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Crotch grabbing, jelly nailing, double-quick portions and man parts floating in a pear thread 33 survived Christmas so bring on NYE!

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OhLittleTownofWesternWind Wed 26-Dec-12 00:14:51

Here we are!

JulietteMontague Sun 30-Dec-12 15:44:38

I met a very hot man from Belgium once. He turned out to just be after cyber sex but I did get to see him naked before he got overexcited and I shut the lid on him

As you were.

JulietteMontague Sun 30-Dec-12 15:46:09

Velvet that is not very friendly. If you want to keep her as a friend, resolve not to discuss dating with her ever again hmm

mercury7 Sun 30-Dec-12 15:48:34

sure but why not just say he recently had a difficult break up and there is an ongoing dispute over the child?
why spread out your dirty laundry for close inspection like thatconfused
it's so undignified

mercury7 Sun 30-Dec-12 15:52:51

Velvet I'd say that your 'friend' is just scoring points off you..if she was my 'friend' I'd take careful note of her weaknesses and insecurities and score some back.

(only jokinggrin )

lulubellaboozle Sun 30-Dec-12 15:55:50

er velvet are you sure that's a friend?!

lulubellaboozle Sun 30-Dec-12 15:56:56

juliette grin

MsArsebiscuit Sun 30-Dec-12 16:09:43

Velvet, good grief, some women just make that kind of nasty, undermining comment, I hope you did the famous MN ' did you mean that to sound so rude ? '
Juliette, all the Belgium comment made me do was imagine chocolate, and chips with mayonnaise, not a hot Belgian. At the moment I'm not sure which I'd get more enjoyment from.

VelvetSpoon Sun 30-Dec-12 16:17:08

I did say I felt a bit offended by what she said. To which she replied she wasn't being mean, but I'm the one who wants a 'boyfriend', and a less good looking man wouldn't be so fussy. And if I'd done this from the start I wouldn't have been single for over 4 years.

Still feel a bit insulted tbh. All the men I've dated messaged me first, so clearly they didn't find me so much below their level!

velvet is your 'friend' single?

ike1 Sun 30-Dec-12 16:24:51

Eeeeehhhh??? Bloody Hell Velvet what is your friend on?????I just think that is an outrageous comment!!

ike1 Sun 30-Dec-12 16:26:21

To the point where I would really have had words with her silly cow.

mercury7 Sun 30-Dec-12 16:29:06

she wasn't being mean??
what's she like when she IS being mean shock

VelvetSpoon Sun 30-Dec-12 16:30:16

No she's not single. She has only ever been single for about 2 weeks in her life. The idea of anyone being as single for as long as I have is utterly bizarre to her.

ike1 Sun 30-Dec-12 16:33:59

Tell her she needs to live in the real world, get a personality and start being pleasant to people. If she wants to keep friends that is! (Personally I probably would have told her to Fuck off and never speak to her again - catch me on a bad day and that really would be the response to such ridiculously shit advice)

There you go, she's settled for anyone that will have her and expects you to do the same, because your ability to be 'picky' casts a question over her unhappy relationships.

ike1 Sun 30-Dec-12 16:35:47

...and that of course would be the more intelligent response, Snape. Lol.

JulietteMontague Sun 30-Dec-12 16:37:28

Velvet so her DP is a real catch then hmm

MsA you can have hot chocolate, hot chips and hot man at the same time <wanders off to check flights to Belgium>

mercury7 Sun 30-Dec-12 16:46:10

I agree with Snape

If someone has spend virtually no time out of a relationship is that because they are so desirable that they get 'snapped up' immediately?

Or is it because they are needy & unable to tolerate being single?

I'd say the latter

MsArsebiscuit Sun 30-Dec-12 17:32:37

Velvet - tell her to fuck right off.

MsArsebiscuit Sun 30-Dec-12 17:37:08

I think, Juliette, that the chips, chocolate and hot man combination would result in such a surfeit of pleasure that I might never recover.

( Thinking about taking myself off to Bruges for my birthday now )

BunnyKelly Sun 30-Dec-12 17:48:42

Signing-in to this brilliant thread.

Joined pof and identified a surprising amount of girls I'd consider contacting (along with a huge amount of damaged and frankly scary ones).

About a dozen in the local area that jump out, and another 20 or so that I'd chat-up if I saw in the pub (but prob not online as their profile makes it clear we've nowt in common).

Here we go!

BantaBaby Sun 30-Dec-12 17:49:58

Right. I'm off to my date with CabinCrew. Feeling a little nervous actually, which hasn't happened in a while..

FlorentinePogen Sun 30-Dec-12 17:55:57

Banta, just remember The Big Yin's advice re. flying.

MsArsebiscuit Sun 30-Dec-12 18:04:53

Oooh, good luck Banta and hello Bunny.

( I've reeled in another Celt on GS. Hmmmmm, if I ever find a scientist Celt, I will be OVERWHELMED with desire )

FlorentinePogen Sun 30-Dec-12 18:13:45

Ms. Arse, I like the cut of your jib.

What is it exactly that attracts you to us Celtic adonii ?

(Not sure if that is grammatically correct, BTW .) smile

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