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The Brave Babes Battle Bus - Wondering Where The Spring For Their Boing Is!

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Mouseface Sun 24-Mar-13 12:23:14

Hi I'm Mouse

One of the Brave Babes on the Bus, a Bus full of different posters, some who drink more than they'd like to and are trying to stop, some who don't drink at all now, and some who are somewhere in the middle. smile

There's no judging here, no finger pointing, no rejection, just pure, unconditional, (occasionally tough), love and empathy.

We all share stories of how we got here, to have our seat on the Bus, looking for our own personal sobriety, our own personal happiness. Sometimes we talk about other things too, you know, like cake, cheese wink and even day to day life, life that can lead us to breaking point......... lead us to hit rock bottom.

So, why not come say hi, take a seat, post, lurk, whatever suits you smile

This is our latest journey with a link to others

And this is the reason we're ALL here, the first ever thread

Hope to see you soon smile

dementedma Sun 28-Apr-13 20:50:37

Omg chronic squits all afternoon. * groan*

ohcluttergotme Sun 28-Apr-13 21:04:23

Mouse yay to form filling completed, your awesome & hope you enjoy some much needed mouse time tomorrow!
MA, not sounding too good hmm hope your better soon.
Alias love that you've treated yourself to lots of lovely things. The afternoon is done & sounds stressful but over. Think relations between in-laws have such potential to be strained. I fell out with mil about 6 years ago & it was awful, think dh found it really hard.
Night babes x

Mouseface Sun 28-Apr-13 21:38:59

Ma - food poisoning? OUCHY!!

Yup, bastard form filling can feck the feck off!!

Tomorrow I am starting to try to lose 1/2 a stone so Clutter - you and me are diet buddies. I have to do it as I hate the way I feel right now, replacing booze with food and I'm ready to stop that now.

So, busy day, drop the fish off at preschool, into town to shout at docs as to where the actual fuck my meds are, a 6 min sunbed for pain, bits and bobs needed for Nemo's B/Day (small cake whilst the big one waits to be decorated) candles, balloons, find a nice hair colour I love with some red/burgundy/plum in it..... get points on all cards I forgot to take with me when shopping last!

Then pick up my gorgeous boy, and back out for food shopping.

How are we all tonight? How is the Bus for passengers? Are we cruising or speeding into the pit stop for N&T's, chocolate, munchie killers and sleeping tablets?

Seriously, are you guys all okay? I feel so out of touch. xxxx

aliasjoey Sun 28-Apr-13 21:42:53

Oh ma sounds horrible, is it a virus? Or did you eat something dodgy?

Mouseface Sun 28-Apr-13 21:48:55

Clutter - night lovely

Joey - well done on the treats.

Right, I must go to bed before I fall asleep. Again. On the sofa with a cold cuppa in my hand! Oh well, red wine would have stained my Boden PJs (bought in the sale) don't you know?!! grin

Night all lovelies xxxxxxxx

dementedma Sun 28-Apr-13 21:54:38

Dunno. Haven't been sick so prob not food poisoning. Just get a spasm of belly cramp and then have a matter of seconds to get to loo. TMI warning - just liquid but vile!!

fullofhopefullness Sun 28-Apr-13 21:59:57

Back on the bus anyway. Also need diet though. Will start tomorrow I think.

Mouseface Sun 28-Apr-13 22:12:52

Ma - I had that a few weeks ago, spasms of pain, dash and splash. YUK! Hope you feel better soon sweets sad

Night all xxxx

ThisIsMyTime Sun 28-Apr-13 23:02:24

Ok so it's the 4th day I have not been merry/drunk I have limited my self to 1 drink a day (never been able to do in the past as normally the 1st is a catalyst for many more) but feel like I've sum what turned a corner and proud of my self

curryeater Mon 29-Apr-13 10:32:27

Hi all

I have been doing so appallingly badly! One night without booze last week. And far too much on the other days.

Trying again. Keep trying... keep trying.

clutter, you are an inspiration.
Joey - now that's over with, well done! Next time can't be so bad. what was the row about?
Purple - good luck. I am still being bit by landlord's dog's fleas. I agree that in theory they can't live indefinitely on the "wrong" animal - but in practice it can be a bastard long time.

Have a good week, all

Lemonylemon Mon 29-Apr-13 11:20:44

Morning All!

