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DH being controlling or am I over reacting?

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Flumpyflumps Wed 23-Jan-13 21:08:19

DH is going away to his mums for the weekend on Friday.
He is taking DD too and I am clear to stay here and have some time to myself (nice!)
HOWEVER. I just said to him I'd most likely go out with my friend sat as it was her birthday this week, and I'd probably take my 'spends' money out for that.

DH thinks I should wait and not spend it this weekend, and if I over spent he Would Not be bailing me out and not to drink too much as its so expensive.

I had up til this point been under the impression that we had equal rights to the money and that I was in fact an adult that could budget already!!

Gah! So annoyed, AIBU?

Flumpyflumps Thu 24-Jan-13 11:12:10

I guess I wanted a second opinion because I've seen threads on here in which things turn out to be worse than they seem iyswim?
And wanted to ask if this was something that could develop into a more controlling attitude.

I think as I've nipped it in the bud it will be fine and I know that people have much worse situations to be thinking of.

Anniegetyourgun Thu 24-Jan-13 11:20:18

Fair enough. Fortunately these boards are not reserved for doom and gloom scenarios. Minor irritations, queries, theoretical discussions, boasting, all perfectly valid reasons to post. If people don't think it's worth replying to they don't have to.

fuckadoodlepoopoo Thu 24-Jan-13 11:26:35

I agree with worsestershiresauce

Sounds like he was just having a "moment". I had a bit of one last week when my dh wanted to go out on his own to the cinema. I was fine with him going but for some reason didn't want him going during the day as it meant i'd be on my own with my lovely dcs, i suggested he went in the evening instead so it didn't affect me, well only in that i would got the house to myself in the evening! I then realised i was being a twat and told him so.

Also the fuss over "spends" is ridiculous! hmm The twatty things that people slag off on here are pathetic. Call it what you want op.

examiner99 Thu 24-Jan-13 11:29:45

I really like the term 'spends' and will be using it from now on.

pictish Thu 24-Jan-13 11:30:37

I say 'spends' too. Anyone who doesn't like it can write 'spends' on a piece of paper, then roll it up and insert it in their anus. For all I care.

fuckadoodlepoopoo Thu 24-Jan-13 11:36:44

Pictish grin

Im going to be using that at the next opportunity!

pictish Thu 24-Jan-13 12:11:05


Lueji Thu 24-Jan-13 12:15:39

FWIW, he could be a controlling git, who will keep trying it.

Nothing wrong with keeping alert to these attitudes.

But we all have a right to our moments of weakness. smile

Does he normally take DD with him to his mum?

MumOfMissy Thu 24-Jan-13 13:10:16

Note for OP and Numberlock: the treasure chest cocktail is Prince Williams favourite and is served at Mahiki for £135. Although Aldi have created their own version for £25.80. Called the Aldiki! smile

Numberlock Thu 24-Jan-13 13:12:49

So is it just one single cocktail? Or a jug? Or what?

MumOfMissy Thu 24-Jan-13 13:23:40

Apparently it's served in a big wooden treasure chest and you all stick a straw in and share, yah? The Aldiki version contains "an exotic mix of rum, brandy, peach schnapps and fruit juice... topped off with a celebratory bottle of sparkling wine". Presumably you just drink theirs out of a bucket...

Anniegetyourgun Thu 24-Jan-13 13:39:05

Sounds splendid. But what is this "share"?

MumOfMissy Thu 24-Jan-13 13:54:15

I like your style! grin

AboutThyme Thu 24-Jan-13 14:55:44

Popping up from lurking just to say...The awesome Aldiki

ivykaty44 Thu 24-Jan-13 14:59:19

ClippedPhoenix - very good ta, but I don't live with a control freak otherwise mine would be shiit

Numberlock Thu 24-Jan-13 15:19:14

Thanks About, that's real public service information broadcasting!

MumOfMissy Thu 24-Jan-13 18:00:55

Love the way after you've filled a chest full of enough alcohol for 16 people it says "please drink responsibly"! wine

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