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23yr old in depressing marriage with 38yr old.

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adriaticsea Thu 21-Mar-13 10:25:20

hi Everyone,i just got to this blog while searching on google for links to kinds of advice.Anyway let me try and make the story as short as possible.

i met my husband through one of my friends husbands and in the beginning we got on well despite our age diferrence,he was 35 and i 20.He treated me nice with respect and adoration.I knew he had a kid but it was ok for me as i love children.
I forgot to say he is italian and so after one year we married and moved to italy 50min from rome.i was really excited and was almost sure my life was going to be like a fairytale as i arrived in the late summer and it was so magical.this was 2011.
Fastforward.i ve been here two years and am always alone except for two fellow foregniers,both are 30 and 35 respectively.We live in the same town and both of them are equally depressed so i can hardly see the other side of the coin when it comes to advice.sorry if my post is long smile

When i met my husband,i was at school,one of the best as i was determined to get a education and be a sucessful woman,i was happy and felt i had my whole life ahead of me.i left school in the middle bse he said i would continue in italy(turned out to be a lie).Now for two years i spend most of the day in the house as people where i live dont really accept foregneirners(as anyone who has lived,not visited,but lived in italy can attest to that) so am lonely most of the day,i dont go to school,i have no friends,i dont go to any hobbies,not bse i dont want to but bse it isnt possible.i wake up every morning prepare his son for school clean the house and switch the tv on.This is my life everyday.
I just feel tired and fed up and unhappy and depressed all together.i feel like a housemaid as his whole family doesnt even make an effort to get closer to me,also his 5 yr old son treats me with utter disrespect dispite the fact that am so nice and loving torwards him.
My whole family thinks i should leave,but am confused.i really want to leave as i see no future neither true happiness for myself.what do you guys think ?has anyone been in this situation ?

sorry again for the long post.

LarkinSky Fri 22-Mar-13 10:31:43

Good luck OP, let us know when you're safe. I repeat the advice to go to the British Embassy in Rome if you need to; the staff there are specially trained in helping British Nationals in your exact situation. If you need it, they will loan you money (cash or book a flight for you) and give you an emergency passport.

If you have doubts about leaving your H, it's best you are able to have a good long think about your marriage in the safety of your own family in the UK, you'll have a better perspective then.

LeslieWrinkle Fri 22-Mar-13 15:38:11

Hope u r ok . i fled my x , but from the uk to my home. i told the hv b4 i left but i kbew i could trust her and she was so incredibly kind and suppirtive.... i was older too. a tear just rolled off my cheek there think of somebody going through what i went through but a decade younger. u will put this behind u.

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