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Home alone for nye - anyone else?

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theendishere Mon 31-Dec-12 17:53:45

That's just it - thought I'd be fine with it but feeling quite sad. Not feeling that well either which doesn't help..

Ex is away with ds and friends either away or doing "family" things. My first Nye on my own. Think I'll treat it as any other day. Anyone else in the same position?

HollaAtMeSanta Mon 31-Dec-12 20:26:50

I'm home alone, through choice! I have a curry and a bottle of bucks fizz and there is nowhere I'd rather be smile

goodenuffmum Mon 31-Dec-12 20:27:15

Me too x

Was feeling a bit sorry for myself till I read that I am not the only one!

2012 may have ended on a low point, but I am determined to end 2013 on a positive note grin

OverlyYappyAlways Mon 31-Dec-12 20:32:08

Home alone-ish, Dc one unwell one annoying unwell DC, me drinking with the dog and a cat, I detested NewYear when with X so boring, not allowed to get all fuzzy in the head or anything.... I love being alone-ish! I also have a random crush....he is making my head feel all fluffy, or that be may the wine

Happy New Year... I shall not be seeing 12am!

SleepySquirrel Mon 31-Dec-12 20:34:01

Hello - my sister suggested I login here when I phoned in tears - first NYE as separated and, like you, tried hard to be ok with it but now struggling. Is EVERYONE in a couple, or is it part of that hideous syndrome, that I last experienced years ago after a miscarriage when every woman I saw seemed to be pregnant? Either way, it is horribly hard, and I send you a hug and raise my lukewarm glass to you and 2013 - lucky for some?

ImperialBlether Mon 31-Dec-12 20:41:28

Sorry, it's not on tv at the moment - going to watch it on my laptop.

SleepySquirrel Mon 31-Dec-12 20:43:57

BillM - I completely relate - trying hard to be happy alone, huge gaping gap where someone to snuggle should be! Chin up and teeth gritted - onwards and upwards!

phoebechicken Mon 31-Dec-12 20:47:01

Yep - ex H has taken the DDs away for a few days. This is my third NYE home alone in a row, I think. It's daft because I hate NYE anyway and haven't actually done anything to celebrate it for about 10 years, regardless of whether I'm with people or not, but this year I've felt quite lonely and wish I was snuggled up on the sofa with my children. Still, I've got some pink fizz and a plate of party food (leftover in freezer from Christmas Eve) and I think I feel a million times better knowing that it's not just me! Happy new year to you all.

SleepySquirrel Mon 31-Dec-12 20:47:02

Tiredofwaitingforitalltochange - Good for you!! 2013 has to be better!!

educatingarti Mon 31-Dec-12 20:48:41

"me too....As they are all out i was just thinking of sweeping and mopping the kitchen floors then thought "you sad old bag!!"

Ha - that's me then - the sad old bag. I don't care! I've not actually got around to the kitchen floor yet, but I've been batch cooking and cleaning the kitchen and clearing out rubbish. I've got a load of washing in the machine too!

Squirrel- sorry you are finding it hard. No not everyone is in a "couple". It's fine not to be! I'm not adverse to being in a couple if the right man comes along but I'd rather be single than with the wrong one!!

cheekybaubles Mon 31-Dec-12 20:50:42

Hey ladies, some of us are married but still lonely. In fact being single is less lonely so count them blessings. Happy new year to all you strong independant people x

Shinyshoes1 Mon 31-Dec-12 20:51:46

I'm currently in bed with a cuppa and CDWM .

This is my perfect nye

Phwooooar Mon 31-Dec-12 20:52:12

Another one here! First NYE on my own and I'm supposed to be in a relationship - "DP" has gone to a pub - I could have gone but would have to walk 3 miles home. He preferred that to staying in with me..hmm. Methinks 2013 will be the year for a new DP ..

