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What puts you off a man's dating profile?

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StuffezLaBouche Fri 15-Mar-13 23:21:58

Been doing a lot of scouting about on Match (getting my bloody money's worth!!) and noticed there are certain things that either irritate me on a superficial level, or fundamentally piss me off. These include, but are in no way limited to:

Men who have kids but specify their potential date should have none.

The men who preface their profile with "no offence but I'm not into bigger ladies"

Men who are stunning, wink at you, but live 300 miles away

Men who are determined to sound more intelligent than they are, so word their profiles in a very pompous, irritating way. "Alas, ladies, I have to yet master the skill of...." Etc.

Any online daters care to share their thoughts? Am I being stupid? I have massive body hang ups so the second someone shows an interest in me I assume they're piss taking or similar.

Alittlestranger Sat 16-Mar-13 21:58:16

Err Greatscotty, my life is interesting and active and I'm on a dating site. Interesting and active doesn't automatically equate with "and also meeting lots of single people and having lots of sex".

And smugmarried, it's perfectly possible to be genuine and on a site long-term, not everyone settles.

Anyway, I dislike people who specify honest, no baggage, sane etc.

Men who specify a max cut off age which is younger than their's.

People who begin "I don't know how to start". Really, are you that inept? Do these people walk up to people in real life and mumble "I don't know how to start a conversation".

There are plenty of other things that will put me off, but that's more about the person clearly not being right for me rather than a poorly written profile per se.

Loulybelle Sat 16-Mar-13 21:58:18

I kinda just prefer honesty, honesty and openness is a much more appealing character trait.

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