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open relationship

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pinkpaws Mon 25-Feb-13 19:53:34

Hi just a thought so much drama we all seem to have about being faithful if we could keep are feeling about loving and spending are life with someone and the need to have sex with someone else apart how much less drama would we all have. let me know if anyone agrees.

nooka Thu 28-Feb-13 03:38:34

Thanks for the reply nsw, I can quite see how that might happen.

I have a slightly weird plus point of having extra-marital/monogamous sex. My dh had an affair, and obviously that was very shit, but there was one unexpected benefit, he became a much better lover (his OW was a great deal more demanding than me/knew what she liked). So I can see that variations might improve your techniques.

I still think that it's a very risky set up, simply because the chances of being completely on the same page as your partner all the time seem unlikely. But I guess the same thing could be said about any relationship, it just seems less risky with the traditional set up because it's so mainstream.

cronullansw Thu 28-Feb-13 18:43:44

Hey nooka, yes, there has been more than one occasion when I've thought,'thats new! Wonder where that came from....'

And you are right about the same page thing, as I've said before, currently, I'm not playing away from home, nor have I for a few years, but I suspect dp might be..... I'm lucky in that this doesn't bother me unduly, although I can see why it might bother others. As I also said before - no emotional attachments permitted, it's sport sex only. smile

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