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Hope on a Rope - J and J needs some support please.

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lazarusb Wed 02-Jan-13 18:38:32

Hello everyone. J and J has PMed me and asked me to start this thread for her. She is going to try and check in soon. Unfortunately her dh is ill again, I don't know details but she appreciates all messages and support we can give her again. She is so grateful for all the support she received last year and is sorry she didn't make it back onto the thread before it filled up.

So, hope to see all your friendly faces back on here again soon!

dondon33 Sun 03-Feb-13 15:40:32

Pmsl lazarus - That's shocking! you bad bad wife, increase your neediness will you smile

Nah I'm not worrying, quietly confident that all is good but I'll be visiting the GP next week.

Oo la la the 'fun' can begin a little later in the month grin but we regularly practise just to ensure that when the time comes to send in the swimmers that we, are in fact, doing it right wink smile

lazarusb Sun 03-Feb-13 18:12:45

Practice makes perfect wink grin

lazarusb Thu 07-Feb-13 20:23:34

Bumping as the thread fell off my 'I'm on'!
I hope you are all well, and J and J and family too. smile

Homebird8 Fri 08-Feb-13 23:26:42

Well it's been a while ladies. Sorry for my silence although I have been lurking.

Work has been busy with a lot of secrecy around the unveiling in-house of a major reorganisation - important that nobody worries for their job. This time it is what it says on the can, we just need to sort out who is working with whom and in which team as our customers are getting confused about the structure.

The great excitement for me is that I and my boss get to spin off and form a completely new, and really forward looking for New Zealand which lives in the 1980s consultancy business fully supported by the original large company. At last I get to do what I'm really good at!

Nothing quite as exciting and the spin off you're planning Dondon smile that's one major re-org wink Glad all your results are coming back. Hope your trip to the GP is a big fat green light and DP is soon thoroughly exhausted.

dondon33 Sat 09-Feb-13 06:38:01

Hi homebird Your new working conditions sound great for you, good luck with it all. I always think that it's half the battle if you actually enjoy your work - so bonus smile

I got the green light - Note to self for future stay away from Dr Google smile Everything perfect....35! pah to you 35! my body is a temple ha ha I wish
So today we will buy some ovulation prediction strips (dp would like to try Dr Shettles method to conceive a boy but is not really bothered), watch carefully and erm...get down to business winkblush grin

Homebird8 Sat 09-Feb-13 09:46:57

I had DS2 at 35. Doddle once the being sick bit was over, great pregnancy, home birth, easy baby. Terribly difficult pre-schooler but I can't have everything! Sure your temple will soon be home to another resident Dondon. Look out DP! grin

Goodness, I have been wrapped up in work haven't I? Just read back my last post blush Forgive me folks. There is a human being in here somewhere. Just need to find her. Gin anyone? (not you Dondon, temple and all that wink)

dondon33 Sat 09-Feb-13 16:52:34

Don't worry Homebird we forgive you thanks Once all your worky stuff is sorted and settled it will give you more time to spend with us smile

your temple will soon be home to another resident Dondon
I hope so, I'm bloody impatient at the best of times smile

Gin! bleurghh! Me no likey anyway so I don't feel I'm missing out ;)
I enjoy the very odd glass of cold rose - for medicinal purposes, I'm not a fan of red so my theory is- it's half way red in colour so MUST be healthy for my heartgrin

Hope everyone's well and hope you all have a good weekend xx

lazarusb Sat 09-Feb-13 18:09:57

Hi Homebird & dondon. Nice to hear your lives are moving in the right direction smile

I like a full-bodied red but dh is keen on white zinfandel so my French blood has to put up with a bit of rose (more often than not!). However, I've just spent 8 hours wrestling with EU law - trying desperately to find it exciting -so I am heading towards a large vodka & tonic tonight grin

Hope everyone has a nice weekend - I am working through this one as we are off to the Legoland hotel for ds's birthday next week so that will be study free!

dondon33 Sat 09-Feb-13 20:45:37

Hey Lazarus Ooh red kills my head! even just 2 glasses. White is ok, I'll drink it with a meal or if dp fancies sharing a bottle but prefer rose much more.

EU law confused takes me all of my time to understand what the hell they're talking about with this budget malarky smile rather you than me.
Ah get through this weekend and you will have a super time next with not a thought about work. It sounds fab, I'm sure your Ds will love it.

lazarusb Sun 10-Feb-13 11:32:17

I'm looking at Tort today smile smile and maybe a bit of Equity and trusts later this evening - both areas I find interesting and get a bit excited about (I need to get out more!). I just find EU law a bit dry...oh well, next year I'll be studying modules I've chosen so hope that will be more enjoyable!

dondon33 Sun 10-Feb-13 17:03:59

Oo-Er laz Tort law! civil wrongs?, criminal wrongs?, deciphering them? confused oh heck definitely rather you than me.
I dipped my toe in Law when I was younger and can remember the hell difficulty trying to remember all the different areas.
It sounds better choosing your own modules, at least you're interested in them, so in theory, should be easier and more enjoyable to learn.
Happy reading and learning x

lazarusb Sun 10-Feb-13 18:28:40

Thank you dondon. We focus on civil wrongs, I find it interesting as a lot of the case law is very contradictory and there have been some very controversial cases - particularly Hillsborough. Reading about that brought this hard-hearted would be lawyer to tears...I remember it so clearly sad There's a lot of good lawyers specialising in this area still trying to help those families get justice...fingers crossed.

