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Have I been fooling myself for the last six years?

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messybedhead Sun 09-Dec-12 17:44:34

I was just reading another thread about a partner having an affair but not admitting to anything physical, and now a while later she has found out the truth.

Anyway it got me thinking, well it actually make me feel all funny and a bit sick.

Six years ago I asked my DP to leave following an incident on a night out where he left me and went off 'clubbing' with another woman. He left easily without asking to explain or protest his innocence and my mum tried to tell me that he must be seeing someone as in her experience no man ever walks away unless he has someone else waiting.

Obviously I said oh no no DP isn't like that . I thought I'd overreacted but that it was for the best that we had split as we were always arguing anyway .

Then a mutual friend told me that DP wasn't in fact staying with a family member as he had told me , but with the woman that he went off with that first night.

Now this is where I think I've been incredibly stupid.
He told me that he stayed at her house when she was at her mums, as a friend. Then he admitted they'd 'kissed' but nothing more. He eventually admitted they had slept together. All what I had expected.

But we were apart for 6 months... He wants me to believe that they slept together a handful of times but he 'couldn't perform' most of the time because he knew it was wrong. That they were friends and she used to come on to him and most of the time he would reject her. He told me it was never that serious as her ex was on the scene.

He turned up one day out of the blue full of remorse and begging to come home. I say out of the blue because I may have hmm begged him to come home lots of times and he was really nasty to me. Obviously the idiot I am I let him come back (we had a 2 year old DD).

But the point of this thread ( sorry it's so long) is that I have just now realised that they were probably at it like rabbits for those six months and that he only came back to me because she got back with her ex and chucked my DP out.

What are the odds that his version of events are true???

ohthehumanity Mon 10-Dec-12 10:03:46

Messy I hope you can get through this, am in a similar situation. I would love to be in a financial position right now to get shot of DP. One day I will....

messybedhead Mon 10-Dec-12 18:13:38

Thank you for your support. One day we will be rid of them, just need to time it right I think! grin

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