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pregnant and alone

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Kathy420 Sat 26-Jan-13 00:48:29

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

dequoisagitil Fri 25-Jan-13 22:42:19

What help do you need? We can, at the very least, point you in the right direction.

HairyGrotter Fri 25-Jan-13 20:21:59

I was also pregnant and alone, DD is 4 and a half now, and it's wonderful. It is doable, it can be hard sometimes, but so so so rewarding.

flatbellyfella Fri 25-Jan-13 18:57:42

Tell us what we can do to help.

HettySunshine Fri 25-Jan-13 18:50:42

What do you need?

Can you tell us a bit more.

starshaker Fri 25-Jan-13 18:49:55

I was pregnant and alone. The twins are now 2 and i wouldnt change them for anything. I also had a 4 year old at the time. Im not saying it was easy but it was doable and totally worth it

MakeItUpAsYouGoAlong Fri 25-Jan-13 18:49:52

Hello Robin.
I was pregnant and alone, I now have a DD aged 5 months.
It's been a long bumpy terrifying road.
Where abouts are you?
If you'd like to PM ill try and give you some support. smile

Absoluteeightiesgirl Fri 25-Jan-13 18:48:32

Why are you alone?

Robin2010 Fri 25-Jan-13 18:46:12

can anyone help?

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