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He can't love me can he? Gutted at the realization that I have to finish it

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CaffeineBomb13 Wed 23-Jan-13 13:16:17

Yes I've posted about him already but please bare with me because I'm absolutely gutted here. I've never felt so strongly about anyone before and I've tried to push the obvious out of my head and ignore it but I know I have to finish it before he drives me insane and wrecks my career and everything else.

So we've been together just over 6 months. In that time he has blown hot and cold on me, joined a dating site and messaged numerous women asking for meet ups, went to a festival and lied about having spent it with a group of teenage (18/19 year old) girls sharing tents and smoking pot together etc. He lied to my face when I caught him out with the dating sites, finally admitted it but said he didn't know if he was ready for a long term relationship with me - something he'd told me he wanted for the whole 6 months we've been together. He somehow managed to talk me around and convince me that it WAS a long term relationship he wanted - first few weeks after were great and then the hot/cold shit started up again. Any excuse to throw doubt at me and make me paranoid and self concious, don't know if he does it on purpose or what but he manages to make me constantly question whether I'm about to be dumped and it drives me insane.

I know he feels that he's superior to me. He won't let me meet his kids despite being fully involved in my children's lives (yes a mistake on my part, I get it) and for the past couple of days has turned away from me when I go to kiss him or hug him yet he tells me everything is fine.

He tells me he loves me but he can't do can he? you wouldn't treat someone like this if you loved them. Last night my son got him to fix up a bike that he didn't bother using this morning - I can understand him being pissed off about wasting his time but how has he reacted? by snapping at me this morning and ignoring me all day since.

I know for my own sanity I have to finish it but despite everything I do love him and I don't know why. Why have I ended up loving such a headfuck?

Also, any tips on going cold turkey? I'm going to miss him.

LineRunner Thu 24-Jan-13 00:28:41

I think he is your first proper boyfriend, right?

Make sure he's the last one that is a knobber. Please. Dump and move on and think more about yourself.

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