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Sex Texts

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wishIwasonaBeach Thu 13-Dec-12 15:02:51

Found disgusting sex texts on phone of boyfriend (of 2.5 years).

Girl is an ex he was seeing - not an ex gf.

Date back to two weeks ago.

Says nothing more is going on (I do believe him as in that time we have moved out of our house and in with my mum so we have been with each nearly every evening and weekend).

Started crying. Told me it was nothing but a bit of excitement and claims he now realises we do have issues with our sex life (I've been telling him we do for months).

I do want to move on. Says he realises what he stands to lose -he's been on best behaviour. Clingy

But I can't help but just feel sick to my stomach...

Will it pass or is that the end?

I don't want it to be but I feel like that's what I should be doing hmm

Slippersox Fri 14-Dec-12 17:25:12

Jane and Cogito are right about context and history of relationship as a whole.My first serious boyfriend cheated on me many moons ago after a 3 year relationship.We got back together but it only lasted another 6 months.My heart simply wasn't in it.Basically he blew it.And I had so much of my life ahead and I had changed as a person since we first got together.
Well I've changed again as a result of my DHs actions.Older, wiser, more cynical sadly.But for many other reasons to many to detail have decided to stay.Its not that I fear being alone, actually I feel strangely independent even though still married, and maybe that's not a bad thing.I live more for the day.Have focused on my friends and hobbies far more.My DH I think can sense a shift in me, a strength and resolve and whilst I don't want him forever apologising and wearing a hair shirt he knows he's lucky to have a second chance with me.Previous to this I would have expected to be very black and white and throw him out.Confusingly life's just not that simple.

badinage Fri 14-Dec-12 20:30:33

Context is everything. As Cogit said, if it's a 20-30 year relationship and it's the first time someone's let you down so there's lots of good history in the bank, you might be able to forgive a lapse of judgement, presuming that you had a good relationship beforehand.

But when you're in your twenties, have only been with someone a couple of years, the sex isn't great and he's already looking elsewhere? I just can't see the point of continuing. I'd assume he wasn't ready to commit to monogamy and that it would happen again.

nkf Sat 15-Dec-12 17:12:25

I didn't realise you were so young. I wouldn't give him the time of day. Oh, to be be 25 again.

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