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Just 'friends' after love- is it even possible

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TraineeBabyCatcher Sat 23-Feb-13 00:55:33

I've split with my dp on nearly 3 years. I have a ds who exdp was like a father to, so we have agreed that he will have contact. The split is of exdp choice because he's not happy but not sure why. He wants us to be friends, which I would love to think we could be, how but do I just be friends who the man I love with all my heart and 4 weeks ago was discussing moving in together and saving to get married?

tessa6 Sat 23-Feb-13 10:26:30

I think there is someone else in some regard, op. that doesn't mean he wouldn't be very very upset to end things. It doesn't really matter i suppose but knowing might make it easier for you to move on. Which you'll have to do. You must start living a new life for yourself, it's the only route to happiness, whatever happens. Good luck. Sorry for your loss.

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