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The good things about being single ( and living alone)

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runforestrun Fri 28-Dec-12 14:38:24

Just newly happened to me

Please any help , make me feel better about whats just happened.

Keep feeling bit wobbly and don't want to weaken


Molepom Sun 10-Feb-13 15:59:42

No more crap jokes that I'm obliged to laugh at.

No more paying off HIS debts.

I can eat what I want when I want, feed the kids what I want and have a takeaway when I want - FROM where I want.

No more having a smelly dump in the loo just as I settle in for a long hot soak and then leaving the door wide open...despite there being a loo downstairs he could have used.


NO more finding "lost" car keys in the morning.

No more stinky cigarette smells in the house or moods when he was trying to quit (again).

HIS computer room is now DS's bedroom, OUR bedroom is now MY sanctuary.

No more waiting for years for jobs to get done. I just do it.

HIS tool shed is now THE KIDS shed soon to be my workshop/extension

There is more room in general, everywhere. I was amazed at the "space" he took up.

I can go to bed in the day without it meaning something else to him.

The bins, the DIY, the lack of sex, the responsibilty etc are still no match against the pro's of the single life, even with kids.

comingintomyown Sun 10-Feb-13 23:47:13

Agree with that last sentence wholeheartedly Molepom

PostBellumBugsy Mon 11-Feb-13 10:27:44

runforestrun - it can be tough sometimes, but it also has up sides too.

I've been on my own with the DCs for 10 years & these are the things I like:

I'm the boss - so the rules are my rules & I don't have anyone undermining me or arbitarily changing them

I have the entire double bed to myself - I sleep like a log, there is no one snoring, no one duvet hogging, no one fidgeting or twitching next to me. Just complete peace & space.

No negotiating to be done with regard to furniture, appliances, holidays or how the money is spent.

After the DCs have gone to bed, I have complete control of the remote!

I'm not expecting anyone else to help me, not hoping that they might lift a finger, not asking - I just do it myself, or it doesn't get done.

I'm not trying to mood change someone else. I'm not trying to shield the DCs from sarcasm, bad temper & shouting. Our house is calm & relaxing & not stressy.

twolittlemonkeys Mon 11-Feb-13 10:46:28

I'm not single, but I do miss it at times. I love my DH & kids but I reeeaaaallly love it when I get the house to myself. I wander round Ikea and daydream about where I would move to (we live where we do because of DH's job), how I would decorate the place if I were single, eating when and what I liked rather than having to take someone else into consideration, going out without having to run it by DH, being me - an individual, rather than DH's wife. I do feel that I have lost a bit of my identity and I miss being independent. In fact, I'm quite envious of you OP grin

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