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Is it normal to feel a bit stressed when my BF's daughter comes to stay?

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Trills Fri 22-Mar-13 08:21:36

Having an extra person staying in your house (who doesn't normally live there) is always a little bit stressful, not matter who they are.

J2Oforxmas Fri 22-Mar-13 08:14:05

My step daughter was six when she started staying over, I found it very stressful as I just wanted her to like me and I think I tried too hard to please everyone.
She is now 26 and we are really close, eventhough I am divorced from her dad. Give it time, it really will be ok xx

Hareseeker Thu 21-Mar-13 22:15:54

Hi, it's understandable it feels difficult. It's change for you, your boys, your DP and his DD, all that change for so many people all at the same time is really tough.
It's so very new to you too.
We don't cook on the day we all come together, it's too much. We have a takeout or precook something just to be heated. We also take these evening very easy and keep activity low key. After a year of 6 people 4DCs all coming to one house at one time we have learnt to keep it simple.
Congratulations on this exciting time.

nosferatu Thu 21-Mar-13 22:13:03

what you are saying is totally natural!!! Someone else comes in it is a different balance. I am sure it will settle down when you get used to it.

newtant Thu 21-Mar-13 22:08:02

My BF has moved into my home with my two boys (9 & 7) he has a daughter aged 8 and whilst she is no problem to be around i find it a bit stressful when she comes. Mainly as I work full time in a pretty stressful management job. I find juggling my own boys and my job tiring and stressful at times and tonight i made the big mistake of mentioning to my BF that i found wednesday night/ thursday morning a bit more stressful than other days not because his daughter is tricky but just because there is something else going on ..

BF told me that it was 'all in mind' and told me there was no impact as i didn't have to do anything for/ with her.

I just find it increases my stress when i've had an already stressful time .. am i really out of order?

Prior to my BF moving in me and the boys had been by ourselves for almost 6 years and this is all very new to me - i worry i have just become just focussed on me and my boys .. maybe i can't manage it all? ..

Any how, thoughts would be helpful,

Thank you

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