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Why are so many people up at this hour ?

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SummerDad Sun 27-Jan-13 01:25:39

Just wondering ...

cafecito Sun 03-Mar-13 01:00:20

PPS I love waitrose own brand french blend coffee

PPPS I think I am posting too much I am wasting the threaaad.... noooo

jynier how are you doing?

jynier Sun 03-Mar-13 01:15:03

Thank you, cafecito, for asking! Was out last night with two of my children (had a really great time!!!) but the dreadful cloak of sadness has wrapped itself around me again!

kittyandthegoldenfontanelles Sun 03-Mar-13 01:15:58

I've been thinking of jynier too...Are you out there jynier? smile

Ok re supersenses, you've freaked me out now shock but at least that will stop me from creeping downstairs for choccy or leftover mac n cheese n chorizo so I should thank you. I will remind you tomorrow about your detox determination.

How are you watching embarrassing bodies eith mo telly and what is the topic? grin

kittyandthegoldenfontanelles Sun 03-Mar-13 01:17:50

oops cross posted. I'm glad you had an evening of lovely company, jynier. Sorry to hear the good feeling hasn't stayed though. thanks

SummerDad Sun 03-Mar-13 01:32:17

I also think my son sees things which I can't see but wont go into details at this hour grin

cafecito Sun 03-Mar-13 01:42:57

on the internet kitty I never used to do this, but having no night shifts at the moment has meant good wife, extreme A&E, junior doctors and embarrassing bodies are all but a click away... while I eat chocolate.. at my desk

really shameful

so overcome by my great idea, when I just posted, that I have just spent 15 mins submitting it as a proposal to tv commissioners grin

jynier! so glas you hada nice time out with 2 of your children. I think the cloak of sadness is here too at the moment and that's why I'm struggling to meet appointments and do things that require normal functioning. Will lift soon I hope, it's the anniversary grief that makes it worse, I think.

re spooky stuff, DS definitely had a 'friend' I couldn't see. and have some scary stories from when I lived on a very very old street in a house built in 1600s- saw cloaked figures in my hallway, lights would go, chilling cold, scary noises. was beyond frightening

SummerDad Sun 03-Mar-13 01:52:27

so is this the spooky hour then wink.

jynier Sun 03-Mar-13 02:11:54

My children are very kind and thoughtful but we never, ever talk about the deaths - expect that they have no idea what to say and I don't want to upset them, either, or be a weepy burden. They took me to see Liza Minnelli (I have been a huge fan of hers for many years!) Was upset today because I couldn't share my elation with the two beloved people who have passed, especially my treasured and greatly-missed younger brother. He and I used to sing and dance together at every family occasion with great glee (I won't go to any gathering since he died!). My darling best friend also died unexpectedly just a few weeks before my precious brother; she, also, loved music and dancing! Had so many good times with her through thick and thin! Miss them both so much! Thank you all for your kind thoughts and best wishes to all of you if you are going through hard times!

cafecito Sun 03-Mar-13 04:03:36

Very hard to have multiple bereavements like that in quick succession jynier. I understand the loss of a best friend, as mine died about 3 years ago (despite only being in her 40s, we were very close and I met her when I was 16) I often think 'I wish I could phone her right now' or 'I'll tell her about...' or 'she'd say...' or something like that. It's really hard, to not be able to speak to them again, not be able to write to them, when they were so close to you. Really sad jynier. I am also very sorry to hear your younger brother died, jars with the natural order of things when this stuff happens. How often do you see your children? are you near them?

cafecito Sun 03-Mar-13 04:04:10

Love Liza Minelli!

cafecito Sun 03-Mar-13 04:18:36

were you at the south bank centre jynier? I live less than a 10 min walk from there- I see they are screening cabaret tomorrow night at the royal festival hall smile

Minimammoth Sun 03-Mar-13 04:32:12

Am awake too. Having allergic reaction to god knows what. Covered in itchy red lumps and jittery as hell. Have taken anti hystemine it will take awhile to settle.might have to have tea and toast now as someone mentioned it up thread.

Minimammoth Sun 03-Mar-13 04:35:47

Sorry, I have blundered in on a sensitive convo blush

kittyandthegoldenfontanelles Sun 03-Mar-13 05:40:35

Ooh caberet is one of my favourite films. I love Joel Grey as Emcee the mc he's brilliantly grotesque.

Welcome minimammoth smile. How are your jittery hives, you poor thing? sad

cafe I'm so sorry this is such a particularly painful time for you; one which should have been full of joy too. I hope you might be able to find solace in remembering some happy memories and celebrating the life she had with you. Is there no-one who could join you in such a remembrance? thanks kind thoughts and squeezes from kitty

jynier the same thoughts and squeezes extended to you too. Equally, it must be so hard to want to share an event or story with a loved one who has passed away, knowing how much they would appreciate it or particularly if you feel they are the only ones who would appreciate it. thanks

kittyandthegoldenfontanelles Sun 03-Mar-13 05:53:04

When I was a teenager, my friend, who I had known all my life, died suddenly in tragic circumstances. We weren't on speaking terms at the time of his death which made it so much worse. 8 months after he died I had a birthday and in doing so, became older than him. I found that indescribably difficult to comprehend and deal with. As a consequence I failed my A levels among other things. I have such regret about having allowed a silly misunderstanding fuelled by a so called third friendangry to mean we had fallen out and that we left each other in such bad terms. On the night he died I saw him on the bus on the way home from college and considered talking to him but didn't and actually thought oh I can do it another day fool cowardsad

Not the same as losing a beloved sibling or child I know.

Midwife99 Sun 03-Mar-13 07:45:54

Sorry you are all suffering losses at the moment - I've never really lost anyone to death like that. I guess my problem is mourning the loss of relationships instead because I don't know how to choose stable men.
I too have that cloak of sadness this morning. I slept (only had 4 hours the night before!) but not well. sad

Minimammoth Sun 03-Mar-13 13:42:59

Morning midwife and kitty. So sad to hear those memories. The relationship pattern is a difficult one too. I have spent the morning cleaning a friends kitchen<yuk>, single man, relationships have never worked for him either, thus on his own and now in hospital.
My hives have almost gone, but I am left with a trout pout. Looking v. glam without the cost of beauticiangrin

starsandunicorns Sun 03-Mar-13 14:29:16

Waves to all hands out tea and biccys. Well my dd2 is on train hope to see her at easter.
3:30 am we all went bed The need for speed ps2 game was to much of a pull for dd2 and she had to play it ( have vidioed her shouting at the screen with her waving the controller around to help her get past the tricky corners in the racecourse.

Hoping she wont fall asleep on train as she may end up in Norwich.
Lazy day today back in pjs watching scfy channel. Cooked english breakfast for tea me thinks hugs to those who need them good vibes to all

SummerDad Sun 03-Mar-13 22:39:20

why is it so quiet in here?

Minimammoth Sun 03-Mar-13 22:43:38

It's cos it's not the middle of the night yet. I am normal now if anyone's interested.

SummerDad Sun 03-Mar-13 23:15:04

hi Minimammoth welcome to the thread, it is good to see normal people on the thread wink.

SummerDad Sun 03-Mar-13 23:15:42

I thought about going to bed at ten tonight and then turned on the laptop again grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr grin

SummerDad Sun 03-Mar-13 23:17:29

How are you feeling Minimammoth now re allergy.

jynier Sun 03-Mar-13 23:23:12

Thank you all so much for your words of kindness; hope that you all have a good night's sleep!!!

jynier Sun 03-Mar-13 23:24:31

Have just noticed that my post was No. 999! What happens now?

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