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Fed up with chivalrous DH!

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sexlifedisaster Fri 11-Jan-13 14:26:51

I feel mean, but I'n fed up with DH.

He works from home, so is usually here, except for one morning a week.

This week he came home, and told me he'd offered to put up an aerial for someone (this is NOT his job at all). He insinuated it was for a man, who was single, and unable to do it himself.

Having sneaked a look at the address, I realised it was actually a woman. I don't know how he came to be in a position to offer, as he works alone in an office; this woman may even work there.

He's bought the aerial, but she is supposed to pay him back. He's chargung £10 for his tine, which was supposed tto be 2 hours.

He went yesterday morning, not returning till 5pm. Then said the aerial didn't work, so he went back this morning (still not home).

I'm not well, and the cough has affected my asthma, so walking around could land me in hospitak (as has happened numerous times), which I don't want to risk with my toddler.

Yet we are out of milk, sugar & bread, which wouldn't have been a problem if the job had taken less time. I'm also very depressed, as well as feeling ill.

When I tried to talk to dh, he got angry, saying I didn't like having him going out to work... err... it's cost him money & £10 fot two days, is hardly worth it (if he gets the money back for the first aerial, otherwise we'll have lost money).

I also don't trust him. He took his son to start army training on Sunday & told me the only parent he talked to was a single mum... why he asked I don't know. He also got lost at the barracks, ending up in the female quarters, watching the female recruits changing.

We never have sex, I brought it up the other night, but he had a 'headache'.

There are loads of other things: Using adultwork, filming naked women on the beach with his first family, helping out a female 'friend" against my wishes (ex fwb - he admitted that she was inventing things to see him).

Sorry for mistakes, havibg to use phone as
he's blocked MN on our router after seeing my last thread.

TalkativeJim Fri 11-Jan-13 17:10:32

You live with a sex offender.

You have children.

This is going to blow up in your face sooner rather than later.

Given that your life is clearly completely shit with this abuser, WHY ON EARTH don't you leave??!!

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