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I'm being cheated on aren't I?

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Unknownfuture Sun 03-Mar-13 00:09:48

I know the answer is yes

Recently DH has been very attached to his phone. Initially thought it was because dd is more mobile and grabby. But now have noticed that if he leaves the room in the evening he'll take it.

So yesterday he made an error and left it charging in the study when he went out. I wasn't looking for it but when I saw it I couldn't resist looking.

I saw loads of texts between him and a female name. There was a red heart from her to him on valentine's day. He texts her night night every night. She sent him a message saying HFKA. He texted back? The reply was happy first... X.

I can only think this means happy first kiss anniversary? Can you think of any even unlikely other options?

The last text sent today said sorry you're I'll. Let me know if you need some looking after...

This has to be an affair doesn't it. And clearly for 12months. There were no texts before feb so presumably been deleted.

So do I confront now? Or see a solicitor first?

Things haven't been great the last 3 mo but I thought things were ok last year. I thought I was at fault but it's him isn't it

KirstyWirsty Wed 06-Mar-13 21:44:23

Sorry you are going through this OP

I'd like to reiterate that once confronted he will be nasty to you and unrepentant .. Please be prepared .. And when you are getting yourself sorted out and are happy he'll begging you to come back .. I never believed my STBX would try ( i thought he knew me better) but he did

I'll also reiterate what Choco said .. I am much happier a year and a bit later without the lying grumpy git that I had found myself stuck with

One last thing .. This board was a lifeline to me .. The women (and men) have helped me so much .. Keep posting and reading .. I've learned a lot

Good luck!

Ruprekt Sat 09-Mar-13 21:11:17


PureedGoodness Mon 11-Mar-13 07:21:36

How is everything unknown?

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