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The Brave Babes Battle Bus - Kicking The Wine Witch Into Touch!

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Mouseface Wed 23-Jan-13 17:50:25

Hello, I'm Mouse smile

Welcome to the Bus. We're a group of posters who have been on a journey to here, there and everywhere when it comes to alcohol and the abusing of it.

Some of us drink, some of us don't at all and some of us are trying to get there, really trying to just stop the cycle, break the habit and calm everything down. Some of us are desperate to not be 'that' person anymore.

One Day At A Time or ODAAT.

So what have you got to lose? Weight? Saggy, puffy eyes each morning? False friends? The risk of cancers and other fatal illnesses......... why not join us?

We have a resident MonsterCat, Wolf called Seth and Squid called Barry (best not to ask about Barry! grin)

And, if you want to see where we've been so far, the links below will show you. The first ever thread is the best by far, because the OP is just like you. And me.



SocFish Sun 03-Feb-13 09:27:48

I'm in Australia so if I disappear it's because I'm trying to sleep.... :-) but have read and I think I will reread some of the old bus threads. Huge amounts of support and comfort to know that others are battling the same and so many are doing so well.

MrsMalinky Sun 03-Feb-13 09:41:59

Morning babes,

Welcome socfish and run. I'm quite new here too (day 7) and I'm getting a lot of strength from this lovely bus. I had the tiredness all last week but am feeling better the last day or 2.

guggenheim 33 days- you rock star!!! Well done x

jesus lovely to hear you sounding so happy :-)

em I could feel your frustration even when you'd just picked up the wine - oh how I have felt that and HATED myself the next morning for blowing it. BUT being back to day 1 is always better than giving up :-)

Well ŵe're off to a family party this afternoon and I'm driving so I think I'll manage to dodge the WW successfully for my first whole weekend. I woke up this morning feeling really sunny and proud of myself - much nicer way to spend Sunday morning than feeling like shit :-)

Be brave babes!

babyjane1 Sun 03-Feb-13 10:17:50

Morning all fabulous babes new and old (not actually old obviously) just. Quick message to run welcome to our fabulous group, you are in a wonderful safe place and everyone here can help you succeed. My first thought is how fast you will be able to go without all that "poison" in your body, I'm thinking Olympics!!!!!!! I've been very busy with lots of birthday parties with kids but still not drinking and feeling better equipped to deal with day to day life so today I will NOT drink x x x

determinedma Sun 03-Feb-13 10:39:31

rural so glad to hear from you,I have been worried!
Dh still being a shit?

aliasjoey Sun 03-Feb-13 11:03:50

Morning babes and welcome socfish

Those of you on diets how do you control the cravings etc? At least with the alcohol I only have the maximum in the house so I can't drink any more. But I made a decision to only have one coffee a day, and already am on my second.

I just find it really hard to deny myself chocolate AND coffee AND wine.

runfastrun Sun 03-Feb-13 11:17:40

Peers round door, bleary-eyed

Morning all. Thanks so much for all your support- I feel shocking this morning, as you do after 2 bottles of wine blush.... but am determined today is the day I stop.

I've had a milk thistle tablet and a bacon sarnie this morning to get me on the right track grin

I genuinely find it astounding how this has happened to me, but at least I'm taking some steps to get back on track. The longest I've gone without booze in recent memory is 4 days, so here's trying for a month! guggenheim I hope I can be on 33 days soon too!

babyjane Olympics here I come! ;)

babyjane1 Sun 03-Feb-13 11:38:35

run I know what you mean, I'm astonished It happened to me too, have been drinking at the same level as you and sometimes more so I know how easy happens. The positive thing is you have acknowledged the issue and are ready for a change. I reckon if you have the astonishing will and strength required marathons and triathlons then you can trample that wine witch nae bother, I'm off to another kids party and will check on later, keep posting and to everyone have a great day x x x

Mouseface Sun 03-Feb-13 14:11:47

Afternoon, tis me, Mouse

Run - welcome to the Bus lovely smile The post venus wrote to you was exactly what I felt too when I read your words..... if only I were still 26 and knew then what I know now....

The abuse I put my body through, the shockingly poor life choices, the risks I took and danger I put myself and my gorgeous DD in (I only had her at the time) Run - last night, because you were pissed or not, you took a MASSIVE step that you should be ever so proud of! smile

You've realised, as have so many other posters, that getting shit faced night/day after night/day just isn't worth it. Life is too short to piss it all away. You get one shot at most things, two if you're lucky, three if you are really being looked after by The Big Man or Karma, whatever your believe in.......

The number of times that we've all fucked up and got through it is amazing but that's what has brought us here isn't it? The desire to STOP FUCKING UP!

