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Where to travel to on my own with DCs (7&8) to heal...

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Couragedoesntroar Thu 27-Dec-12 09:18:37

after separation (in late 2011)? I still feel battered, but slowly healing. Last week I found out the stbxh's 'new' partner is the same woman he accidentally sent me a (flirty, at best) text meant for her in 2008. So I'm realising how long I've probably been on my own and just didn't know it.

I've just got an exciting new job and I want to go away with DCs for a few weeks before I start (probably March). I would like to have space to heal and be away from all this for a bit as well as give the kids a new experience of the world. I don't really mind if it's a package trip or something more adventurous, it just needs to be nourishing. I will be on a budget (not sure what yet, depends on divorce outcome) but have wondered bout US, India, Aus, Europe...

I've posted in travel too, but somehow it is as much about the recovery as the travel so I'd really like suggestions with that in mind from you wise men & women on here. I imagine some of you have been here before me...

Snazzyfeelingfestive Thu 27-Dec-12 09:24:32

Is there somewhere you have always wanted to go? Would you envision driving around on this trip?

kilmuir Thu 27-Dec-12 09:31:20

Rough idea of budget?

Couragedoesntroar Thu 27-Dec-12 09:33:17

Hi snazzy. I like the thought of travelling around in some way & driving would work for me. I need to feel the size of the world after the sense of ending and everything shrinking around me that I have had lately. If I let my imagination run free I'd like to visit somewhere with amazing scenery, like NZ, although flights and internal travel pretty pricey there I imagine.

Bluestocking Thu 27-Dec-12 09:33:45

How long do you want to be away for?
What's your budget?
Do you want to travel around or settle in one place for the duration?
Do you mind longhaul?
Do you mind getting lots of injections?
Do you want urban, rural, seaside?
Do you want heat and sunshine?

Rosa Thu 27-Dec-12 09:33:52

Chill out relax or bit of explore as well . Presume family time so not a resorty family club place. Duration?

Couragedoesntroar Thu 27-Dec-12 09:37:17

I have v small budget at mo £800! But I think I should have some capital/equity in house come March. I don't want to stretch us too far, but I envisage spending several thousand depending on for how long we go. For a plan that feels important and worth it I will beg, borrow & steal...

Couragedoesntroar Thu 27-Dec-12 09:41:27

Yes Rosa combination of chill out and explore. I'm not really a beach person anyway. Duration could be anything from 2-6 weeks I reckon.

blue I like the idea of longhaul. I want an escape for a bit. I don't mind some jabs but not keen on malaria meds for DCs (is that reasonable?). Re urban/rural, potentially both would be good. I have a bit of a fantasy about New York or San Francisco. Not bothered about sun/heat per se, but I want to be able to relax so probably not too much shivering would be good!

PeriPathetic Thu 27-Dec-12 09:47:31

How about an American road trip?

Clayhanger Thu 27-Dec-12 09:55:58

South Africa or Namibia? Beautiful places, fabulous skies and you would feel the 'bigness' of the world. Also no issues re jet lag. Hope you have a great break wherever you go x

Couragedoesntroar Thu 27-Dec-12 09:58:56

Potentially peri, any thoughts on narrowing down potential road trip routes?

clay I have two South African friends (living in UK) who, quite frankly, have scared me with tales of SA violence! So I don't think I'd dare. Namibia sounds intriguing tho...

soimpressed Thu 27-Dec-12 10:06:25

have you looked at family adventure holidays? I went on one with my dc and we enjoyed having the company of other adults and children Also everything is organised so you don't have any stress. Even if you don't go you may get ideas for good destinations.

silversnow Thu 27-Dec-12 10:09:06

How exciting for you and your DCs!

I think big cities like New York are fab with kids, but it will be really cold there before March... How about a road trip between San Fran and LA? Lots to see and good coastal interstate in between, you could end with a couple of days at Universal/Disney if your DCs would like that kind of thing.

I've also taken my kids to Las Vegas and it is so mad, we all loved it! Don't be put off by the seediness you see on TV, it's easily avoided and your kids are too distracted by hotels with lions, dolphins and roller coasters.... You can also drive to the south end of the Grand Canyon from there, and Hoover Dam.... Death Valley etc.

The weather in NZ at that time of year would be fab - their high summer. I've never been, but know people who have hired a campervan and toured both islands in 3 weeks.

Good luck with your planning!

Couragedoesntroar Thu 27-Dec-12 10:09:46

Sounds interesting so, can you suggest a company for me to look at?

Couragedoesntroar Thu 27-Dec-12 10:16:22

Thanks silver, I loved Las Vegas too but it's where we got married so probably not the best for healing! grin.

San Fran to LA would be a potential. I'm guessing that driving and renting a car/van in US is cheaper than NZ. Anyone know if that's true? The majesty and freedom of NZ appeals...

