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can't sleep won't sleep 3

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KittyAndTheFontanelles Sun 24-Mar-13 01:45:36

over hear night owls grin. Unless we are somewhere else grin

Minimammoth Mon 25-Mar-13 03:21:35

Anyone awake? Nose streaming, not flu, allergies again am guessing. Blurgh.
Should try to sleep but bunged up.

BlueyDragon Mon 25-Mar-13 03:26:44

Oops, I got all enthusiastic and started another thread here. I'll kill it.

BlueyDragon Mon 25-Mar-13 03:29:02

Hello mini. Sorry you are feeling grotty.

Midwife99 Mon 25-Mar-13 04:02:30

Uggghhhhh - coughing farting 3 year old now in my bed (the force of the coughs making her fart). confused

Midwife99 Mon 25-Mar-13 05:05:13

And my bloody neighbour now outside revving a big bloody van at 5am!!

MrsShrek3 Mon 25-Mar-13 06:24:02

hi midwife - if yore still here. I woke up (again) an hour ago and have given up thinking any more sleep is on the cards....
happy Monday grin

MrsShrek3 Mon 25-Mar-13 06:26:51

blimey far are you with allergy testing / control?

MrsShrek3 Mon 25-Mar-13 06:28:06

yore????grin you're, obv. clearly i have a medieval edition of the spellchecker hmm

Midwife99 Mon 25-Mar-13 07:44:59

iPhone by any chance?! Mine has some weird spelling correction choices!!!

Minimammoth Mon 25-Mar-13 08:01:11

Just typed a long post, then lost it. Grr., mrs not had any official testing. Only offered nasal spray, anti hystemine. Perhaps I will have to beg at GPs. Trouble is like many others I always feel I don't want to take up time when I am not 'ill'
It's freezing here today. We ran out of heating oil yesterday, so hope some can be delivered soon ( at enormous expense no doubt) our neighbour gave us a few gallons. That was interesting, DH up a ladder trying to pour into tank, in freezing snowy conditions with me holding ladder.

starsandunicorns Mon 25-Mar-13 08:11:56

Didnt see this one sigh i went on bluelys thread even cleaned it up and got the cake tin out new placement today left at 07:30 as know traffic would br bad now sat in a pubs carpark waiting as got here at just after 8 am told dp and bet he rolled his eyes and thought silly stars flaping as normal had no sleep as flapping as not been to this area beforeand couldnt do a dummy run at weekend. Hope all is well

KittyAndTheFontanelles Mon 25-Mar-13 09:27:31

Hi stars, good luck today. I'm not sure if I've said this before but I've certainly thought it; I think your work ethic is commendable. It is not easy for you to find work and yet you doggedly keep at it phoning round making a nuisance of yourself drumming up work, day and night, leaving early, getting back late, correct kit, all weathers.... I used to do agency work back in the day and I know how difficult it can be to have to slot into a shift where no-one knows you, no banter, no-one talks at break or they disappear. It can be a hard slog. I take my hat off to you wine

Bluey welcome back! thanks You've been missed. Good luck on Thursday and for the following, fall out days. You'll be in my thoughts. Those t-shirts are something else! grin

minilumps you poor thing. Still suffering. sad

themidwife I hope you are enjoying some big, growed up boy snuggles.

Waves to Mrs and grapessmile

Littlekitty slept for 10.5 hrs straight last night grin. She's so erratic.

Happy Monday to all grin

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 26-Mar-13 02:20:22

Is there anybody there? smile

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 26-Mar-13 04:52:23

You've all abandoned me.

I'm making an easter bonnet hmm

We've been awake since 1.00 sad

Hope this means you are all sleeping smile

Midwife99 Tue 26-Mar-13 05:47:33

Morning Kitty! Had a dreadful night Sunday so dead last night (until now!) smile

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 26-Mar-13 05:58:49

Morning themidwife smile.

Sorry you had a bad one on Sunday but glad you caught up last night. I've just worked out that apart from a tiny snooze for maybe half an hour around midnight I've been awake for 22 hours. shock

I love that 'themidwife' is now logged in my predictive text options grin

Are you off sniffing the little snufflers today?

Minimammoth Tue 26-Mar-13 06:32:48

Mornin. I have slept yes. Kitty how did you manage to be awake all that time? Bet you are sleeping now. Have Good day everyone.

BlueyDragon Tue 26-Mar-13 06:55:21

Morning! Thank you for the flowers, kitty, and sorry you had such a rubbish night's sleep, but at least it was productive! I have one of the chemo brain T-shirts, courtesy of a friend who had breast cancer and went through all this last year; I love it because it makes me chuckle but it really upsets my Dad who, whilst he hasn't got his head in the sand would rather not be reminded of what's going on sad.

And I went to yoga last night, first exercise in ages, which is probably why I slept and DS was full of Calpol. I enjoyed it so much, I'm off to Pilates today plus lunch with DH who's on holiday. I could get used to this grin.

postman, my Mum still tells us how tricky it was when Dad used to come home after working away, usually for months at a time, it took a while for him to settle in and then he would be off again. Hope you and DP have been able to sort it out.

stars, how was your shift?

MrsShrek3 Tue 26-Mar-13 07:09:28

morning all. yes i slept through the 4am bewitching hour too.
bluey, grin at chemobrain t shirt (didn't know there was such a thing or would certainly have got DH one by now) but sad @ your dad. have some morethanks

did littlekitty sleep last night?

hello midwife and co, hope you all have a good day and not get too tired smile

MrsShrek3 Tue 26-Mar-13 07:11:53

kitty, I had to grin at everyone's names being in your predictive text. they have got into mine too wink
mornin mini smile (sorry if I've missed anyone)

starsandunicorns Tue 26-Mar-13 07:30:18

Morning all new job placement good i got mega excited at there postage meter manchine lol.( sad) did a 5-10 shift at other agency too so was knacked still am need a cattle prod to wake up told a friend ref new jib and she went and told everyone else and so getting silent treatment we are talking grown men in there 40's idots sigh

Thankyou kitty for your kind words smile

starsandunicorns Tue 26-Mar-13 07:32:27

Though my poor old battered car looked out of place next to loads of audi TT and mercs grin

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 26-Mar-13 11:19:59

Oh craps she woke again at 10.30. I feel wretched. Bonnet nowhere near finished and unlikely to get done. I'm a bag of aches. I'm far too old for no sleep. long gone are the free parties of 90s Bristol

bluey gallows humour I believe. grin

Hi to all

Welcome to postman smile

KittyAndTheFontanelles Tue 26-Mar-13 11:22:03

stars your friends aren't talking to you because you got a new job?confused

Some friendshmm

Minimammoth Tue 26-Mar-13 13:18:57

Rant warning. I am exasperated. Spent an hour trying to order a repeat prescription item so I can stop sneezing. Forgot passwords so had to follow all the ID, pin rigmarole, only to fail on personal info, which I swear was right. Am now blocked. Ring surgery, who are supposed to keep these things according to site. No one knows, can't give request stuff by email or over phone any more. Practice manager away till next tues. Arghhhh. Feel pathetic, I could weep.
Rant over. Sorry.

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