But definitely looking forward to next year, especially my dissertation.

dondon33 Sun 10-Feb-13 19:25:58

Very contradictory and controversial indeed - I found myself using the same two words over and over, both to myself and to my unfortunate lecturer but and why smile

Homebird8 Mon 11-Feb-13 08:37:29

You two bringing up Hillsborough takes me straight back to being at uni in L'pool when the disaster happened. Everyone knew someone. The spirit in the city was tangible with people just coming together just to be. The media's role in the aftermath still makes me so angry angry angry sad and the injustices that followed are even more shocking. Thank heavens for those good lawyers. Gotta believe in hope, even if it is hope on a rope.

Homebird8 Mon 11-Feb-13 08:51:11

On a lighter note. I'm blaming all you lovely ladies for my latest attempts with sewing. I found some really pretty material in my collection to make into a top to go with my new skinny jeans. It appears that carefully storing hoarding fabric means that after two decades the colours are back in fashion and my frugal ways are once more vindicated. Just what I've been telling DH ever since I've known him.

I made some very fetching culottes out of this material in 1989 but who's counting although it don't think they were in fashion even then! I had eclectic clothing tastes in those days. I'm working on classic these days with occasional Daisy Duke moments though without her legs with a drop of Kylie Minogue thrown in for good measure.

I'm praying the top will go on when it's made. It's got a cowl neckline and no fastenings. The material doesn't stretch as much as the pattern suggests so we'll just have to see. The charity shop may find an extra donation if it turns out too small. grin

dondon33 Mon 11-Feb-13 11:48:11

Homebird I wish I had your creativity and patience - I'm crap with needlework, I can repair, sew a button etc... I've even made some blankets and curtains over the years for DC's but nobody see's them but clothes! I wouldn't even attempt. I'd love to, don't get me wrong but I'm quite dangerous with a sewing machine, my finger still bears the scar from an accident at School sad
Your top sounds lovely btw, I hope it turns out how you want.

lazarusb Mon 11-Feb-13 12:37:50

I admire anyone who can be creative like that. My Mum is great at it, dd seems to be following in her footsteps. I limit my attempts to sewing on buttons...and they don't stay on long!

dondon33 Wed 13-Feb-13 15:47:28

My Mum is the same as me at it Lazarus I think that's where I get it or not as the case may me from.

I hope everyone is well, hope all's well at your end J

I'm going to share a dream I had a few nights ago - laugh if you must smile

So I dreamt I was pregnant, went to all appointments probs. Got to the point of labour and went to hospital where they found I was having TRIPLETS shock!!!
So huge panic ensues, Oh my god! how will we cope, there's only 2 of us and 3 of them....
Jump forward and I'm at home feeding one of them, DP has another and my CAT is sat on the sofa, in a human sitting position feeding another hmm smile - I particularly remember having an argument with him (the cat) about NOT drinking the milk (yes, he could speak).
WTF??? smile
Dream interpreters would have a field day I'm sure.

lazarusb Wed 13-Feb-13 21:24:10

Ok....well yes, that is a little odd. I don't really do the whole dreams have meanings things (got a bit obsessed back in the 90s!). But maybe grin....your dream was telling you that at times you might feel a little overwhelmed to have a little person around again, but whatever happens you will find a way to cope and it will go well.

No idea what the talking cat means though! grin

dondon33 Thu 14-Feb-13 10:45:20

The lord only knows what it means because I certainly don't not sure I'd want to Dp's mum is a believer in dream meanings sometimes - see what she makes of this smile
Your explanation sounds acceptable Lazarus
It's more likely to do with the fact I'm quite paranoid about twins - there in both families and many years ago myself, my mum and my Grand mother were told by 3 different psychic's that I would have them - I've thus far managed to evade = 3 single births, but I've a feeling my luck can't last forever smile

I've had a word with Mr Stork and made perfectly clear if he must deliver a double package then please can I have a minimum of one blue kind (for dp) as I won't be receiving any more gifts after smile I hope he was listening.

lazarusb Thu 14-Feb-13 22:11:13

I've always said that if I had a twin pregnancy I'd treat it as a 'buy one get one free'...there's always e-bay too now wink

lazarusb Mon 18-Feb-13 20:57:12

Hope everyone is well. The sun was out and it was warm(ish) and sunny here today. Spring at last maybe? Ds had a great time at legoland, I highly recommend the hotel smile

dondon33 Mon 18-Feb-13 21:19:24

I'm good thanks Lazarus hope you are too.
This waiting (to do preg test/AF) malarky is driving me crazy already. I am currently refusing to symptom spot and I'm actively avoiding any threads regarding doing so over on the 'conception' boards - there's just too many similarities between early preg and pre- period symptoms - so no! nada! neigh! not me! do I sound convincing? smile

Glad your ds enjoyed his weekend smile

Sunshine! I've forgotten what it looks and feels like sad
Dp called to his df earlier and couldn't get an answer for ages.... when he did eventually get through his Dad said ' oh sorry I didn't hear because I was sitting in the garden enjoying a little sun' !! WTH? He's in the North East of England AND it's February shock

Hope everyone else is OK xx

lazarusb Tue 19-Feb-13 21:38:55

I remember that cycle of ovulation/dtd/waiting to test well. Then being surprised when it was positive -despite my life revolving around that possibility every month! I agree, symptom spotting is not good - although I tend to get cystitis almost as soon as I'm pregnant hmm then the sickness kicks in! Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed for you at this exciting time smile

By the way, sunny but cold here today..I think the daffodils got a bit of a shock!

dondon33 Wed 20-Feb-13 12:43:01

smile It's just simply cold here.

I can't really remember the very early signs was soooo long ago and I wasn't looking for them. I do remember that my morning sickness didn't kick in until after I'd tested positive - then it was almost immediately after (psychological or what?) Also remember that my sense of smell and taste was affected very early too. Other than that I can relate most symptoms to pre-menstrual, so for now I'm still not so patiently waiting.

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