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Hope on a Rope - J and J needs some support please.

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lazarusb Wed 02-Jan-13 18:38:32

Hello everyone. J and J has PMed me and asked me to start this thread for her. She is going to try and check in soon. Unfortunately her dh is ill again, I don't know details but she appreciates all messages and support we can give her again. She is so grateful for all the support she received last year and is sorry she didn't make it back onto the thread before it filled up.

So, hope to see all your friendly faces back on here again soon!

Homebird8 Tue 08-Jan-13 09:53:03

Just popping in to say I'm thinking of you all in the J&J household. Sending a hand to hold if you need it.

lazarusb Tue 08-Jan-13 14:34:04

Nice to see all of you here again. Wish it was in more positive circumstances though.

By the way dondon - I found a bodywarmer which has heat pads in it! A company called's not overly attractive but could sort out your nipple problem a treat! They might deliver to Poland!

Homebird8 Wed 09-Jan-13 09:30:32

J&J, here again just before I head off to bed to say I hope you have a good day. Caring thoughts heading across the planet to you tonight. thanks

foolonthehill Wed 09-Jan-13 09:57:29

thanks flowers for all.

lazarusb Thu 10-Jan-13 16:37:33

Hope everyone is well - thank you for the flowers fool. Apparently snow is heading to SE England this weekend, not my favourite thing at all! I am a total wimp in the snow - I've never liked it but since my back has been bad I live in fear of slipping over!

Stay warm everyone <eyes Homebird enviously> grin

lazarusb Sat 12-Jan-13 11:19:49

Wishing all of you a peaceful and pleasant weekend. Hope things are settling down and improving J and J x

Homebird8 Sat 12-Jan-13 19:42:24

Well, changeover day went ok. Inlaws taken to the airport and less than a day later DF and his fiancée picked up. I'd never met her before so it's going to be fun getting to know her. At some pint we'll mix up a few glasses of Hope on a Rope with the usual toast to you and yours J&J wine

Skyebluesapphire Sat 12-Jan-13 22:44:01

J and J - hope all is well, am thinking of you and hope that things get better soon

Homebird8 Mon 14-Jan-13 18:22:11

Sending you a squeeze of the hand J&J. Hope things are looking up with DH.

dondon33 Mon 14-Jan-13 23:06:23

Hi all, not popped in for a lil while, had a pretty overwhelming last 10 days here culminating in a bit of a drama tonight

- Dp had a seizure out of the blue, he's had a few throughout his life but not needed to be medicated for many we get to hospital only for them to release him a few hours later and send him home as he seems fine and scan showed nothing unusual - we arrive, he's in no longer than 10 mins and promptly fits again sad So this time a Doctor is sent to our home (rapid response kinda thing) and sticks a bloody huge dose of benzo-diazepine in him through a super fast drip held up by my ironing board :@ (I actually shit you not) it was done before I'd time to gather my thoughts, translate in my brain what I wanted to say to him..... I wondered why they asked if I drank alcohol, took sleeping pills etc.... crafty sods needed to know that I was capable of looking after him after the meds ..... So that's pretty much me at the moment- on vomit watch all night - he's already done it like 8 times, I can't allow him on his back so he's lying just feet away from me in what looks like some kind of OTT pillow factory, I've got him forced into the recovery position. He's got no control over movements really so I have to take his full weight to put him upright, he's going to do me a bloody injury as he's much bigger than me. Scary stuff! I honestly don't believe they've left me to deal with this, I'm assured he won't fit any more (ah ok, he may or may not, depending if I fall asleep which of course I won't but so not the point, choke himself in the night though)
Deep breath dondon deep breath!

Thanks for flowers fool much appreciated ta!

Still sending positive vibes JandJ hope all's well.

Thanks Laz for the heads up about the nipple body warmer but Maplins don't deliver to Europe sad covers STILL frozen nips in yet more cotton wool

Enjoy your new visitors homebird

Homebird8 Tue 15-Jan-13 01:08:11

Heavens Dondon, how frightening for you! Have you got anyone who can come in and help? There's only so long you can go without sleep. Has your DP got an appointment to see a Dr again? Surely they can't walk away and leave you to just cope! shock Keep breathing, I'm thinking of you.

Walkacrossthesand Tue 15-Jan-13 01:15:32

Any chance of a link to previous thread(s), or a brief recap, to help us newbies to try to get on the page re J&J and hope on a rope? Dondon, that sounds horrific! Why on earth wasn't your DP taken to hospital for observation? It's really not fair to expect you to watch him all night.,,

dondon33 Tue 15-Jan-13 02:45:15

There you go walk if my link works
I'm not at all sure why he wasn't admitted, can only surmise it's to do with the fact he'd been checked out not one hour before, declared fit and shipped out.
When I made the second emergency call, possibly the rapid response Doc could be here quicker so came and acted erm.... very rapidly :s
I give up asking why they do some things different downright dangerous imo things here, I was forever saying " Sheesh NHS would never do that" I started to annoy myself smile. I was just told not dangerous and must rest brain to reset (may not have been exact words but that's what I translated it as) smile

Home Thanks. Nope just moi. I think the worst of it's over now, medication has worn off to a level where he has some physical control back, at least enough to allow me more than 30 secs to go pee without the fear he'll roll on his back, get stuck and choke while I'm gone.
He's made me laugh with some of the things he's been saying/shouting out deliriously though smile smile
He's got to start tablet form clonazepam to top him up soon so I think I'll give him a few more hours then see if I can sleep for a while next to him - he'll remain sleepy for a few days although not as comatose as the initial IV dose but it stays in the system around 24-50 hours. Dr will visit tomorrow to check and I've had access to call if needed overnight.
Today has really tested my language skills and also my pain threshold hmm I've had to speak/order/instruct DP in his native tongue as in his drug induced stupor he ONLY recognised his native language...all going well until I had to physically remove vomit from his mouth and he BIT ME angry smile I couldn't remember the word for bite to tell him not to do it smile