TheHappyCamper Mon 31-Dec-12 20:52:13

I'm on my own as DH works new year in a pub so won't be home til 2.30am ish. DD asleep, had bubble bath, nibbles and bucks fizz. About to watch film I recorded, whilst eating chocolate in bed!

Nowhere else I'd rather be grin

DeckSwabber Mon 31-Dec-12 20:52:32

Hear hear, educatingarti. Better alone and with possibilities than in a couple wondering if this is 'it', or worse, how to escape.

SleepySquirrel Mon 31-Dec-12 20:55:47

educatingarti - Thank you - I was a couple for so long still finding it hard - feels a bit like an amputation!! And trying to remember that he often didn't make me that happy. Funny how one views the past through rose tinted spectacles.

foolonthehill Mon 31-Dec-12 20:59:37

DCs and me...thank Goodness...first New Year without abusive Ex ---->grin

am considering loud music and a conga in celebration.

and a wee small prayer that he will vanish in a puff of smoke and I'll never have to deal with him again (or I would settle with the solicitor of the year tying him up in so much red tape he looks like a Christmas present...for next year, for someone else...except i wouldn't wish him on anyone!)

wine/brew to you all, wherever you may be

DeckSwabber Mon 31-Dec-12 21:07:02

Well done, foolonthehill. (good name!).

3mum Mon 31-Dec-12 21:49:09

First NYE post separating from my DH of 30 years too. Just me and the children who all want to stay up until midnight to watch the fireworks on the TV. I always thought going out for NY was hugely overrated and overpriced so am happy to be home with a glass of Baileys and the Christmas tree lights on. Think we will all light candles and make a New Year's wish at midnight.

Happy New Year everyone wine

Piemother Mon 31-Dec-12 21:53:58

Foolonthehill - me too!

However I still feel a bit isolated. I dunno why because none of my close friends are doing anything spectacular.its the pressure I suppose.
I seem to go around I. Circles emotionally because of holiday season. I was ticking over and then I got back in touch with a close male friend because he has just left an ltr and for a while I was lots happier then it got to ny and because he's a bloke and they don't get saddled with the kids he went out. So I feel a bit crap again. For one night it's silly I don't know why it gets to me hmm

cheekybaubles Mon 31-Dec-12 21:56:51

You too 3mum x

tiredofwaitingforitalltochange Mon 31-Dec-12 22:04:47

3mum, Sleepy, Bill, look on the bright side. At least you (and I) don't have the agony of separating in 2013 because we did that in 2012!! 2013 is going to be the year for getting used to, and starting to enjoy, single life again.

Good luck to cheeky, fool and Phwooar for finding a bit more happiness in 2013 too x

I've just put a bottle of Chablis in the fridge and am going to enjoy it never mind that nsdh is probably slagging me off to all and sundry at that party right this minute! smile

20092012 Mon 31-Dec-12 22:08:01

I may as well be here on my own

Redflagcatcher Mon 31-Dec-12 22:18:16

Happy new year everyone! Lovely to hear posts from those out of unworthy relationships. Just a few days out of a 18month waste of time relationship as the red flags of emotional abuse were flying!! I'm in tonight with my ds's who are now asleep. I have a glass of wine, mumsnet and tv. What a great way to spend NYE!! happy to be alone and calm :-) Work tomorrow or I'd be smashed by now!!

theendishere Mon 31-Dec-12 22:30:03

Wow - didn't expect so many responses when I started this thread!!
Have had a couple of glasses of wine and a nice dinner - feeling quite tearful now though. Thinking of my future life alone, missing the nice things about stbex aand wondering if I should jut have put up with things

Googol Mon 31-Dec-12 22:36:06

My young DSs are asleep, SBXH downstairs txting his married mistress not realising I know he wants to kick me and his sons out and move her and her kids into the family home.

Its the calm before the storm, my calmness helped by the purring cat on my knee while I watch tv in my bedroom.

2013 will be a rollercoaster but I'm determined to make the best of it.

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