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what if sexting actually helped the relationship?

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Kione Mon 04-Feb-13 19:05:25

First, is using sexting an emotional affair? its a genuine question, never heard of emotional affairs until I read it here.
So imagine someone who has lost the lubudo, doesn't feel like having sex with their spouse but love them, and that is the only thing that doesen't work in the relationship. They start sexting with someone they know, a friend, maybe an ex who is married too; with no intentions whatsoever of meeting up. The person feels sexy and excited, gets home and has a great session with the espouse. So it just carries on as a bit of an "ego feeding" thing.
What would you think of it??

Kione Tue 05-Feb-13 18:32:25

no, I meant that if he said it my text or in other ways, he wouldn't be lying. So I am sure there are lots of men that don't lie when they say things like that.

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