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Mother in law who lacks boundaries

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Ticklemonster2 Tue 26-Feb-13 09:39:51

I am expecting my dc2 (14 weeks this week). My ds1 is 2 and a half, very good and goes to nursery 3 days a week.
My problem is this. My mother in law is very overbearing/domineering and caused a lot of upset when I had ds1 by pushing to look after him on her own from week 2. Up until this point she came over every day to cuddle ds1 (not help). When I said I didn't need that kind of help she created a storm of a row and demanded to see ds1 without me present. When I tried to be assertive with her over not wanting to be parted with my new born baby she physically attacked me and was verbally abusive (I had just had a c section and she dragged me through her house, pushed me to the ground and stood on my back - this tore the muscles in my stomach and I was left with carpet burns and severe bruising). From this time on she treated me like sh!t and ran me down to my husband, extended family and gossiped to friends. This went on for some time until it upset me so much that I put a stop to it by insisting she see ds1 with me present.
She created many rifts over the following 2 years (all when things didnt go exactly her way), nearly destroyed my marriage by manipulating and pressuring my husband, ruined my sons 2nd birthday party by having a tantrum in front of all my friends get the picture.
She has never apologised or admitted her wrongdoing.
My husband and I have been through the mill with it all, but have come out strong and united. I can't deny that she did her best to ruin my experience as a new mum. I had a c section and needed time to recover and bond with ds1. All I got was her interfering and getting in the way of me resting. She also made lots of negative and condescending remarks during her visits.
My problem is that as soon as she knew I was pregnant again she started openly assuming she would be looking after the baby. She has spoken about taking it to her house and all sorts. Now that ds1 is older he will pop to her house to play, but only likes to stay an hour or so as she bosses him and is quite sharp in her manner (something he isn't used to). That's ok as he is independent, and its only every so often as there are some trust issues.
It's one thing to offer to help if needed, but another to basically tell me this is what's going to happen. Anyway, it's freaking me out because of the trauma I went through after the birth of ds1. I can't go through that again and am not sure how to handle it. I'm concerned she will blow up again when I refuse her help. I've been feeling quite anxious and I don't want it to ruin another precious time.
My husband and I have agreed that she will not be looking after the baby due to our experience with her and our concerns. Plus, we don't need it.
My question is: am I best to ignore her assumptions as I have not agreed to them, or clear this up now by explaining that I don't wish to have time away from my newborn baby?
Sorry for the long post, but its complex. Thanks for any helpful comments.

DontmindifIdo Tue 26-Feb-13 14:07:02

How about "MIL, have you forgotten that you assaulted me only a few days after DS? Because I haven't and never will. I'm polite to you because your my husbands mother but I really don't want you to ever babysit my children. You can't be trusted not to lose your temper. Don't ask again, because if you do, I'll just cut you out. Back off"

Of course, I'd not let someone who'd assaulted me anywhere near my DCs.

AutumnDreams Tue 26-Feb-13 14:13:05

I don`t understand why this awful woman imagines that you would allow her to be any more involved with your new LO, than she is with DS1. However, given her deluded thinking, you are absolutely right to lay down the rules.....immediately. This is not about her in any way, and you need to spell that out to her.She gave up the right to be an involved grandparent when she attacked you. Please never allow her to be alone with your lovely children. She sounds very dangerous.

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 26-Feb-13 14:16:26

Not at all surprised to see that MIL had a dysfunctional childhood; it sounds like she is narcissistic in terms of personality.

No point in trying usual methods with such people as you are dealing with someone who is completely operating outside all normal social norms. Usual rules therefore go out the window as you are not dealing with an emotionally responsible let alone stable personality. She will in no way accept your reasoned argument as such people simply cannot be dealt with.