I'm really glad you posted again today, I can't tell you how much better you will start to feel once you start to stop drinking like you are. I'm in awe of your athletic achievements, your fitness regime is amazing. I so wish I could run, I can't walk most days, never mind run grin

You sound lovely and to think of myself at 26 fucking my life up makes me want to grab you, (and all other younger Babes out there) and just show you how I/we all ended up here when in our 20s, we'd have laughed if someone had shown us our future journeys, what happened in our lives to bring us here if that makes sense?

I'm so glad that we have such a wide age range of posters here, it's not just middle aged gin soaked women who are alcoholics, or abusers of alcohol and other substances.

You see Run, I was a big clubber so drugs (in huge quantities) played a large part in my life. Drink and drugs was all I'd consume most weekends when DD was with her father. I had NO responsibilities so why the hell not get off my face? I loved 'checking out' because it helped me to forget about my abusive DP, who would hit me, and rape me if I refused sex with him, it helped me to block out my feckless father who left when I was 2. Getting off my face helped to blur the sharp edges of the memories I could never shift when sober.

They'd just pop into my head and play over and over again. But honestly, if I had the wisdom I do now, during those years in my life, I doubt I'd have used it wisely if I'm honest, I didn't care then. I didn't care until I started to care about ME.

And it seems as though you've reached that point Run - Hoooorah! xx

Hi Soc - nice to meet you too smile Exhaustion is your body reacting to the lack of stimulants no longer going in. It's a weird one, alcohol..... it's a stimulant and a depressant all in one! Clever huh? The sleep will come. I used sleeping pills for the first few months, monitored very closely by my GP, and found that once I'd stopped completely after a few weeks, things settled down a lot and I felt much better. I get little sleep anyway but the lack of booze really screwed my ability to switch off my brain at 2, 4, 6am etc.

Try a warm bath with something soothing in it. Sanctuary Spa do a lovely 'sleep range' with natural ingredients in that I love to use.... or a couple of lavender oil drops on your pillow if you can take the smell, I know it's not for everyone. Camomile tea? Hot chocolate? PJs and snuggling in bed with a book (nothing too racy!) to wind your mind down should all help settle you before going to bed.

The thing is, the more you worry about not sleeping, the worse you'll get and the less you'll switch off! A vicious cycle!! xx

Rural - hello lovely, nice to see you pop in! There'll be a seat on the Bus for when you're ready. smile xx

MsGee Sun 03-Feb-13 14:19:10

Hi, quick check in. Made it to day 2 grin

Last night was v tough but did the drill - bath, hot chocolate, cheap book, early night. Telling myself i could drink but i'd just have a soft drink first. Tonight's plan is work, bath, book, bed. Hot chocolate is back up plan.

ohcluttergotme Sun 03-Feb-13 14:19:56

Hi all brave babes how's everyone doing? I had an almost dry January apart from a spectacular fall off the bus two weeks ago which resulted in a week off sick from work sad
Last night was invited to friends for the evening. Discussed this with my alcohol counsellor & decided that I wanted I have a few drinks so took a bottle of white wine & a bottle of soda. Stuck to my wine & soda all night. Had a really nice night, didn't turn into a demonic, manic witch which may have happened if I'd drink wine on its own. Felt ready to phone taxi after midnight & had a nice chat with friend who I shared the taxi home with. Then when I came in was able to check on my children, get my jammies on & go to bed.
Was woken at 6:30am by my little boy and though I'm tired I don't feel beyond awful smile
And I'm not cringing about my drunken behaviour...Amazing feeling!! smile
Maybe I am finally changing my behaviour...just maybe?!
Hope all brave babes managing this weekend xx

Mouseface Sun 03-Feb-13 14:23:02

Gugg!! - 33 days? Go YOU! Wow, that has flown past. Well done lovely.

JWN - I'm loving the holiday idea with DD and her DH, how fab smile

Baby - enjoy? the party grin

MrsM - that's a whole week!! Well done you! xx

Nemo is getting easier to understand word wise (was it you that asked me? Sorry if not blush) because we get him to sign or point to a man/woman, letters, numbers, show him some flash cards too that I got when he was first diagnosed with massive S & L issues.

There are still times when he'll talk too fast and I'll be totally baffled but then there are times when he'll sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and my heart melts because he signs it too smile

Today is Roast beef with Christmas pudding for afters! grin We were too stuffed on Christmas day and with Nemo being so poorly, we just didn't feel Christmas was happening so we're going to have it today!

