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First night alone

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domesticgoodness Mon 03-Dec-12 03:00:09

I discovered my DH was having an affair on Thursday. Today he went to stay at his brothers and here I am at 3am feeling so alone and missing him. Just needed to say it. :-(

Yarg Mon 03-Dec-12 03:01:59

So sorry to hear that. Hope you're OK. look after yourself x

ktef Mon 03-Dec-12 03:14:37

I'm so sorry to hear that. Poor you. how horrible of him. Do you want to tell us more about it?
You can do this. You can deal with it and cope with it, and things will get better. just try and get through the night, you don't need to have all the answers now, you can be strong,you can face all of this in the morning. If you can, try and get some sleep. ((((((Hug)))))))

aftereight Mon 03-Dec-12 06:36:29

domesticgoodness I am so sorry to hear you are having to deal with such an awful situation. Has he answered all your questions over the last few days? I'm in a very similar situation, it's all very raw. Do you have any RL support? I can't recommend Shirley Glass' book 'Not Just Friends' enough if you/your DH haven't already read it.
I'm trying to hold off making any big decisions, and trying to deal with one day at a time. Hope you eventually got some sleep.

Distrustinggirlnow Mon 03-Dec-12 06:54:10

It's the most horrible thing, isn't it... I hope you managed some sleep. When in a similar situation I can remember at least two nights where I literally didn't sleep a wink :-(
You don't say what your situation is, I.e. whether he's given up OW, how long it had been going on etc... But the general concensus is that you should spend some time alone to get your head round it all.
The shirley glass book comes highly recommended and MN is here to hold your hand.
I hope you're ok, I'll be thinking of you

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