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My mother and Christmas

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pinkelephant73 Thu 20-Dec-12 11:47:52

Just a rant. I am dreading opening Xmas presents at my DMum’s this year as my mother is a disaster area with Christmas presents for the kids. I know its hard for GPs to know what kids want so I have tried to idiot proof it by using Amazon wishlists but in previous years she has bought much more for one child than the other, accidentally bought and wrapped up two copies of the same book for DS1, given him someone else’s present to unwrap by accident, bought stuff from elsewhere and not told me so kids get duplicates from other people… the list goes on. This year she has got Amazon to deliver a book for DS2 to my house, but we are going to hers on Xmas Day –so I have to wrap the present and take it with so he can open it with the rest of us. (One previous year she did the same with DHs present and I took it to her house for her to wrap and give to him on the day, but she had run out of wrapping paper).

She also always buys better presents for my DSis than me. DH actually picked up on this without me mentioning it so not me being paranoid.

I have an ok relationship with my DMum but she is so disorganised it drives me mad.

Convict224 Thu 20-Dec-12 11:49:58

But her heart is in the right place, yeah?

neontetra Thu 20-Dec-12 11:53:20

At least she's trying, I suppose. Look at it as good for you dcs in terms of practising manners (polite smile, how lovely etc) and perhaps eBay the duplicates later, and give the kids the money to spend on what they want.

CreepyLittleBat Thu 20-Dec-12 11:55:05

Difficult. Could you maybe make a joke of it with the kids, kind of 'funny old Grandma, what is she like!'
And then buy yourself a present - a large bottle of gin.

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