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Why can't he orgasm?

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AppleDay Wed 12-Dec-12 12:18:10

I wonder if anyone can help. I've been with my new boyfriend for about 6 months now... After a very long and painful break-up with my ex, it's wonderful to be falling in love again :-) My new chap is very kind and lovely, but he was also a virgin (aged 38) when we met. My question is: is there any reason, do you think, why he doesn't orgasm when we have sex? Of course I understand he was very nervous when we first had sex, and things are improving, and I'm trying to be non-judgemental and relaxed (for both our sakes) but it makes me sort of feel like a failure! He seems to enjoy it, but he never reaches that level. Is there anything I can do to make it better for him? Or am I just being silly?
Thanks so much :-)

MamaMary Tue 18-Dec-12 15:38:37

Thanks for updating Apple. You're right - talking about it made him more uptight, he just needed to relax.

Here's to happy baby making in the future smile

MyLittleAprilSunshine Tue 18-Dec-12 01:55:53

Oh and just read above so glad he managed to orgasm.

If he continues to, then your problem may be sorted.

If it's on and off, then perhaps it's an ejaculate issue and the above I have posted still applies.


MyLittleAprilSunshine Tue 18-Dec-12 01:53:39

If he can't orgasm when he masturbates himself or it takes an abnormally long time/ is very irregular he could have an ejaculatin problem/disorder.

Just be open with him and when it is appropriate, allow him to express whether he can or not. If you raise talking to the doctor about it at any time be supportive, not patronising. It could be something he honestly can't help and it could be minimalising his sex drive, which would also explain why he hasn't been really needy of sex in the past.

Sometimes it can be treated, sometimes it can't but at least you would both know then.

I hope things improve.

Pretty disgusted some people are saying that he's a hopeless cause that's pretty horrible.

My partner was 21 when he lost his virginity and that was to me, a lot later than most of his friends but not mega late. He wasn't really fussed beforehand about having sex. Now he has a high to medium sex drive and has no problems with it whatsoever.

alicetrefusis Mon 17-Dec-12 20:17:54

Is he on anti-depressants? They can make it completely impossible to orgasm.

Justesayin Mon 17-Dec-12 12:58:09

Now he can get to work on giving me some mind-blowing pleasure! haha. not.

Why not OP? confused

AppleDay Mon 17-Dec-12 12:36:50

HELLO ALL - stop press - we have lift-off!

Thanks for all your wonderful advice and opinions... we went away for the weekend (he took me to Oxford) and guess what, for the first time he had an orgasm while we were having sex. And the rest of the weekend was lovely too...

Is this TMI? Sorry. Anyway it was lovely (I felt really quite emotional, until I started thinking about posting on the messageboard!) and I'm starting to feel better about things. And hopefully, now that he's been able to come during sex, he'll feel less anxious about it. The whole thing was becoming an albatross around his neck (I could see that) but talking about only seemed to make things worse. You know how men can be.

Now he can get to work on giving me some mind-blowing pleasure! haha. not.

Also, to Choccie Hobnobs, huge congratulations on your forthcoming baby - what a lovely ending. Your message gives me hope.

E xx

ElizabethX Fri 14-Dec-12 18:23:20

If he's been masturbating instead of having sex, he will find it much harder to orgasm through intercourse.

I've also heard the exact opposite - if they wank all the time, it conditions them to come as fast as possible, which is what you want when it's only yourself you're pleasing.

nickymanchester Fri 14-Dec-12 14:59:00

We went through a similar issue several years ago, however the cause was rather different. He certainly wasn't a virgin before meeting me.

We were trying for our first child and had been for about a year. It was causing both of us a lot of stress. Or it was probably me causing him a lot of stress anyway.

Just from my experience, talking about it at first didn't really help - just seemed to make things worse as he got more stressed out about it. I think the OP mentioned that happened to her as well. Even if you do raise the issue in a very supportive way it is very easy for them to just see it as you having a go at them and their performance.

However, we did get to a point where we could discuss some things - after quite a few wine.

