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Do you think this "relationship expert" is right on why men lose interest when we show interest?

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AlexAndreN Sun 18-Nov-12 11:20:42

You Tube vid explaining why men come on strong in the beginning and then lose interest once we show that we like them. I was a bit hmm at first (thought it was all going to be about mind games etc) but its scarily accurate and I think he makes a lot of sense!!

What do you reckon?

worsestershiresauce Sun 18-Nov-12 13:17:54

Sometimes I wonder if the reason my DH married me was that I was possibly the only girl he'd asked out who wasn't interested. He was one of those guys who always had a girlfriend, and they always pestered him for marriage, but he wouldn't be tied down. I was friends with him for years before we started dating, and even then it took him 2 years to persuade me to go out with him. The thing was I had him firmly in the 'friend's box', it just didn't occur to me to fancy him. I only relented when I did something a bit unkind to him, and he just forgave me. It was like the penny dropped and I saw who he really was - I decent bloke, not a player. Once we did start dating I kept my own flat, never answered my phone, and nearly broke up with him when he dared leave a toothbrush at mine. I wasn't game playing, that's just who I am - independent and wary about being becoming involved.

To cut a long story short we were engaged within 6 months, and married after a year. We are still together 13 years later.

Perhaps there is something in it. Perhaps men do like women who are their own person and don't latch on to them. I know I prefer independent men. Nothing worse than a cling-on.

Bilbobagginstummy Sun 18-Nov-12 13:30:30

You're 31??? You're behaving like you're 15.

He's 41??????? He's behaving like he's a toddler.

I agree with everyone who says the problem is that he's just not that into you. Good grief - just get your life back and get rid.

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