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Was I right or mad?

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Gottabbrave Sat 17-Nov-12 21:28:17

would be so grateful for any advice as you are such a savvy bunch! was wth dp 4 years til last night and now its all gone and im left with all the kids myself which is a daunting task and v lonely, but rewarding beyond belief,
I thought I was doing the right thing as there is a history of dv (verbal and emotiolnal) and he is clearly a narcissist after doing much reserch but im now realising I love him and I wish I to,ld him more but feared gaslighting so resentment is all icould show.
I suppose I want a hand to hold. I did want his hand but if you dont believe you have a problem your your own worst enemy , nobody can help him because he wont let them his aggressionand control has made him all alone literally he has nobody and im feeling his pain but cannot live withhim im so sad
Thanks for listening

foolonthehill Sat 17-Nov-12 21:48:10

They are sad, but they have some choice and they make bad ones.

It sounds like you made the right decision. They don't get better with love and care but worse and there are plenty of people on MN who have existed through many, many years of bad treatment only to find that this is so.

Feel your feelings, grieve your relationship then live well and as happily as you can for your own sake and for your DCs.

all best wishes to you

Gottabbrave Sat 17-Nov-12 22:12:53

Thankyou wise words x

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