Sorry if this is way TMI, but I've been there and know how it feels. I don't know how to say this so I'll just come out with it and hope it doesn't get me barred from MN.

When I got very excited there was quite a lot less ''traction'' or perhaps I should say ''stimulation'' for him.

So we worked on some practical things like different positions, getting him to go slower at first, kegel exercises - actually for both of us for different reasons.

This has turned into enough of a sex column so I won't go further but there are some other things you can do as well to increase his sensitivity and so making it more likely that he'll ''produce the goods''.

I have no idea if this is relevant to your situation, but if worked for us.

CinnabarRed Fri 14-Dec-12 13:27:36

2"if he can't produce the goods" - do you mean that he doesn't orgasm through masterbation either?

AppleDay Fri 14-Dec-12 11:02:23

Um, I think I've made it clear about wanting a baby at some point soon-ish but no, we haven't discussed making one together - yet. Anyway, if he can't produce the goods, the baby is an impossibility.

Feeling incredibly depressed about all this today! Blame the rain? Or general hopelessness?

Thinking back to my 20s, worrying about contraception and all that, seems laughable... Why did I bother.

Thanks for everyone's help and advice. I'm just wondering how to casually mention 'death-grip masturbation' on our Friday evening trip to Pizza Express <snork>

E xx

ChoccieHobnobs Thu 13-Dec-12 23:24:12

<Name change in case MIL is reading>

OP I was in a similar situation. I met my husband when he was in his 30s. He too is a shy intellectual type and he'd never had a relationship before meeting me. It was several months before he reached orgasm during sex. He still enjoyed it before this, it just took time and patience. We now have a fairly normal sex life and he is a very considerate lover (and I'm now expecting). He's also a wonderful husband. Years and years of loneliness doesn't mean 'issues', it means he never takes our relationship for granted. Give him time, he'll get there in the end.

ArmyOfPenguins Thu 13-Dec-12 19:31:43

... I guess my dreams of having a baby are in the rubble at the moment.

Does he know you want a baby?

TeaBrick Thu 13-Dec-12 18:25:08

Ok Bogeyface I stand corrected. I just find it hard to understand how or why someone would wait that long! It probably says more about me than it does about them though (I do think it's very very weird to be a virgin past about 20 though, I can't feeling like that).
The 40 year old virgin is a good film though, and he wasn't weird at all, in fact he was very nice, and turned out to be a good shag in the end, so there is some hope for the op smile.

MamaMary Thu 13-Dec-12 13:05:35

OP, at first my DH couldn't orgasm in me, or it took him a very long time to (delayed ejaculation). He stopped masturbating and that helped. Like your BF, he'd been single for a while. It just took time. Several months. Now there are no problems. You're doing the right thing: don't make an issue of it; just help him to relax.

Meringue33 Thu 13-Dec-12 12:57:53

Hi OP you both sound like lovely people and no reason not to be optimistic about this! Sounds like a good question for Dan Savage, I suggest you browse some of his columns to see if anyone has asked a similar one before. He's also talked about "death grip" masturbation being a problem for guys who then find it hard to come during sex. You will find so much good advice there! Good luck! X

AppleDay Thu 13-Dec-12 12:40:57

Thanks so much - I'm really relieved that some of the rest of you are shocked by the 'he must have issues/repression' comments. (Although I appreciate that people are trying to help.)

He's a wonderful man, but I think never felt confident/ballsy enough to ask women out - but it seems really ODD that we would simply say he's a weirdo, and should henceforth be banned from all society/chance at love/happiness...

Really?! Just because he hasn't had sex until the age of 38? I actually went out with another virgin in his 30s (what is it with me???!) and after a shaky start we had a really fab sex life. Much much more than 'adequate'... Surely if men/women can learn about sex at the age of 16 or 18 or 21, they can learn about it at the age of 38 too?

Anyway chaps - I tried talking to him about this last night and it went, uh, not-so-well... I guess my dreams of having a baby are in the rubble at the moment.


