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Why are so many people up at this hour? Thread 2

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izzyizin Sun 03-Mar-13 23:30:59

Previous thread:

This is what happens, jynier grin

Continue uninterrupted....

SummerDad Sun 03-Mar-13 23:32:25


xposted, i have also made another thread hehehe, lets continue this one and let the other one die its own death smile

SPsFanjoTheBigStickyHaribo Sun 03-Mar-13 23:34:05

I'm up! Missed the first thread so just going to make myself at home in this one like an unwanted squatter grin

SummerDad Sun 03-Mar-13 23:35:32

welcome SPsFanjoTheBigStickyHaribo. I am kinda excited to see this thread completing 1000 posts. hehehe

SummerDad Sun 03-Mar-13 23:37:53

I don't understand the limitation of mumsnet forum why is it not possible to edit the posts and delete them. I hope some veteran mners could shed a light on this. grin

SPsFanjoTheBigStickyHaribo Sun 03-Mar-13 23:44:45

I have no idea either! I always make mistakes on posts so been able to edit them would help a lot

cafecito Mon 04-Mar-13 00:01:30

think the logic is, it helps prevent cyber bullying etc

cafecito Mon 04-Mar-13 00:02:40


thank you izzy!!!

jynier Over heeeeerre!!!

welcome SPsFanjo

starsandunicorns Mon 04-Mar-13 00:13:15

Welcome Spsfanjo waves madly at summerdad jynier sits near cafecito because she always has nice choclate at this time of night.

starsandunicorns Mon 04-Mar-13 00:14:04

Oh yes thankyou izzy for the new thread

cafecito Mon 04-Mar-13 00:14:43

minimammoth, do you know what you're allergic to? scary

thank you for the assertion of normality we could do with some of that grin

kitty thank you for squeezes. sorry to hear about your friend. I think unfinished things are the hardest to resolve, things you never had the chance to say etc. Of course there's absolutely no way you could have known. I'm sorry to hear it affected youlike it did. squeezes from me too

well, I am up because I am eating muffins and doing some work for a lab session tomorrow morning that I am woefully unprepared for.

Went to a dance class tonight (had a month off) but so glad I went, left feeling bouncy and happier. earlier in the day I was on a train, thinking about someone who had died (cheerful I am) and hw I had known he was going to die, because he had been seen in a particular hospital department and my informant was working with his results, but despite knowing this, I never called him. sad and now I never can. Anyway I was pondering this fluid concept of life and death and how at the time, I was affected by my DD, so I didn't have much concept of this process being linear- when the guy on the train next to me said 'are you alright?'' to which I defensively said 'eh? yes yes fine just tired!'

I think I need more dance classes

cafecito Mon 04-Mar-13 00:16:19

hello stars so nice to hear about your weekend with dd2

<meanwhile, cafe fantasises about buxom kitty squeezes>

cafecito Mon 04-Mar-13 00:25:02

to fill you in, SP, we are a collective of insomniacs due to a variety of causes both intrinsic and extrinsic leading to MNing at silly o clock in the morning. we have a policy of total inclusion. kitty looks like a zaftig dita von teese. midwife is the best midwife in the land. so on and so forth. we advocate krill oil and all things purple. grin

starsandunicorns Mon 04-Mar-13 00:28:14

grin agree with cafecito collective of insommniacs though we may look like a Borg in the morning

cafecito Mon 04-Mar-13 00:31:42

resistance is futile, stars grin

cafecito Mon 04-Mar-13 00:36:10

also, I overuse smileys and talk a lot about death but don't mean to offend anyone in doing so. sometimes I stay awake for nearly a week if I have exams or night shifts. This is NOT advisable. I then go awol while I morph into a zombie hybrid and reemerge after a week of recovery. I am not qualified to give medical advice please accept this exclusion of liability grin

summerdad is the original thread pioneer

stars has fascinating career history

(enough intro?)

cafecito Mon 04-Mar-13 00:37:35

I imagine izzy is blonde...

Still18atheart Mon 04-Mar-13 00:39:22

I'm a student it comes with the territory

starsandunicorns Mon 04-Mar-13 00:39:46

Indeed cafecito hoping for a good sleep pattern this week dd2 has worn me out weekend grin though at min sat mn- ing while dp is watching crank2 oh god its so bad. The made for tv film on sy fy channal this afternoon was way better.

at least it had a storyline

ripsishere Mon 04-Mar-13 00:41:58

Hello, hello, hello. I am ripsishere, formerly kreecherlivesupstairs and I live in KL. It's morning time here, DD and DH have gone to school and I have the flat to myself.

starsandunicorns Mon 04-Mar-13 00:43:54

Cafecito you do what my sister does goes for ages with little or no sleep then hides under the duvet for a month.

When I meet people I nearly always say that jezza could do a week special on me and still have loads left. grin

cafecito Mon 04-Mar-13 00:45:43

Hello KL! (shouts, so you can hear me) smile

still18 what are you studying?

stars- repeat after me, no tv... no tv.. it's the only way forward <unconvinced masses look on>

LittlePushka Mon 04-Mar-13 00:46:54

What is the average number of times you think;

"I really must go to bed" and is it more than

"Ach, go on... five more mins."

There is a difference you see - the former means you know you should be in bed not on your computooter, This makes you sad. The latter means you are deliberately breaking your self-imposed curfew. This makes you bad.wink

And why is there no yawn smiley ...

starsandunicorns Mon 04-Mar-13 00:49:14

Lol cafecito ohhh maimi swat on now I might as well make a brew as my attempts of getting dp to make ( pathetic coughs ) hasnt worked

Waves to Rip what are you plans for today

Welcomes still18

ripsishere Mon 04-Mar-13 00:56:25

Plans for today include:
Going to pay for our health insurance
Going to the post office
Getting theshhets out of the washing machine ang hanging them on the balcony rail - not throwing one off like I did last week
Sweeping and mopping
Trying tp stop the suicide ants getting into the water resovoiur of the iron
Cooking some dinner
Finding out exactly what dates my parents rate coming to us for
phoning an agent about a new flat
Smoking as much as possible

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