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Omg!!!! I've just found out

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Stopthepidgeon Sat 17-Nov-12 16:15:18

Okay - so following on from my should I should I not track my cheating husband thread .....

He has taken our dc out to visit his parents - and left his computer open

I am dumbstruck to find out he has secret savings in excess of £1 million!!

This is not a stealth boast - I am in total shock

Stopthepidgeon Sat 17-Nov-12 18:48:37

I was in stealth ninja mode ........ !!!!

SoleSource Sat 17-Nov-12 18:51:56

Could he be.involved in criminal.activity,? Could he be keeping the money for.somebody else?

Can't you transfer some of it to your account?

Go shopping...


Actually, love laurie's suggestion...

GhostShip Sat 17-Nov-12 19:29:12

I don't think we should be encouraging anyone to steal, I'm more worried about what his reaction could be. It could get violent, money can turn even the nicest of characters into monsters.

Sorry to be a party pooper!

GoldPlatedNineDoors Sat 17-Nov-12 19:34:21

Dear lord. You need some savvy legal advice and sharpish.

GoldPlatedNineDoors Sat 17-Nov-12 19:34:46

Ghost they are married. It isnt stealing.

cozietoesie Sat 17-Nov-12 19:39:39

Usually can't be done these days anyway - what with security thingies to set up new payees.

Just screenshot OP and see a solicitor.

cozietoesie Sat 17-Nov-12 19:42:02

PS - and money laundering regs. There will be limits to amount that can be transferred online - less than £10k, I think. Not worth even thinking about in view of the possible problems it would cause.

GhostShip Sat 17-Nov-12 19:44:37

After reading up, yes it can be considered stealing in the eyes of the law. Just because someone is married doesn't give them rights to take whatever they want

GhostShip Sat 17-Nov-12 19:47:00

It depends how it was acquired and when, the OP doesn't know any of that so she can't just take it and telling her to do so is a bit daft

Redorwhitejusthaveboth Sat 17-Nov-12 21:06:12

Is he a drug dealer?

maras2 Sat 17-Nov-12 21:13:24

Or a bank robber ?

cozietoesie Sat 17-Nov-12 21:16:41

Easy enough if you're in the City and get some nice bonuses.

You should make your solicitor very happy, OP.

Bogeyface Sat 17-Nov-12 21:18:26

So you live in a home that needs work, with a cheat, a liar and a man who has 7 figures in the bank that he didnt think you needed to know about?

Sorry, but I would be divorcing him now. I may have been able to get past the affair if I felt he was really trying but this just proves how duplicitous he really is. There is no way I could forgive this at all.

Bogeyface Sat 17-Nov-12 21:19:34

Oh and I wouldnt be breathing a word about knowing about it until the financial settlement, in fact I would be pretending that I was worried about how I was going to cope.

GretaGip Sat 17-Nov-12 21:19:47

I really really really want you to upload a photo to your profile.

It's been a long time since I've seen ssveen figures in a bank account.

Can you pixellate any pretinnet info?


Bogeyface Sat 17-Nov-12 21:21:54

OP, you need to clear your internet history and dont keep the file on your computer. Print off several hard copies, keep them somewhere out of the house (work?) and put the file on a flash drive and keep that out of the house too.

Does he know your username on MN? I would be asking for this thread to be deleted. You dont want to give him any reason to think that you know, as then he will just move it somewhere else.

ChippingInLovesAutumn Sat 17-Nov-12 21:23:58

Play nice for the rest of the weekend - best lawyer you can find Monday morning.

WildWorld2004 Sat 17-Nov-12 21:24:44

I would see a solicitor. He had an affair and he has kept money from you. What else is he hiding?

chocolatespiders Sat 17-Nov-12 21:27:32


cozietoesie Sat 17-Nov-12 21:32:02

Thanks Bogeyface. I was just coming back to the thread to recommend those very things.

Save everything offsite OP and make sure that that computer is as clean as he could expect. (ie leave his stuff on it given that it's his computer but remove anything you've downloaded, copied to file etc.)

lazydays2 Sat 17-Nov-12 21:33:27

I don't suppose you could transfer some to Mumsnet contacts for safe keeping over christmas maybe? Would ne notice a thousand or ten going out of the account?

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