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well, wasn't expecting that for christmas... marriage over, apparenty

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sothisischristmas Tue 25-Dec-12 01:54:41

not sure what to say........

MirandaWest Tue 25-Dec-12 01:56:26

What's happened?

lubeybooby Tue 25-Dec-12 01:56:45

what happened? are you ok? ,holds hand>

RafaellaNhaKyria Tue 25-Dec-12 01:57:10

Oh no, I'm sorry sad

Snazzyfeelingfestive Tue 25-Dec-12 01:59:45

Sorry this has happened now of all times. Has he left?

BabylonElf Tue 25-Dec-12 01:59:57


LoopsInHoops Tue 25-Dec-12 02:01:34

Hope you're OK smile

jessjessjess Tue 25-Dec-12 02:03:04

So sorry - hope you are as ok as can be

duchesse Tue 25-Dec-12 02:03:38

Gawd, you poor thing. What happened?

sothisischristmas Tue 25-Dec-12 02:04:10

no he hasn't left... I'm sat here posting on FB and MN trying to act normal, knowing I need to get through tomorrow with the children and then work out what next.

Nothing major has happened, think he's either found someone else or I'm just not right for him, don't know, too soon to tell, will pretend all ok tomorrow for DCs and then will see what's what. Not my best Christmas, for sure :-( Thanks for asking all, will update when I can

ThePoppyAndTheIvy Tue 25-Dec-12 02:04:54

Oh dear sad. Have you found something out or has something happened?

Is there any chance this could be a bit-too-much-sherry argument that will seem trivial in the morning?

Virtual hand holding.

Sunnywithachanceofjinglebells Tue 25-Dec-12 02:06:28

I'm so sorry OP, big hugs xxx

susanann Tue 25-Dec-12 02:06:28

his timing is brilliant! For gods sake why not wait a few days to say anything to you? so sorry

ThePoppyAndTheIvy Tue 25-Dec-12 02:06:32

So, has he just blurted out that he feels your marriage is over?

Oh dear sad.

sothisischristmas Tue 25-Dec-12 02:07:10

he basically just told me that was it. Appreciate the virtual hand holding. Just need to sleep now and get through tomorrow. thank you all... hold your families close tomorrow and be thankful for what you have got xx

ThePoppyAndTheIvy Tue 25-Dec-12 02:09:11

I hope you do manage to get some sleep & have a reasonable day tomorrow with your DCs.

What a crappy thing to come out with on Christmas Eve!

Feel free to update when you can, I am sure the support of MN will be here for you smile.

sothisischristmas Tue 25-Dec-12 02:11:44

thanks poppy and all. Will be a memorable Christmas, that's for sure

kissmyheathenass Tue 25-Dec-12 02:13:44

How horrible for you. Im so sorry. Hug your dcs and get through the day as best as you can.

Southsearocks Tue 25-Dec-12 02:15:28

Good grief. Thinking of you So, and your children. Keep writing, it will help x

izzyizin Tue 25-Dec-12 02:16:27

don't worry, honey. whatever 2013 brings, this board will get you through it.

sothisischristmas Tue 25-Dec-12 02:19:37

thanks everyone, going to go to bed now. Probably won't sleep... but still have the Christmas routine to go through tomorrow so will try to rest and hopefully drop off for a while.

As much as I appreciate your concern and support, forget my woes now, focus on your families' special day xx I know you'll be there for me in a day or two when I have to face up to the reality post-Christmas x

WhatARubbishChristmas Tue 25-Dec-12 05:41:06

Same here. It really sucks.

Praying4Beatrice Tue 25-Dec-12 05:54:34

Best of luck. It may be that you can get through this as a couple (if you both want to) -- people sometimes say stupid things they don't mean.

Or you will have a new life that you will make a success of.

Not trying to downplay what you're going through, just offer a bit of hope.

BabylonElf Thu 27-Dec-12 22:49:44

Hope you're ok op x

HisstletoeAndWhine Thu 27-Dec-12 23:01:19

Another one hoping you are OK, and offering another hand to hold.

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