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Well purse my fanjo, giraffes in wheelchairs and submariners going dowwwnnnn - the dating thread hits 30!

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JulietteMontague Sat 24-Nov-12 14:24:45

Off we go...

mercury7 Mon 03-Dec-12 23:11:32

Good Coffee can be very intoxicating and I have struggled at times not to let it go to my head, women do seem to be more prone to it than men (?) and I can see why men back off so quickly when women are too full on too quickly.
It can be painful and embarrassing for both parties, god knows it has been for me often enough.

I often wonder if the pleasure of Coffee is really worth all the angst confused

lulubellaboozle Mon 03-Dec-12 23:12:00

bant red flags?!? Just a few .... proceed with caution! I like to think I am ahem, not shy or retiring but naked photos to someone I've known 8 days, that's a big fat NO!

kirsty what a shame about the auditor! The vibes all sounded good, look after yourself.

WarmFuzzy <waves> , too nice??? FFS!

48 sounds like you just saw the red flags and paid attention to them?

OhWesternWind Mon 03-Dec-12 23:13:30

Bloody hell Bant I'm not liking the sound of this at all. She scares me. And how did the L word crop up btw?

Sunny welcome, good to see you here. Tell us more about your date ... You'll have to think of a good nickname for him.

Izzy I need some seriously strong woo right now, and enough to pass on to family and LM. Any tips?

Have spoken to LM for the best part of an hour. All will be well. Not quite yet as he's not doing too brilliantly at the moment, but all manner of thing will be well.

lulubellaboozle Mon 03-Dec-12 23:13:41

Ike funny !!

Scattylatte Mon 03-Dec-12 23:15:01

5 times? Gulp. No pun intended.

Mr message dumper has now re-decided he wants to exchange messages. If in this embryonic exchange, he is showing me who he is. An insecure,maybe controlling man.

ike1 Mon 03-Dec-12 23:18:11

Oh god Scatty!!! Thats ridiculous...

48howdidthathappen Mon 03-Dec-12 23:26:37

I am going to selfishly hope my RL fling guy who is in OZ for another 31/2 long months is true to his word and gets in touch on his return. Although I told him we couldn't go anywhere as he is only 41 with no kids yet.

The Coffee wasn't very hot, but everything else was bloody perfect. sigh

OhWesternWind Mon 03-Dec-12 23:32:16

Oh 48 but if the Coffee's only lukewarm then you're not really being fair to yourself.

48howdidthathappen Mon 03-Dec-12 23:39:18

oww he was very inexperienced unlike moi. It was quite good fun showing him how to get in touch with the animal within grin

He is a truly beautiful person. My soul mate.

bantamrooster Mon 03-Dec-12 23:50:19

48 coffee can get better with time, personalities don't. But if you think things can't go anywhere then you're not being fair to yourself are you?

JulietteMontague Mon 03-Dec-12 23:56:07

5 times, go Bant and yes you should feel proud of yourself grin.

It's early days though and you were there for a while with no children to deal with yet so I wouldn't necessarily think anything was odd about that. I'd be more concerned about the condom thing, the unsolicited naked pictures thing, and the love thing.

48howdidthathappen Mon 03-Dec-12 23:57:33

Mercury good Coffee has caused me plenty of angst with my ex of 25 fucking years.

Must of learned something eventually though Mr Fuck only managed it twice before I realised the good Coffee was clouding my view.

Fuck! he has just texted me. He has to be up very early so must be a bit cut up. Not even going to read it.

48howdidthathappen Tue 04-Dec-12 00:01:13

bant he said he was too old for kids. I told him that was crazy and should look for a younger woman. He would make a fantastic dad.

JulietteMontague Tue 04-Dec-12 00:01:21

48 Coffee can definitely be an aquired taste, but and this is a big one, technique and knowledge will get better if someone is willing to learn but the apptitude doesn't change. With someone who is just not that sensual/sexual/whatever although they can try, it won't fundamentally change as some of it is just how they are imo.

ike1 Tue 04-Dec-12 00:04:31

Maybe Bant could give him some staying power tips????

48howdidthathappen Tue 04-Dec-12 00:05:46

Juliette maybe he will let me take a lover. I can dream grin

bantamrooster Tue 04-Dec-12 00:11:29

Caffeine. Lots and lots of caffeine.

48howdidthathappen Tue 04-Dec-12 00:13:49

bant taking a mental note.

FlorentinePogen Tue 04-Dec-12 00:14:04

maybe he will let me take a lover.

That sounds fantastically Barbara Cartland / Mills & Boon / bodice-rippingly romantic.

But will he.......??

ike1 Tue 04-Dec-12 00:14:41

Bant Im amazed you are still awake luv after all that pump action last night! The Caffeine is strong stuff!

ike1 Tue 04-Dec-12 00:16:06

Yeah Florentine makes a change from condom popsicles/dildos

48howdidthathappen Tue 04-Dec-12 00:20:34

florentine he lives a very bohemian/withnail and I lifestyle. So you never know smile

FlorentinePogen Tue 04-Dec-12 00:26:23

Ah, Withnail and I......many years since I last saw it.
Based on the life of a dissolute Scotsman, I think.


48howdidthathappen Tue 04-Dec-12 00:30:47

Off to bed to hopefully dream of my man in OZ magically obtaining the sexual skills of Mr Fuck. Bliss grin

bumhead Tue 04-Dec-12 07:57:53

I'm intruding here but I often read this thread. I was an Online Dater now an old married and I wish I'd had you lot to bounce off when I was OD.

Bant I just wanted to reassure you that sperm only lives for 20 mins outside the body so even if she has squirrelled a condom away you'll be ok. Maybe you should give her a chance and tell her to chill down a bit and see what happens

Ike the shit condom in freezer was my old flatmate Royston's. I still shudder when I get some frozen peas out of my freezer all these years on. Not his finest our but sadly not even his worse either! shock

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