DAY 4 here - DAY 4!!!!! Quiet time in the Lemon household. Holiday has been confirmed. The consultant has said that Mum is OK to go. Italy here we come grin

Have a great week y'all. Back later.

PurpleWolfe Mon 29-Apr-13 11:20:59

Sympathies Curry. Keep on keeping on! I've been doing really badly of late, too. But, for some reason, yesterday I found some energy/enthusiasm to aim at today for Day 1. Weighed and measured myself and the ensuing shock enforced my resolve. Looking to lose between one and a half to two stone in the next 13 weeks. So, am sneaking on the Bus today, avoiding the other Babes looking confused and wondering who the hell I am as it's been so long since I've been on it. If someone could tie me to my Bus seat (not in a kinky way, you understand!!? grin ) I would be most grateful. Just one glass of wine last night and a can of cider - as I knew that would just be a temptation. Reasonable night - feel better already.

As for the fleas - Have you got a spray from one of the pet shops? Fleas love skirting boards/edge of carpets best (apparently). You also have to keep hoovering to get rid of the little bastards. I think we've beaten them, finally!

Well done Clutter That's amazing. Great to hear the benefits of not drinking reiterated.

Joey Glad it went OK for you, next time will be easier.

Ma Poor you! I hope the symptoms have abated today for you?

Mouse You go and give that Doc some stick! Glad to hear you finished the forms. Good luck on getting Nemo's birthday stuff organised.

DS2 (just 7yo) claimed he had a sore willy this morning. No redness, no probs in peeing, no bruising and no memory of a 'cross-bar incident' with his bike. Gave him Calpol and insisted (nicely) he went to school. I didn't really believe he had a physical problem. Told his teacher and the Head all about it and said I thought it might be an emotional problem. Got a call at 10ish from the Head (a friend of mine) who had a chat with him and found out he's going through a tough time - wishing me and XP would get back together. When he's with me and having a good time, he is feeling guilty about his Dad and vice versa. It's been over 2 and a half years since we split up but it seems he's only just being able to figure out what's troubling him. Bless. Made me cry but at least I know what it is now and can, hopefully, talk to him and help somehow. Lots of hugs, I think!

How are you doing Green, Baby and Isinde?

< Waves to all the new and old Babes>

babyjane1 Mon 29-Apr-13 11:23:40

Morning babes, I managed to get to Friday night then stupidly had that first glass and all reason and sensibility went out the window, same on sat, same on Sunday, I cannot believe this cycle keeps repeating itself. I'm bored with myself!!! I'm seriously thinking of trying antabuse, has anyone got any feedback about antabuse. My dd is very upset with me because I made a big song and dance of saying I would not be drinking and FAILED, FAILED,FAILED. I wasn't going to post coz I reckon your fed up with my weekly new starts but I need to make sense of this. X

PurpleWolfe Mon 29-Apr-13 11:37:49

Baby Sending you a massive hug! Nobody is fed up with your 'new starts' - it shows you are still fighting back against this bastard thing! I don't know about Anabuse personally but I think I've read it's quite extreme - you have to be careful of perfumes, body sprays, mouthwashes etc. I had Campral which helps block the 'I need alcohol' messages to the brain. Did really well on them and need to 'grow a pair' and get back to the Doc's for more. The only way you will fail is if you give up trying to give up, Sweetpea. xxxxxx

PurpleWolfe Mon 29-Apr-13 11:38:48

PS Baby Don't stop posting!!

babyjane1 Mon 29-Apr-13 12:01:05

hey purple, I'm so sorry your boy is having a hard time, it's heartbreaking my older dd goes to her dads at the weekend and she has a whole other life with sisters there, I think it must be difficult having 2 different lives but I'm sure there are very good reasons why your not together. Thank you for always being so patient and kind to me, I feel so guilty my daughter is disappointed, she is very reserved and finds my drinking embarrassing, I often think she is like the daughter in Ab Fab and I'm Jennifer Saunders, it's a bit like that in our house!!! I don't know why I can't moderate but I can't, I'm disgusted I can't put my daughters needs before mine, I have to fix this x x x

Lemonylemon Mon 29-Apr-13 12:05:40

Baby I have new starts every few days, you're not alone.... {HUG}

aliasjoey Mon 29-Apr-13 12:12:29

don't stop posting baby, there's always a place on the Bus or sidecar

curry sorry I just want to forget about the row we had with in-laws, but if you want to read back its probably on page 33 or thereabouts...

hope everyone is doing okay today

babyjane1 Mon 29-Apr-13 12:25:16

Thanks babes, your support is amazing x x x

dementedma Mon 29-Apr-13 17:09:45

Well done on day 4 lemony
Still got cramps and shits so won't be drinking. Glad something can stop me

Mouseface Mon 29-Apr-13 19:26:32

Evening, tis me, Mouse

Baby - ((((huggles™)))) as Nemo says to you darling lady.