It is all exciting! So much has been about just barely surviving for me lately that to pick a place to explore with my lovely DCs is just mind blowing! And back to a new job. I could almost believe that there is a future for me after all...

juneau Thu 27-Dec-12 10:18:44

Given your criteria and DC's ages, I'd suggest a road trip around California. The US is incredibly easy to travel around, people are friendly and helpful, you could mix the warmth and beaches of SoCal with National Parks like Yosemite (which would probably still have snow in March), Lake Tahoe, cities like San Diego, San Fran and LA, and lovely beach-side towns like San Luis Obispo. You would also feel the enormity of the state and the country if you drive into the interior - there are long, straight roads out into the desert, wide open vistas, etc.

However, you will need money - £800 won't even get the three of you there, let alone hire a car and drive around. Luckily, staying in motels isn't that expensive in the US, nor is petrol (which is cheap as chips compared to here), and your DC will love it. You'll need a few thousand pounds (depends how many weeks you do as to how many - but you could see a lot in two or three).

Couragedoesntroar Thu 27-Dec-12 10:30:49

Ooh, just googled California & Highway 1 looks pretty great. Looks like you can book fly/drive to LA departing San Francisco which would work.

jun Yosemite looks good, majestic and wild. I am beginning to think 2/3 weeks will be a good spell to take - not too long, but a proper break. I will borrow money to do this, I need to do it.

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 27-Dec-12 10:41:38

What about closer to home either Europe or just exploring the UK.
They are likely to do Romans, Victorians and Tudors in primary history so amazing places in UK to visit covering those topics.
Equally travelling round France could be amazing. I would cross Portsmouth to St Malo down the West Coast across the South and back up East Coast returning on Eurotunnel having caught Paris on the way up.

Couragedoesntroar Thu 27-Dec-12 10:50:40

Thanks lonecat. I need to get out of UK, definitely. If I hadn't got this particular job I would have been looking for posts overseas. Probably Aus.

Europe is a possibility. It has crossed my mind to take DC inter-railing. In the past I have loved Venice, Prague and wouldn't mind exploring Eastern Europe further.

TinyDiamond Thu 27-Dec-12 11:16:10

I'd like to suggest Thailand or Malaysia. Both such beautiful places and just so cheap when you get there. You can do a mix of staying in posh urban hotels and beach huts, visiting islands, snorkelling, watching baby turtles hatch, eating great food for less than £ much stuff. I hope you have a wonderful time wherever you decide!

raskolnikov Thu 27-Dec-12 11:27:34

Hi courage. Interrailing is wonderful. I did it with my DCs two years ago, eurostar to Paris, then sleeper to Munich, Budapest (stayed 3 nights cheap and beautiful), Bucharest and then onto Thessaloniki (Greece) and Athens. Boat to Aegina and apartment with pool there (cheap) for 10 days - it was bliss! My kids are teens but the trains were fascinating and the scenery wonderful. My only hesitation would be time of year - it'll be cold all over northern/central Europe in March, summer hols are ideal. has lots of info.

This year I wanted to do the Pacific coast highway but left it too late to organise so possibly this summer. Fly in to LA and drive to San Francisco via Yosemite etc - loads to see and do and lots of info online to help you. HTH

zxcv123 Thu 27-Dec-12 11:31:33

I've taken my two on my own on loads of overseas holidays and I would recommend Egypt. You're guaranteed lots of sunshine and you get fantastic value for money.

We've done a cheap beach holiday next to the Red Sea, snorkelling & seeing amazing fish. As well as a history-oriented tour with a family adventure company, where we climbed inside the Pyramids, slept under the stars on a felucca sailing boat on the Nile, rode camels across the desert and lived in the lap of luxury in 5* hotels (for the price of 3* back home.) We had amazing guides all the way who were great with the children and we all learnt lots of history!

AnneElliott Thu 27-Dec-12 11:33:57

NZ would be good at this time of year. We went in Jan and weather was great but not too hot. A company called travel mood booked all flights and car hire. We also did a kiwi pass for accommodation as we wanted to travel around as we fancied it but wanted to ensure accommodation was paid for. We also did stop overs in Hawaii and Hong Kong either side. NZ is great for kids and there is somuch activity stuff to do. It wasn't expensive when we gor there.

DorisIsWaiting Thu 27-Dec-12 12:07:44

Dsis has taken her dh and 2x ds's to NZ over christmas they rented a campervan and have travelled round.

I think getting back to nature in big scenery may help your head (also some sun which has been sadly lacking here. Ahe's flying back next week after visiting our cousin in Oz I have been very envy

Couragedoesntroar Thu 27-Dec-12 12:15:03

Thanks for suggestions. ras you're right about the weather for inter railing at that time of year. Perhaps it'll wait for a summer holiday some year.

tiny I like the sound of Thailand. It'd be a very different culture for kids to learn about. zxc which company did you go to Egypt with? My kids'd love the pyramids.

anne thanks for tip on kiwi pass, something like that'd would be good for one less thing to think about when out and about. And the stopovers are very appealing, I hadn't thought of that.

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