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Stunned and heartbroken by husbands behaviour

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roddersb Sun 30-Dec-12 01:22:09

Up until 13 October 2012 I was, I thought, happily married to the father of my twins. We had been together 12 years and married for 6 and there had been no breakdown in our relationship or warning that there was a problem.

On the 13th October he did not come home from work after I had found evidence of concealed earnings and considerable debt and he ended our relationship without explanation or warning and has since moved in with another woman and her child.

He has refused to discuss any issues other than seeing his children and has refused to see me in person since he left and I have no understanding of what has happened and no closure and he is extremely cold and heartless when up until he left he was loving and doting.

I have had to go through the csa to secure maintenance and have been told that the child with whom he is living reduces the amount of money he then has to pay to our children. I work fulltime and have three children in total and have been left to cope with a mortgage, a horse, a dog and the three children with a considerably reduced amount of money due to csa calculations.

Friends and family cannot believe what has happened as he always told them (unbeknownst to be) how happy he was with me and in his family.......please can someone shed some light on what the hell happened....I am left with not only huge rejection but massive unanswered questions.

MatureUniStudent Mon 31-Dec-12 18:11:02

omgosh. I had comforted myself for the last four years that he wouldnt be able to attach anymore debt to the mortgage. I will get letter writing. Time I took decisive action anyway - am building up to a divorce.

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