I cannot believe this cycle keeps repeating itself. I'm bored with myself!!! I'm seriously thinking of trying Antabuse

My dd is very upset with me because I made a big song and dance of saying I would not be drinking and FAILED, FAILED,FAILED. I wasn't going to post coz I reckon your fed up with my weekly new starts but I need to make sense of this. X

Hmm, yup, I'm bored of you being the same, wonderful, desperately trying, heart bearing, genuine Babe...... so bored. NOT.

Sweetheart, your DD will always be disappointed with something that you do or rather don't do in life. That's mothers and DDs for you I'm afraid! grin

From what I've read about you, the posts you've put on here, the words you've written, I've seen and well, gotten to know, a lovely, caring woman who has had a fair amount of shit throw her way along the path she's walked. I've seen you posting about 'trivial' things and I've seen you pour your heart out asking for help and advise, and I've seen you be ever so kind to other Babes in need.

So, I'm not bored with that, or you. I would however, love to help you break this cycle that you're in. We've all been stuck in them, trapped on spin cycle almost wanting desperately to get the fuck out of the machine.

Go to the GP. Do some research, talk to Silver or other Babes who have used/tried Antabuse. I bet if you looked back over the threads, you'd find others talking about it..... I can't remember who has tried it before....

Baby - as others have said, don't not post, even if it's just a few words to say you're drinking, you feel like shit and you're cross beyond cross at all that the day has thrown at you!! Look, we are your support to a certain extent and always will be smile , always! BUT, go and talk to your GP or an alcohol counsellor about chemical help and see what they say sweets. We all care so much about you xxxxx

Isindebusagain Mon 29-Apr-13 20:04:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mouseface Mon 29-Apr-13 20:05:53

Lemony - me too re the new starts but more with food as I'm comfort eating! grin Tomorrow is day 1 again of the diet. I want to look nice on Sunday for when my mother arrives on Sunday for Nemo's little tea party. I'm, all organised, just need to wrap his presents and top his cake. 4 whole years..... <whimsical sigh>

How are you doing? How's life, love and laundry with you? smile

Joey - ((((huggles™)))) to you too. Sounds like you had the weekend you expected sweets. Fucking family. I'm sorry xxxx

Ma - great way to lose weight!! grin Sorry you are still poorly lovely, that's shit. Whoops, pardon the pun! grin You need to get some Dioralyte asap and to the docs! You need huggles too but I'm not sure you should be squeezed xxx

<gets coat>

Well, the pharmacy did fuck up with my meds, I went in this morning, desperate for my morphine, DH went out to pick it up, got all the shopping and forgot my meds.

Needless to say that if I have an attack tonight, I am going to have to be blue lighted to A&E to get enough morphine as most take four hours to get through...... Oh well, I'm off to take Nemo to bed, may pop back after.

Hey Time, Curry, Purps and FullOf - I hope life is better smile

Fairenuff Mon 29-Apr-13 20:10:33

Purple there's a lovely book called "Mum and Dad Glue" about a boy who tries to find the right glue to stick his family back together again. It's about right for his age and the illustrations are very clever. Might be useful for your ds?

Baby please don't ever feel you can't post about slipping up. We've all done it and it does make us feel really bad sometimes. But guess what? That all helps to remind us of why we don't want to drink like that anymore.

Ma sounds horrid but perhaps you'll get a good weight loss this week? grin Mouse I'll join you, I've lost 6lb over the last two weeks and want to try and get another couple of this week.

dementedma Mon 29-Apr-13 20:14:41

<tries not to laugh at indies poem for fear of leakage>
In bed with tea, dry toast and Ollie cat for sympathy.
I have put a commode in the sidecar for ease of access. Hope that's OK with you guys.........

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