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Please help: What would you do?

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babyhammock Fri 22-Feb-13 10:36:47

What would you do if you had an ex partner like this, who had virtually no relationship with your child and you had been court ordered to present your child for direct unsupervsed contact.

Verbally abusive such as screaming in your face that you're a f****g c**t and that he's sick of hearing about the f****g baby while you're carrying that child.

Emotionally abusive...threatening you if you see any friends family anyone etc etc etc

Physically threatening (over and over) ..standing over you screaming, with his fists clenched that he's going to put you in hospital, put your head through the f****g window, kill you while you're curled up in a ball crying

Sexually abusive ..while you're still crying and curled up in a ball forces you to have sex

Who also pays nothing in child support despite being court ordered to do so.

Would you break the order and risk enforcement?

yellowbrickrd Mon 04-Mar-13 10:17:23

Just want to add my best wishes to the others babyhammock. By fighting on in this way you are helping a lot of other women out there and I admire your strength so much.

As someone said upthread most people probably have no idea how women are being treated by the courts - at a time when the authorities are all supposed to be working together to put an end to Domestic Violence experiences like your could set the process back years.

Whatever happens I definitely think you should go to the media with this - maybe get together with some of the other posters on here and take it to 'Women's Hour' or 'You and Yours' (R4) and the press. People like your ex and this bastard of a judge can't be allowed to wreak havoc in someone's life and get away with it.

seaofyou Mon 04-Mar-13 10:48:25

Forgot to add to PM good luck with that letter today, you are so brave and I truly hope all these new rules out to protect women in your current situation start doing their job for you and DS.

babyhammock Mon 04-Mar-13 20:14:09

Thanks Scarlet and sea I'll post back what happens with the application.

Yellowbrick there's been so much progress in DV but the courts seem to be stuck in a time warp. I very much felt like the judge could do/say what he wanted and there was nothing I could do. As for the media, it would be so good to do something like that as there must be so many others going through the same

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