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The Brave Babes Battle Bus - Spicing Up The Winter Nights With Rich Hot Chocolate And Thermal Tights!

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Mouseface Tue 27-Nov-12 21:13:48

Hello, I'm Mouse smile

I'm one of the Brave Babes travelling on this fantabulous Bus, on it's journey to the wonderful world of sobriety. smile

The great thing is, that the people on here are a real mixed bunch. Some are drinking regularly, some aren't. Some are sober and have been for any number of days, some weeks, months and yep, some even for years.

There's no judging pants allowed, no savoury flans either wink, just lots of unconditional support from many varied sources. Yes, some of us have been here from the start but please don't let that stop you posting, this thread is for EVERYONE and it always has been smile

If you'd like to have a look back, here are some links. One to the previous thread and one to the very first, and the reason we are all still here.

See you soon,

Mouse xx



ChristMouseTimeMistletoeNoWine Thu 27-Dec-12 22:04:04


PurpleWolfe Thu 27-Dec-12 21:55:55

Goodnight lovely Mouse, wishing you a peaceful night. And thanks for the pants!!!!!!

ChristMouseTimeMistletoeNoWine Thu 27-Dec-12 21:53:45

Adda gal Purple xxxx

<passes spare (new) giant pants>

Night all. xx

PurpleWolfe Thu 27-Dec-12 21:48:01

Mouse am blubbing now. ExP is actually a nice bloke (just can't live with him) but I was weak last year and we ended up in bed. Alcohol and a lovely Christmas day were to blame. I was fine but it emotionally fucked him up totally and he thought it meant we were getting back together.

Sorry about DD - mine are just about getting over their various bugs. They are with ExP until Saturday (never good for me to not have any responsibility). DS1 rang me earlier to ask me to pop in to see him tomorrow as he's missing me. More blubbing. sad

Right, tomorrow then........

<Frantically searches in underwear draw for Big Pants......>

ChristMouseTimeMistletoeNoWine Thu 27-Dec-12 21:45:34

venus - I know that you WILL get yourself through the night out. Is this the same person that you've been out with before? Who you posted about that she likes to drink? Apologies if not blush

You are a planner, you are methodical, you can do it. You will switch to autopilot, you will just function. You can and you WILL.

I have every faith in you venus, you have taught me to very much, how can you fail? You know what's coming, you've been here before, you've danced this dance and you know the playlist.

You are a savvy lady, you know what you're up against.

And on that note, I'm off to get a turkey sandwich, with loads of unhealthy food on, and go to bed to read my pain book.

See you all on the next thread Babes

Love to you all,

Mouse xxxx

ChristMouseTimeMistletoeNoWine Thu 27-Dec-12 21:39:34

Ma - fish boy is bathed and asleep! HURRAH!!! This is the first time that DH has taken him to bed, read him a story and got him off to sleep in weeks!

I'm glad you are feeling up for the fight, I'll be right by your side. I plan to get fitter, stronger and healthier. Let's form a Brave Babes Boot Camp!!! grin

DD has puked and I've had to bathe her, strip her bed (so I really did see her teenage bits which was weird, not just to cheer you up Greeny) and sort her out. She towers over me! Bless her. Why are kids ill at Christmas? sad

Purple - stop it. Give yourself a bloody break woman. Tomorrow is a whole new day. Pull your Big Girl Pants up, give yourself a hug from me and start as you mean to go on. I used to sleep with EXs all of the time, to feel needed, wanted. I knew it wasn't love, but it was attention.

You are worth more than that sweetheart, you absolutely are. No more EX. Time to move forward, with the Bus, with us. We want to be with you and you here with us. This Bus is more than just alcohol support..... you know that. right?

Take good care of YOU.xx

greeneyed Thu 27-Dec-12 21:34:49

Bless you and thank you babes feel better for sharing smile mouse your poor DD how is she now? purple well done I guess for the latter - what else is going on? Hope you are okay. X

ChristMouseTimeMistletoeNoWine Thu 27-Dec-12 21:30:50

'as pure' not a pure, typing fast to respond to you grin

THURSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - where the bloody buggery have you been? Merry Christmas sweetheart, lovely, just lovely to have you post. I'd been wondering where you were (and others who I will get to when they return <stern face>) but was also worried about shouting for you in case life had turned itself upside down for you.

