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DV and strangulation - which MNer quoted a study on this?

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BerylStreep Fri 23-Nov-12 23:56:38

I seem to recall reading a few weeks ago something on here about a study which had been done, that said strangulation as a form of DV had a much higher likelihood of eventually leading to domestic murder than any other form of DV.

I can't remember who posted about it.

Does anyone know?

wigglytuff Sat 24-Nov-12 00:01:36

I don't know about that study, sorry, but I have been told something similar by a DV support worker, so I expect there is some truth in it.

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will be along soon to help smile

MissWinklyParadiso Sat 24-Nov-12 00:18:03

Dunno who posted

I believe the study is Richards from 2003 but I can't find a link to the original. Its frequently cited, and the link between strangulation and the risk of domestic homicide is well known.

BerylStreep Sat 24-Nov-12 01:24:53

I suppose it makes sense - once it has escalated to strangulation (if indeed there was a pattern of escalation) - any future incidents are going to start at that level.

I will have a look for the Richards study. I wonder does it increase the risk of homicide by any means, or specifically by strangulation?

BerylStreep Sat 24-Nov-12 01:27:46

It has just occurred to me that patterns of escalation may not occur within one relationship. The abuser may have escalated [his] pattern of abuse over the course of several relationships - so that strangulation may be the first encounter of violence that someone may be victim of within a particular relationship.

wigglytuff Sat 24-Nov-12 01:35:59

I don't think its about escalation necessarily. My ex tried to strangle me several times before he ever hit/slapped me, which i think are often considered less severe than strangling- if such a hierarchy of abuse actually exists. I think it was just that strangling was his 'thing' if that makes sense. He used to say it was the only way he could stop me from nagging him! i.e it was my fault of course angry

MissWinklyParadiso Sat 24-Nov-12 01:39:46

Wiggly I think that may be beryl's point - your ex had possibly escalated to strangulation in a previous relationship so it had become his 'thing' by the time he started on you.

I am sorry you had to live with that.

MissWinklyParadiso Sat 24-Nov-12 01:40:40

I think its increased risk of death by strangulation but don't quote me on that.

wigglytuff Sat 24-Nov-12 01:51:48

I know that didn't happen in this case as his first relationship was with me, but I suppose it could be true for others. However he did grow up in an environment where violence against women occurred frequently and was accepted and tolerated.

BerylStreep Sat 24-Nov-12 01:57:41

Wiggly sad, sorry, didn't mean to trigger.

Lovingfreedom Sat 24-Nov-12 07:07:05

What a dismal thread...if anyone on here is experiencing strangulation and the like, please get some outside help and get away from your partner. Just saying. thanks

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