Bogeyface Thu 13-Dec-12 09:22:20

He didnt have a fear of sex! He just didnt know anything about it really, and as a naturally shy man he found women who he met in bars etc to be a bit too full on for him. Why should someone who waited have a fear of sex? You dont have to do it at 16 you know!

TeaBrick Thu 13-Dec-12 08:36:27

But Bogeyface, your friend did have issues! He had been sexually repressed at an early age an developed a fear of sex, or that's what it sounds like. Glad he's ok now.

bumhead Thu 13-Dec-12 07:36:37

Agree with Bogeyface, I know a couple of men who hadn't lost their virginity till later on in life.
It isn't illegal to not be some shag-everything teen you know!
In both cases, the men were very 'bookish' and from repressed backgrounds and hadn't met women they felt were right.
One now has two DCs and the other has one on the way.
Amazing how if this was a woman the responses would be totally different.
I mean if a woman posted on here that she hadn't had sex until late 30s, would she really be written off as 'sex with her will only ever be barely adequate a best'??
Jeez, give the guy a chance!!
Op ask him what he likes, it doesn't have to be a pressure loaded question, but chances are he probably has built up the whole thing in his mind so take your time smile

Bogeyface Thu 13-Dec-12 02:20:19

Bit shocked at the "he must have issues" comments.

We found out, purely by chance, that a friend of ours had lost his virginity at 33. He was pissed and it slipped out (fnaar!), we were really shocked because although he hadnt had many GFs we kind of assumed he must have lost it much younger, which is a sad reflection on us really. The next time we saw him he was very embarrassed and told us why. We really didnt want to know, but he wanted to talk about it! It turned out that he was very sexually repressed as a young man thanks to his uber religious mother, he was removed from sex ed at school, that kind of thing. Then in his 20's the women he met were either so overtly sexual (by his standards) that they scared him or were as timid and shy as him so it never went anywhere.

He finally met a lovely woman when 32 who had been married before, and they dated for almost a year before sleeping together.

She is wonderful, kind, understanding and utterly adores him. No idea what their sex life is like (Mt friend managed to forestall him on that one, TMI!) but they are blissful, getting married and planning their children smile

Sometimes life just happens that way, and suggesting that he may have issues could be doing him a great disservice.

Pendeen Thu 13-Dec-12 01:22:00

I had a b/f who didn't orgasm in me. Never.

He was a very thoughtful lover and always made me orgasm when he was inside me, but never managed to ejaculate so, (TMI probably) but I had to masturbate him after he withdrew.

He was quite happy with me stroking him and eventually he would always come on my legs or my tummy.

Everyone IS different and that was just his 'way.'

Maybe you could offer / try with your b/f.

SweetSeraphim Wed 12-Dec-12 20:22:36

If he's been masturbating instead of having sex, he will find it much harder to orgasm through intercourse. That's what I've read on here anyway!

tiredofwaitingforitalltochange Wed 12-Dec-12 19:56:57

Agree with J0hn. I wouldn't be optimistic about sex with this man. All credit to you for taking him on. Sorry if that sounds mean.

Apart from anything else, if he's remained a virgin for so long he hasn't got much of a sex drive. If he's got to know women and had normal social relationships with them it's hard to understand why he never wanted to take it further.

I feel a bit sorry for you both and hope that you can find a solution to this problem. You sound like your sex drive and experience are more 'normal', OP and I do wonder if this man has what it takes to satisfy you sexually. If everything else in the relationship is great you might have to accept 'under par' sex and some people can do this, some can't.

TeaBrick Wed 12-Dec-12 13:03:59

I had an ex who was 25 and a virgin, and also had difficulty achieving orgasm. I now strongly suspect this was probably because he preferred men.

DearJ0hn Wed 12-Dec-12 12:58:12

I don't think your sex life will be anything more than barely adequate with this man. However, some folk don't prioritise sex highly so as long as you are aware that he will probably always have issues here then that's fine - you could concentrate on other areas of your relationship.

I don't think he is a lost cause as a person, of course. But sexually... it's probably never going to be 'there'

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