Thank you for posting. Massive hugs to you and I'm so pleased to read that the thread has kept you going xxxx

PurpleWolfe Thu 27-Dec-12 21:26:15

Are the meds easing the pain Green? Will you be able to get through the night and be OK for tomorrow? If not, how awful would it be to postpone in-laws until you are better? You have a very valid reason. Put yourself first Sweetpea. I understand the herpes problem. It must be so difficult to have that on your mind. More hugs for you! ((( )))

As for me? Am being my own personal disaster zone, in every possible way. sad Did manage not to sleep with ExP this Christmas though, despite the booze! blush

ChristMouseTimeMistletoeNoWine Thu 27-Dec-12 21:26:13

I've just bathed my ill 13.5 yr old DD and seen her lady bits, which was odd........ does that help? grin

Greeny - massive hugs to you, the alcohol won't help with the pain, in fact, it can aggravate it. DRINK WATER!!! Do you get cold sores? Or does DH or any past partners? It's the same family so could be as simple as that if it is herpes.

Try and get yourself some baby wipes, unfragranced, Huggies are good as they are a pure as water and cotton wool, keep yourself clean (dabbing rather than rubbing) and fresh, dry too if possible so no pants or cotton only. Cool. Nothing tight so steer clear of jeans.

Big hugs xxxxxx

dementedma Thu 27-Dec-12 21:23:46

green on this bus, ending a thread by discussing someone's lady bits seems perfectly normal grin
Hope you feel better soon.

greeneyed Thu 27-Dec-12 21:18:14

Thank you purple I need the hug. I've told him about the pain etc and that I've been to the GP and she has taken swabs just not that she thinks it might be herpes - the doc said don't mention it till we get results - assume just not wanting me to open a potential can of worms if it isn't that. I don't think he's been unfaithful, I know I haven't but worry he will think I have!! Doc said it can just suddenly flare when you are ill, done some googling seems it can lie dormant for some time, but this long? Anyhow I am totally over thinking this as it may be something else. Either way it is hideous and I want to cry and I don't want my inlaws to come tomorrow! ! Anyway enough self pity - hope you are well purple and all you other marvelous babes. mouse sorry to hear your household is still so poorly, I am humbled by your braveness xx anyway someone else post something don't want the thread to end on my lady biy problems! X

PurpleWolfe Thu 27-Dec-12 21:16:05

(Watching 'The Hoarder Next Door' - yet another addiction to help people cope with shitty stuff in their pasts. Feel for them.)

PurpleWolfe Thu 27-Dec-12 21:09:46

So, so sorry for you Green sad I really don't see how you can not mention it to DH? At least he would be sympathetic?? I've had really bad cystitis in the past (blood in urine stage) and I couldn't think of anything else whilst I had it - it was all pervading. Just sending an enormous hug Sweets. Try to drink lots of water as well, to flush the system. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

greeneyed Thu 27-Dec-12 20:57:55

Can't believe I just put that information on the internet!

greeneyed Thu 27-Dec-12 20:55:49

TMI alert - and me me me post - I have the worst burning most painful lady bits in the world - thought it was thrush thrown every OTC treatment at it and just getting worse - see GP today who was concerned as it looked so bad has taken swabs and I have to go back tomorrow - says it may be herpes and has given me antiviral medication! Total headfuck! She said it does not mean DH has been unfaithful it can just flare up suddenly, she said not to mention it to him till the swabs come back. I have been with him over 11 years and never unfaithful - all his family are coming to stay tomorrow and I have to play hostess with this on my mind and I can hardly bear to walk sad. Anyone any experience of this? Ashamed to say I am drinking through it, though just one cider tonight, I am very flushed and wonder if it's the medication and booze. Sorry for moan - no one to talk to.

venusandthechoirofangels Thu 27-Dec-12 20:52:16

thurso lovely to see your post, I was thinking about you. Hope all is OK? I am having a very peaceful couple of days before mayhem takes over again, but I'm not worrying about that, I'm just enjoying the time to have some free head space and quiet surroundings - what bliss smile

I'm meeting a friend for dinner tomorrow - she was my oldest drinking buddy, so I still find myself with drinking thoughts when we go out. So back to basics in my planning and tactics: take the car; plan what non-alcoholic drink I am going to have first, and second (with an alternative); take a list of my best reasons for being sober in case I need a sneaky reinforcement; drive home (so no leaving the car and then having to struggle to go and get it early the next morning); go to bed having had a good (and hilarious) evening; know that I'll wake up the following morning with a lovely clear head.

Have a good evening all babes xx

dementedma Thu 27-Dec-12 20:18:52

Hey mouse I'm fine. Girls are at theatre to see Dirty Dancing, so I will be heading out to collect them later. Things fairly calm on the whole. Feeling positive that I can make some changes next year.
Lol at fish boy - bless his little fins.