DD has broken her brace angry so that appointment will be interesting because her last orthodontist made us pay £62 for a replacement.... some of you may remember BraceGate! grin

DH is taking her because I may lose it if he says we have to pay again, it's a genuine brake this time though but still...... not what we need.

It's the little things isn't it? Always the little things......

runfastrun Sun 03-Feb-13 14:42:03

That post made me have a little weep Mouse, thank you.

Every problem I've had in the past 3 years of drinking creeping up and up has been caused or made worse by alcohol. Despite mad amounts of exercise, I have put on 2 stone in the past 6 months. Not pretty [hmmm]

It's much easier to say than do, but I've been reading this ( and I feel like it might be the best decision I ever make to just stop drinking entirely, indefinitely. When I fast forward in my head to all the future moments I want to have, with drink, it would involve getting smashed on my wedding day, struggling not to drink during pregnancy, ever increasing clothes sizes, never decreasing my marathon times grin

Will take on the Babes ODAT philosophy and see how I go.

ohcluttergone it sounds like a great evening! I would love to have that feeling the next time I wake up after an evening out smile

Someone mentioned on here a few days ago the 5:2 diet- that's a great way of cutting down drinking days, I've been doing it for 3 weeks and surprisingly really enjoying it!

determinedma Sun 03-Feb-13 15:40:02

mouse dd2 broke her brace a couple of times, but we were never charged for fixing it. Once she was at the yard all day (stables) and when she came home told me about the break and a wire poking out. I couldn't see the wire so she added nonchalantly " oh its OK. Molly's dad cut it off with wire cutters. Its OK, he does the horses' teeth and knows what he's doing" well, that's alright then!
Been bed ridden most of the day with horrendous period pains, really bad this time - groan.
News on the bro front - he is moving back in with mum temporarily until he gets his head together. Not sure about this one........he's not easy to have in the house and mum will be on eggshells the whole time. sigh

aliasjoey Sun 03-Feb-13 16:27:03

ma hope you feel better soon... your story about your daughter's braces made me laugh grin

Mouseface Sun 03-Feb-13 17:20:47

Ma - at least he'll not be alone iyswim? I hope beyond hope that he stops killing himself, I really do xx

Your DD's brace story made me arf too, I've just told DD and laughed too! It's one of the wires but also a part of the plastic. They used to be free but they charge now, feckers!! Sorry you;re in pain lovely, period pains are the pits! Hot water bottle, strongest pain meds you've got and read this - it'll make you smile if nothing else - grin

"FIFTY SHADES OF GREY - (a husbands point of view)

The missus bought a paperback,
Down Shepton Mallet way,
I had a look inside her bag;
T'was "Fifty Shades Of Grey".

Well I just left her to it,
And at ten I went to bed.
An hour later she appeared;
The sight filled me with dread...

In her left she held a rope;
And in her right a whip!
She threw them down upon the floor,
And then began to strip.

Well fifty years or so ago;
I might have had a peek;
But Mabel hasn't weathered well;
She's eighty four next week!!

Watching Mabel bump and grind;
Could not have been much grimmer.
And things then went from bad to worse;
She toppled off her Zimmer!

She struggled back upon her feet;
A couple minutes later;
She put her teeth back in and said
"I am a dominator!"

Now if you knew our Mabel,
You'd see just why I spluttered,
I'd spent two months in traction
For the last complaint I'd uttered.

She stood there nude and naked
Bent forward just a bit
I went to hold her, sensual like
And stood on her left t*t!

Mabel screamed, her teeth shot out;
My god what had I done!?
She moaned and groaned then shouted out:
"Step on the other one!"

Well readers, I can tell no more;
About what occurred that day.
Suffice to say my jet black hair,
Turned fifty shades of grey."

grin grin grin

Clutter - well done you! Sounds like a great night and no hangover on a weekend morning, how good does that feel? smile

Run - I'm glad we have another fellow 5:2er on board the Bus, it's me first official weigh in after a week tomorrow so that should be interesting! Stick with us lovely, you'll get there, one day at a time xx

MsGee - well done to you too! Lots of good posts about self control. Weekends used to be especially hard for me, I hated not being able to get off my face. Having DH around used to almost give me permission to let go if that makes sense?

ohcluttergotme Sun 03-Feb-13 18:12:43

gringringringrin at your post mouse even dh thought it was funny.
It has been such a nice feeling today not being hungover & embarrassed.

Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow x

runfastrun Sun 03-Feb-13 19:04:03

I don't dare do Monday weigh in mouse after the 3 day alchohol/food disasters that have occurred since Thursday... blush

Another benefit of not drinking- guaranteed weight-loss. I calculated my booze/booze induced food binges are coming in at around 10,000 calories per month. That's 3 pounds a month lost if I cut it out grin

ma the brace story made me chuckle and snort a bit of my tea!

aliasjoey Sun 03-Feb-13 19:27:46

right I have my once-a-week wine and my main aim is not to get back into the habit of staying up late - for some reason if I have a drink, I usually start drinking it quite late, finish very late and end up knackered the next day. No idea why, I just have this odd craving for the drink not to be finished - which means delaying the opening of it...

Anyway after 4 weeks, I've cracked bedtime at a reasonable hour. Tonight, first glass drunk 9pm, last glass and bath 10pm, bed 10.30, lights out 11. NO DAWDLING.

I get anxious about stuff, work tomorrow etc, possibly try and put it off? Have this feeling that life is passing me by and I must make the most of it... confused

If I am still on MN at 10pm kick me off the Bus

aliasjoey Sun 03-Feb-13 19:34:48

ought to try and deal with my anxieties NOW? concerned about boss giving me too much work, worried I won't manage it...

trying to find a decent app or podcast for anxiety - the Mental Health Foundation has really good ones for sleep (I'd recommend them, especially the soothing dulcet tones of 'Dr David Peters' !) but I thought the one for anxiety was a bit rubbish.

And tomorrow, list all my jobs, priorities, talk to manager about workload? Sorry for the me, me, me post. Just anxious <ha! ha! oh the irony> about my anxieties, and want to sort it out in my head before I touch a drop.

I want to be aware that my wine is a little treat - NOT an answer to life's stresses.

MrsMalinky Sun 03-Feb-13 19:38:34

Hi Babes

I have had a weird afternoon. Went to a family birthday tea - sandwiches, cake, tea, wine, champagne. I stuck to tea (yay me!) but I really noticed how much other people were drinking - and it wasn't much. 1 maybe 2 glasses top over the whole afternoon. I would have necked best part of a bottle in that time......... Why had I not noticed this before????

determinedma Sun 03-Feb-13 19:51:20

smile at the poem mouse saw a similar version the other day. Think its doing the rounds.just had a hot bath to ease the cramps and will be early in bed.been a long day

Twogoodreasons Sun 03-Feb-13 19:52:26

Hi all. Today has gone well and I think I'm beyond the temptation hour. The roast was cooked (without wine) and eaten (without wine) and now the moment has passed.

I've been sipping sparkling water with fresh lemon and getting my sugar hit from mini eggs! There's a sponge pudding in the fridge with my name on it (my reward) so I'm not expecting any miracles on the bathroom scales any time soon! grin

HueyMorganismyboyfriend Sun 03-Feb-13 19:57:13

Hey babes hope you are all well. Still embracing life without the wine witch. Just have a new issue. Called the Dairy Milk Bitch, I cannot just have a bit to satisfy. I have to have the whole blummin bar! I may have clear eyes and good skin, but my wine keg is slowly becoming a huge bar of DM around my midriff.
Big day tomorrow! I will be starting one of my two new jobs I have got myself since kicking the booze into touch. I thought 2 part time jobs will give me more time to tackle my bucket list than one full time one. So tomorrow I will be teaching for the first time in 2 years! Excited but bricking it!!

I refuse to be anxious. Facing my fears sober is a new one for me, but is just another little chapter on my road to sobriety.

Life has become like a lottery win since putting down the bottle. Nothing mega just life beginning to slot into place and realising that life can be good without a drink. I spent far too long on the old pity pot, blaming everyone else for my drinking. At the end it was me doing the damage to my son and family.

For the new babes hopping on bored. Stick with it! It does get easier. You are in control of you sober destiny. No one else! The feelings of fear and self doubt will leave you and you will start to live again. I promise.

Sorry for the evangelical rant. Stick with it babes! Xxxx

runfastrun Sun 03-Feb-13 20:26:04

joey have you tried meditation? I was skeptical, but it really helped with my anxiety ( I should start again really, it might help with those cravings for my precious red wine...

mrsmalinky That's what I hate about drinking- I gulp it down while everyone else is drinking slowly and it got to the stage where I was having a few glasses before I went to a meal with booze, as I knew I couldn't have enough when I was there.

twogood that sounds like a lovely sober Sunday to me!

huey I am so excited to hear what you've just said- I'm on Day 1 after doing a post blurt here last night and deciding to sort my drinking out. Feeling more positive than I ever have done about quitting.

Not a drop today, bath and an early night for me.

aliasjoey Sun 03-Feb-13 20:27:53

ma I hope you are looking after yourself and get a good nights sleep!

huey said >> I refuse to be anxious. Facing my fears sober is a new one for me

Hmm, refuse to be anxious.


Hmm <scratches head>

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