mon 25-Mar-13 02:40:00

Lovely tidy locker, thanks stars.

So is the placement the 3 day contract you were after? Or am I getting confused?

TheFallenNinja Mon 25-Mar-13 02:41:34

Dd is making this noise

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr, ffffffffffffff, ppppppppppp, fart, Rrrrrrrrrrrr

Over and over.

starsandunicorns Mon 25-Mar-13 02:46:51

Yes its a 3 week contract smile 9-1 but a hours drive in rush hour. mon to fri plus any night work from main angency its in post room with a big company nervous at the drive there due to weather and not been able to do dummy run this weekend.[good job Im good at 3 point turns ]
Am hoping I get to push the post trolley grin

starsandunicorns Mon 25-Mar-13 02:49:11

The fallenNinja your dd sounds like my dp this morning smile

BlueyDragon Mon 25-Mar-13 02:57:06

You'll be fine, stars, really you will.

Ninja, is this a new addition to dd's repertoire? Bet it's not new for stars' DP though grin.

starsandunicorns Mon 25-Mar-13 03:06:48

Thankyou Bluey and err no dp is most well qualfield in botty burps grin sadly and can be very vocal !

Right going to try to sleep up at 06:30

jynier Mon 25-Mar-13 03:08:04

I'm confused; may have been on the wrong thread earlier!!!

Thought that I had found you all but perhaps not!

weegiemum Mon 25-Mar-13 03:08:28

I'm awake as I've got a hospital appointment tomorrow and I really struggle with a phobia of hospitals. Very nervous!!

BlueyDragon Mon 25-Mar-13 03:19:02

jynier, which thread was it? Imposters, the lot of 'em...

weegie, that's not good (all of it: the phobia, needing to go to hospital anyway, not sleeping). Have you got any good distractions? Other than MN, obviously.

BlueyDragon Mon 25-Mar-13 03:28:19

Oops, my enthusiasm was a bit misplaced. New thread is here.

Sorry blush.

TheFallenNinja Mon 25-Mar-13 04:11:35

My god, she's like the energiser bunny tonight smile

That's it, she's on decaf tomorrow

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