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I knew he wanted to take things slow but is he taking the piss with it now?

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evansheaven Mon 14-Jan-13 15:26:35

We've known each other for almost a year although only 'officially' got together about 6 months ago. Despite that we have grown very fond of each other and spend almost all of our time together. So much so, that he's practically living with me staying at my house every night of the week other than Saturday and Sunday and even then we text each other all weekend. He's brilliant with my kids and they think the world of him. I've met his parents, his sister and his niece, all of whom are lovely and great to get on with. The one stumble block we have is that he won't introduce me to his children. We're talking about living together full time in about 6 months but how could this ever happen unless I meet his kids? They're both over the age of 15 so it's not like they're tiny/fragile. We went out for a meal with his mum last weekend and even she mentioned it saying "surely the next step now is for you to introduce the kids?" and he sighed and said "yeah I know, I'm working on it but it takes time".

I was willing to be patient but is he just taking the piss with this now or is it me being impatient?? I only introduced him to my kids as I assumed he'd be doing the same thing.

badinage Mon 14-Jan-13 19:40:42

Wondering if you're a name changer OP. I think I recognise some of this. Have posted about him before?

Oh no, this isn't the persistent thread starter whose BF is still moping over his wife is it?

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