<makes way to kitchen for yet another strong coffee --and cig-->

Homebird8 Tue 15-Jan-13 05:23:51

Dondon, I am massively impressed by your presence of mind and that you're keeping your sense of humour! Tell DP when he's compos mentis again that he's got a woman and a half and you deserve the best knitted nipple warmers money can buy. grin

Hope you get some sleep soon. And that DP and J&J's DH stop giving you both such shocks!

lazarusb Tue 15-Jan-13 09:49:29

Dondon - You are amazing! I am in awe of your patience and love. I'm not a great patient and definitely not the best nurse. As well as all that frightening stuff going on, you're doing it in a second language and with a sense of humour! Keeping my fingers crossed that your dh improves soon and things settle down a bit...try to get a bit of rest if you can though - is there anyone who can watch him during the day while you sleep?

If I can get hold of one of those bodywarmers, I'll happily post it to you. Cold nipples are a definite no-no! Thanks for posting the link for Walk too, I would have started the thread with that but didn't know how confused.

Waves to Homebird, Fool and Skye. The strong women on this thread are an inspiration smile

foolonthehill Tue 15-Jan-13 10:58:07

Waves back.

Says brief thanks to higher powers for NHS.

Well done dondon hope you are having a little nap just now.

JandJ much love and good wishes to you.

dondon33 Tue 15-Jan-13 14:44:45

Home He knows this already and just in case he ever slightly forgets - I've no shame to remind him ;) Slightly choked myself on coffee at the "best nipple warmers" comment smile

Laz I'm the worlds worst patient but have to admit I make a canny nurse (it helps I'm much trained in FA and not squeamish too) , I've got all the patience in the world for anyone and their dog, just nada for myself hmm
Thanks so much for the offer, it's really very kind of you and much appreciated but because I'm an awkward sized weirdo gal I'll leave it. It's bloody annoying when you want to order online unless you're familiar with the company.
My boobs, waist, hips and back don't match many standard size 12 (what my waist tells me I am but my boobs defo don't agree) and I usually never find a 'perfect fit' but thanks again.
There's no one to sit with him, just us here at the minute. I'm usually fine if I have something to keep me occupied whilst staying awake, adrenalin and MN got me through last night.

I did manage a nap fool thanks. I got a few semi-settled, wake at the slightest movement, hours. I'll sleep well tonight I'm sure.
Dp is OK, a little after my last post last night he sat bolt upright and declared he'd just love some hotdogs and cold chocolate (technically hot choc made with just cold milk) hmm So what the patient wanted the patient got grin Down the hatch it went and he returned to his slumber. He seems fine today, still very drowsy but ok, GP was happy for no more IV drugs just oral ones for a few days more so at least I won't have a night like last.

Thinking of you JandJ xx

dondon33 Tue 15-Jan-13 14:54:58

Usually my links don't work but I'm finding this the best way ;
Copy and paste the full address from the page you want to link to the reply box here. Then add [[ ]] to the start and end of said address.

lazarusb Tue 15-Jan-13 16:46:41

Hi Dondon, I know what you mean re:sizing. I recently lost some weight and my waist is now a size 10 but hips still a 12..I really want some smart trousers that don't need to be scrunched up at the waistband. Can I find any? No!

Glad to hear your dh is a little better. Still thinking of you both though x

dondon33 Tue 15-Jan-13 19:23:39

And there was me not wanting to mention my bottom half......angry smile I'm exactly the bloody same - waist, hips and my sodding peachy curvy bum just don't match neither then to top it orf I've got a 34" leg too ....>feeling your pain with the scrunching confused<
I find Next and Matalan the best for trousers.

Thanks I'm just getting ready to jump to bed, Dp wants to watch Gladiator AGAIN!! but it's the patients right smile keep ya mouth shut dondon smile I'll probs be asleep anyway in like 10 mins.
Night all x

Midwife99 Tue 15-Jan-13 22:06:14

Marking my spot & hope J & J are both ok!!

AutumnDreams Tue 15-Jan-13 23:39:48

Bloody hell Dondon, what a credit to womanhood you are. That must have all been pretty scary, despite you managing to keep your sense of humour. Total respect to you. I hope you`ve been able to catch up with some sleep, and that your patient is now on the mend.x.

Leaving some hugs, and much love for J, and for all the rest of the great Hope on a Rope Women.x.

Walkacrossthesand Tue 15-Jan-13 23:55:49

Thanks for the link - the thread had started when I discovered MN and its size deterred me from trying to catch up then, silly me - it's taken me a couple of hours on & off to read the 1000 posts, but what a lovely gang of mates you are. Add me to the list of well-wishers for Mr & Mrs J&J, and I hope J&J herself will feel up to posting herself soon.

Homebird8 Wed 16-Jan-13 01:12:08

If we're hurling deserved respect around, then Walk, getting through the previous thread is an uncommon dedication to task smile You've got me wondering now what on earth I wrote in the old one. Anyway, glad you've joined us for a brew or a wine. J&J could probably do with all the support she can get.

I hope she's reading, even if she can't find a moment to post. J&J we're here for you.

Walkacrossthesand Wed 16-Jan-13 02:11:52

wine and brew commonly on the go simultaneously chez walk so no difficulty there! It were an epic thread, weren't it, valiantly held on the first page of the topic with Izzyizin's uplifting thoughts for the day and cocktail recipes with Dean Martin soundtrack, sadwidow's adventures with LN and narrowboats, all woven in amongst Mr J&J's struggle and your wonderful collective support. MN at its best, say I.

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