ChristMouseTimeMistletoeNoWine Thu 27-Dec-12 18:56:28

Hey Ma - how are you sweets? Coping?

Thank you for that, is it going to be on TV? I hope she has a fantastic time, I'm sure she will..........

Tis bath time for the fish boy..... he is protesting. He will lose as it's been DAYS since he last bathed!! grin

thursnow Thu 27-Dec-12 18:55:19

Hello all,

I can't believe I haven't posted for so long, but had lots of things to sort out, and if I'd started it would have taken 35 pages!!

Forgive me for not posting actually AT Christmas, I was going to, but events took over....

Ma my dear old mugger, big hugs, how are you? and Mousethemouseface what can I say?, I wish you all the best that life can bring, you deserve it. Sorry I haven't been in touch. Please give Nemo massive cuddles from his auntie T.

Venus I have been a bit like you, in that I am doing this from my phone, I hope you and your family are having a peaceful, and, I hope, joyful time, looking to the future.

To all Babes, new and old, thank you so much for helping me through this time, I may not have posted, but, I have been reading, and it has helped, a lot.

Much love
T xxxx

Ps Isinde where be you?

dementedma Thu 27-Dec-12 18:20:31

Hi mouse. She sings on Dec 31st at the BBC in Glasgow. She will be part of a large choir but its still a great experience for her. You never know when you will be entertaining angels.....

ChristMouseTimeMistletoeNoWine Thu 27-Dec-12 17:52:56

Afternoon, tis me, Mouse

DD is in bed and has been all day, she has a temp, sore throat and not eaten because of it. sad

We managed to get out..... it rained and was freezing, muddy and really unpleasant so we turned around and walked back to the car. Nemo's just not ready for that kind of exposure yet.

He had a dreadful night again, very unsettled and very upset. He seems to go from boingy to sleeping within a few moments. We did watch Arthur Christmas earlier and he liked that. I LOVED IT!! grin

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with him until January 11th when he has his first half day at preschool..... his post op appt is 9th Jan which should have been his first day back.

We'll both be stir crazy by then!

Hopefully, we can find somewhere to go tomorrow...... Indoors. Not too hot though, I need these germs GONE! Poor mite. I just really feel for him.

MIL has been back to hospital today (arrived on crutches yesterday due to swollen tendons in her knee which was the size of a Space Hopper!) and they've said to lose a crutch and try to use it more. Bless her, she was in agony last night.

Koala - WELL DONE YOU!!! 6lbs is absolutely, brilliantly great!

Gugg - my DH is lovely, doesn't mean I don't want to kill him some days! grin

It's that time of year..... frazzled emotions = murderous thoughts. grin

Help - You're doing great, you really are. xx

Ma - I am saving this thread and going post those words to you about 'not quoting me' grin

When does DD1 do her singing? Is it NY? I couldn't remember when you said it was. I so wish I could be there to hear her, lovely, lovely voice.

HERE IS THE NEW LINK AGAIN For when this one is full.

Can we fill it up over here so no-one gets left behind please? Thank you lovely Babes

guggenheim Thu 27-Dec-12 15:30:28

hello lovely babes

Wow! well done on the weight loss and sobriety koala. ma good luck with the fitness plans for New year.

mouse thank you for the kind words about DH. He's lovely really. We'd had a row and I needed to rant, so thank you for reading. I had some quiet time on my own and came back downstairs to deal with the situation like an adult calmly.I used to just fly off the handle, I think I might be in danger of growing up. I think that cutting down on booze so much this year has made me change some of my bad habits- very long way still to go though! Hope you and yours are feeling healthier today.

I'm in awe of anyone who has stayed completely sober all over christmas. I've had a very small amount so far, but I'm ashamed to say I will continue to drink a little until New Year.

dementedma Thu 27-Dec-12 13:32:41

Well done on weight loss koala
I am gearing up for the new fitness and weight loss regime, along with dry January. Might as well go whole hog. Got a new food and diet app, a scary looking book of exercises,and a new found resolve - hopefully.
Want to lose a total of 2 stone, and each quarter stone will earn me a reward of some sort.
Bought some new boots in the sale today to kick start me, and these will be followed by new undies, new jeans and the joy of fitting back into my other clothes.That's the plan anyway, don't quote this back at me mid-january!

KoalaKube Thu 27-Dec-12 12:31:04

Oh forgot to say lost 6llbs and that includes christmas indulgence and withdrawal sugar fetish - BONUS!!!!

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