Would also suggest you keep your eldest child away from this lady and her enabler of a H as well.

shadesofwhite Tue 26-Feb-13 14:24:46

I had just had a c section and she dragged me through her house, pushed me to the ground and stood on my back - this tore the muscles in my stomach and I was left with carpet burns and severe bruising shock

Poor you OP, plus I could have written your post, my MiL is a copy of yours only that my fugly SiL did the physical assult in public. Very unpleasant people! My STBXH was completely emotionally blackmailed, so awfully he aways sided with Mil grin . I'm thrilled they are ALL out of my and DD's life for Good! I just couldn't live an intoxicated life knowing there was never going to be a solution! we are in a refuge

Good luck OP and congratulations on your DC2. These are for you thanks .

pigsDOfly Tue 26-Feb-13 14:37:39

Honestly OP, I don't understand how you can allow this dangerous and unhinged woman anywhere near your DS1 with or without being present yourself. As someone else said, her husband, no matter how lovely he is, is enabling her.

She's unpredictable and toxic and you have no way of knowing whether she's likely turn on DS1 and whether her husband would be able to protect your child if she did.

In your position I would disengage with her and not allow her in my home or my children near her. I don't think you can reason with her and explain why you don't want her baby sitting. Her behaviour is way beyond reason.

shock im shocked she's still in your childs life tbh

you need to tell her now... not later. if she keeps hinting at looking after your new baby, and you say nothing then she will continue to think she is getting her own way. the sooner you tell her, and make her understand, the better

Imsosorryalan Tue 26-Feb-13 14:59:22

To be honest, I would have severed contact completely after she assaulted you. I would also have been inclined to get her arrested for said assault.
I can't believe you are still including her in your family's life. Do you want your dcs to grow up with her influence??

Sugarice Tue 26-Feb-13 14:59:55

Another one here who is shocked at her assault of you and yet still sees her Son and your child.

I don't understand why you you and your dh continue to allow her figure in your lives, she's unstable and prone to violent outbursts.

Poppyseed29 Tue 26-Feb-13 22:20:38

Hi there! I have just registered with mumsnet after reading your post, tmonster. I think your husband needs to stand up for you more and speak to his mum himself. Why should you have all the stress? I can't stand your mil and I have never even met her!!!! I wish you all the best for the future.

My MIL has caused me stress. However, I am thankful that my h is not a mummy's boy and he does stand up for me. She is very overbearing and looks down her nose at me when she visits. She seems to think she is perfect. Luckily she lives 120 miles away and only visits about every 6 weeks. I do get anxious about her visits though.

What is it with these stupid women???

I hope you have a better experience with your 2nd child. In solidarity xxxxx.

NoisesOff Tue 26-Feb-13 22:34:59

Is your DH an only child? If not, are there other DILs or SILs around? How do they deal with this woman? Could they be allies? I'm asking this but getting the impression that DH is an only child, given the intensity of MIL's focus on you. :-(

CardinalRichelieu Tue 26-Feb-13 22:41:53

Fuck me! I would have had her prosecuted, and I do not exaggerate. That is ABH at the very least.

If that was my MIL and she asked to see my baby I would say 'No, you can fuck off'.

If your husband wants to be in contact with her and make sure she is alright that is up to him, but I would have nothing to do with her and would not let her near the children.

However I fear that if you kick up a fuss now she/your DH might not take any notice, as you have been accepting her horrendous behaviour up to now. I think you should definitely start being very firm though.

Xales Tue 26-Feb-13 23:02:35

I don't see what is wrong with direct honesty.

'You have got to be fucking kidding and if there is even a fraction of your previous behaviour we will use the full weight of the law against you and you will never see either child again'

Completely coming from your H 100% backing you.

Gill1976 Wed 27-Feb-13 11:53:29

I would be rather blunt and say "After what happened when you assaulted me after my last birth, no I won't be wanting any help from you".

When you're home from the hospital keep the door locked and don't let her visit until you are ready (if it all!). If she rings you tell her you don't want visitors. Your H must support you 100% or the blocking her out strategy won't work.

She absolutely cannot get away with this sort of behaviour, it's disgusting.

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