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No best friend

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Dryjuice25 Mon 18-Mar-13 01:47:58

Just don't end up like me though.I met someone I thought was my soulmate and I couldn't live without them. I was happy to ditch my friends (I was naive and he encouraged it) and it was just him and I against the world!!! When it ended I had nowhere to turn, it was tough but I'm glad I learnt the lesson.

Ditsydoo Sun 17-Mar-13 22:20:04

Thank you to all that replied. Makes me feel better and not a freak by not having one!

claudedebussy Sun 17-Mar-13 22:19:34

i think finding a best friend is like finding a partner tbh. i haven't found a best friend yet. well, i think i have but i'm not hers ergo we are not besties.

i don't let this worry me. i am always on the lookout for candidates grin

LadyWoo Sun 17-Mar-13 22:19:10

I don't have one. Every friend I have/have had always refers to someone else as their 'best friend'

Ditsydoo Sun 17-Mar-13 22:18:33

I share everything with dh and he is my soul mate and my everything! Anything personal or any worries i can only confide in my dh.

Diagonally Sun 17-Mar-13 22:11:08

I haven't had a "best" friend for over 20 years. Have a handful of close friends (school) who I see infrequently as we are spread out geographically, and the rest are more transient friendships through work, school etc.

I don't feel the miss of a best friend at all.

Ditsydoo Sun 17-Mar-13 22:08:29

Yes i do have a sister and i am close to her.

Oopla Sun 17-Mar-13 22:07:38

Without wanting to sound like a greetings card DP is my best friend. I have close friends but it has to be someone you can fully trust with your heart and soul to I think.
What do you feel you are missing? It might be that your friends think of you in a closer sense than you imagine, do you really let go with them?

recall Sun 17-Mar-13 22:02:55

I have two best friends , and I would go to them with different problems, they are like opposites . We were all at school together but in different gangs.

Do you have a sister Ditsydoo ? That is what I sometimes feel i am missing out on.

pictish Sun 17-Mar-13 21:59:27

No. A lot of us grow out of having a singled out bestie.
I don't have 'best friend'.

Ditsydoo Sun 17-Mar-13 21:56:15

Apologies I'm new to this. Firstly hope i've posted this under the right thread... This probably sounds pathetic but i have no best friend. Just want to ask am i missing out on not having one? I have friends close ones but none that i could call a best friend. Am i the only one not to have one?

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