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Have just had the realisation that my mother hated me when I was a child.

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dimsum123 Sun 03-Feb-13 23:43:04

We have never been close. I don't remember ANY cuddles, hugs or affection from her when I was very young. I DO remember plenty of times when she was cross, irritated, angry, annoyed and impatient with me. I have realised she probably had PND and never ever bonded with me.

But I have only now realised that she actually disliked and probably hated me. I have years of counselling about my relationship with her and I know that the reason she hated me was not my fault but due to her own issues.

I am finding it wierd though that I am not upset about this latest realisation about her. Or perhaps I am in shock just now.

It explains a lot though. Especially about the very horrible negative feelings I used to have about my own DD and still do sometimes. My feelings about DD never made sense as she is a lovely, kind thoughtful girl and yet I would sometimes have such strong feelings of dislike towards her that seemed so out of proportion to whatever childish misdemeanour she might have committed.

I'm not really looking for any answers. I just needed to say this out loud as it's been going round and round in my head all day. I don't feel I can talk to DH about it just yet. I used to be on MN a long time ago and found it so useful, indeed a lifesaver at times when I was in the thick of dealing with the effects of my abusive and dysfunctional childhood and family.

pollypandemonium Tue 19-Feb-13 02:29:21

Hi sweetestB, try to remember that your child depends on you and will do anything to please you. She may be exhibiting difficult behaviours but that is only her response and not something you can blame her for. Try to spend time with her one to one, no telly, no music, just sit with her and play or read. Let her lead the game or choose what to do and keep everything calm. This will help you to build your bond with her. It only takes 15 minutes a day.

Take care of yourself also, try counselling if you haven't already.

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